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Chapter 617 –Yearning Pain

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When she was only half a meter away, Ji Mo Ya brought up a barrier and stopped her from taking another step, “If you have anything to say, then speak now, else this Young Master will be going.”

“Young Master Ya, before the banquet started today, I saw Lady Huan and another man having a secret meeting behind your estate. The two of them were very intimate; that man even warned that I must not reveal what I saw, but after thinking deeply, I feel that if I deliberately hid the truth from Young Master Ya, it will not be fair to you…” Shangguan Lian Lian deliberately made the incident slightly worse than it was.

This matter was something that Ji Mo Ya had witnessed long ago.

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‘So this woman saw it as well?’

Against this type of woman with a loose and poisonous tongue, he felt even more disgusted.

“You are seeing things! Is there anything else?” Ji Mo Ya said with an indifferent expression.

Even his voice was bland to the extreme.

There was also a trace of undisguised irritation within.

For a moment Shangguan Lian Lian was dumbstruck, ‘Why did Young Master Ya display such a disinterested look?’

“Young Master Ya, I am speaking the truth, that Huan woman is not loyal to you; she is a fickle woman with no virtue…”

Before she could complete her sentence, she heard no more voice coming out from her mouth and it was as though someone was squeezing her throat with an invisible force. This immediately frightened her into a shock.

This was very different from what she had expected as she had wanted to use this chance to get close to Ji Mo Ya, then when Ji Mo Ya was in a fit of anger that his woman had betrayed her for another man, she will seduce and entice him to bed when he was in a fit of emotions.

Then when tomorrow comes, she could officially declare herself as Ji Mo Ya’s woman.

And swagger into the Ji Mo Clan, becoming the first concubine of Young Master Ya. When that happen, all the other women that followed will be under her grasp.

“Young Master Ya, I…” before she collapsed from a lack of air, the force was released.

Ji Mo Ya looked at her with disdain, “If this Young Master ever hear you speak ill of Little Yan in front of others, the consequences would be something you cannot be able to bear. Get lost!”

Shangguan Lian Lian watch him leave with teary eyes as she was heavily gasping, “Young Master Ya, Lian Lian dare not, Lian Lian has always admired you since young and were always envious that elder sister Mu Rong Xin Nuo could accompany you. Lian Lian had been dreaming of the day that I could be by Young Master Ya’s side and to say sweet nothings to you…”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was cold, and without turning his head he said, “The night wind is cold, if lady has nothing else then you should go back.”

Shangguan Lian Lian’s pride received a great blow, even despite her words, Young Master Ya was still unmoved, can it be that he did not like women?

That’s also impossible, during the banquet, he has been exchanging loving gazes with that wild village girl, that tenderness witnessed by many within the hall. But when facing her, only a cold arrogant attitude was displayed.

Shangguan Lian Lian secretly released an even thicker strange fragrance from her body.

At that same moment, a wind blew and once again exposed a great amount of skin, as well as some of her aqua blue underwear, the contrast between her underwear and skin produced an extremely stimulating scene.

“Young Master Ya, please take pity on this one’s yearning pain…” Shangguan Lian Lian’s voice was filled with seduction.

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Filled with the amorous intent of inviting him to ravage her.

Since Young Master Ya was unwilling to hear her bad mouthing Huan Qing Yan, then she would just change her approach and use a direct method.

As she spoke, she weakly threw herself towards Ji Mo Ya.

Under such circumstances, if one was a normal man, their blood would be pumping wildly. One would think that they might as well enjoy such an excellent gift self-delivered to the doorstep. If circumstance prevents them from taking this ‘free gift’, they could still enjoy taking a small advantage of this situation.

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