Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: Chapter 616 – Who is it?

“That’s right, the spirit treasure compatibility between me and Bai Li Zi Xi is not enough, it will not help my cultivation much. The clan doesn’t need to worry for me, I will eventually find a suitable spirit treasure partner in the future.” Ji Mo Ya coolly replied.

“I must say, this isn’t right. If even the Luan Spirit Treasure is not good enough, then where will you find a better one? Are you just trying to find an excuse kid! Is it because of that new woman you just acquired? Her spirit treasure might be interesting, but it is ultimately still a pig, a pig…”

Ji Mo Ya no longer wanted to continue talking as it served no purpose, “Head Elder, do you still want some more spirit wine? This junior wish to give you some more in appreciation.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan immediately replied, “Yes, of course I want! At least you still have some conscience and know that this elder is worried for you till my hair is growing white. Now that the task is incomplete, I will surely be scolded by the patriarch when I return! Give this old man a few more vats since it was brewed by your woman. In fact, except for her social status and spirit treasure, this old man finds that she is a pretty good girl…”

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Ji Mo Kai Yuan was settled with just those vats of wine.


In the dark cold night.

Tiny lamps that looked like stars were being lit up along the small road.

Ji Mo Ya was looking back at Huan Qing Yan’s performance during tonight’s banquet and felt very happy, before he knew it, he reached his estate…

When suddenly, he sensed danger.

Someone was hiding in the darkness!

Ji Mo Ya paused his steps, his expression hidden due to the low dim light along the road.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Young Master Ya.” a slender figure walked out of darkness, her hips swayed with allure with each step she walk.

It was a young lady who was wearing very exposing clothes; her dress split into a large ‘V’ shape in front, it caused her peaks to create a vague feeling of slipping out any time. On top of it, she wore a long white silk cloth across her shoulders, adding to her sexiness and seductiveness.

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That slender waist, long legs and perky butt.

An alluring face and eyes that was filled with an indescribable amorous feelings; full of allure.

Ji Mo Ya looked at her once and immediately his expression turned colder.

“Who are you?”

The girl displayed a defeated expression, with teary eyes, “Young Master Ya, I am Shangguan Lian Lian, we have met before…”

Ji Mo Ya replied with a disinterested expression, showing his intent to distant away from her, “Orh, what’s the matter?”

Before she could even start to speak, he had already started moving away.

Shangguan Lian Lian lightly bit her seductive red lips, that act of biting her lips enhanced her seductiveness even more.

She swayed her hips and approached, “Young Master Ya, I have something to tell you, it is regarding Lady Huan…”

Ji Mo Ya paused his steps, his eyes sharpened instantly, but it was hidden due to the darkness.

“Go ahead.”

Shangguan Lian Lian displayed a scared expression as though she was worried that someone might overhear, and walked closer, reducing the gap.

As she approached, a strange fragrance was detected.

There was even some wind that blew the silk cloth upwards and revealed her smooth navel, she lightly caressed her abdomen, that act was exceptionally seductive.

Ji Mo Ya’s frown deepened as he looked at her with deadpan eyes, women like her who deliberately do everything they can to seduce would only look like stones in his eyes.

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