Chapter 615 – Very Precious?

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Huan Qing Yan also got angry, ‘This sister may have a low cultivation and that Head Concubine candidate cousin also is a True Spirit Master. So what? Though my cultivation is low, I am the one Ji Mo Ya likes!’

Therefore, with a solemn face she replied, “You think the position of the Main Wife of Ji Mo Clan Patriarch is very precious?”

Old Woman B replied mockingly, “You have put in so much effort and schemes to stick to our Young Master, yet you did not want to marry into the Ji Mo Clan? If that is the truth, then we truly admire and respect the lady’s integrity…”

Huan Qing Yan was so angry that she broke into a laughter, “Yes, I am not marrying in, what’s the big deal about it? At most, I just need to get Ji Mo Ya to marry into my family instead!”

The two old women were both stunned silly!

Under the entire heavens, it was likely that only this lady would dare to boldly ridicule their Young Master.

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An audacious comment that did not know the severity of things like this was the first time they had heard of. That phrase was basically undermining the authority and might of the Ji Mo Clan!

Old Woman A shouted, “What audacity! I do not punish you today, this old one will be doing wrong towards Madam! A brat that has no shame like you, I will give you thirty slaps as punishment on behalf of Madam, let’s see if you dare to disgrace the Young Master another time…”

As she spoke, she charged forward.

While the other old woman blocked Huan Qing Yan’s escape route.


Ji Mo Ya was held back by Ji Mo Kai Yuan and received a long preaching.

“Little Ya! You know how much effort this elder has done to finally get Lord Wine Sage to act? Why must you be so uncooperative!”

Ji Mo Ya gracefully stood there with a neutral expression.

“The patriarch’s intention is to use this Saintess Ceremony to test the compatibility rate of Bai Li Zi Xi and your spirit treasure. If everything works out, then we will confirm this marriage arrangement. Bai Li Zi Xi will officially become the Saintess tomorrow, with such a high status, it makes her much suitable for your, this marriage is just a matter of time…”

Ji Mo Ya continued to drink wine without speaking.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan felt that the errand this time he was making a loss, receiving such a tough task, yet Ji Mo Ya did not feel anything.

“Little Ya, say something. If not for your sake, then for the sake of the clan, for the sake of allowing humanity to become stronger, you must marry a lady that has the best compatibility with your spirit treasure. Only then can the Spirit Treasure Couple Technique be displayed to its maximum potential and push your cultivations to the peak of humanity! This matter regarding the Luan Girl is something you knew long ago, today is such a good chance, even the Luan Spirit Treasure is assisting proactively…”

“This means that the compatibility of your spirit treasures is pretty good, why must you turn a cold shoulder towards the other party? Not only have you selected a concubine before marrying an official wife, you even used tonight to push that new concubine of yours up the pedestal and gain reputation. Lady Bai Li might have gotten angry due to that, if she did not agree to this marriage, then what will you do later? Where can you find a suitable partner for yourself?”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan, an esteemed King Spirit Master, continued to talk nonstop…

By the time Ji Mo Ya had slowly drank finished his cup of wine, Ji Mo Kai Yuan was also tired from ranting.

Ji Mo Ya calmly said, “Head Elder, I have caused you to worry. As for the spirit treasure compatibility, you have already seen it today, my Dragon Spirit Treasure was completed disinterested with her Luan Spirit Treasure. Bai Li Zi Xi and I are totally not compatible, so you should stop worrying. After the Saintess Ceremony tomorrow, this junior will personally return home and explain everything to the Patriarch.”

On the eyes on the bronze red face of Ji Mo Kai Yuan stared widely, “What are you saying? What is the meaning of that, kid?”

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