Chapter 102: Onwards to Shouxue Town

Elite class, mid-tier mission: Kill the wanted criminal, Zhao Dahu.

Zhao Dahu, seventh level of the Origin Realm.

Cultivation technique: Yellow class, high-tier Ferocious Tiger Technique.

Martial arts, Ferocious Tiger Fist and Ferocious Tiger Sword Style.

Mission reward: 5000 contribution points.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t pick another challenge class, mid-tier mission, but instead took an elite class, mid-tier mission.

Although it was also a mid-tier mission, the mission reward for an elite class was much lower than the Black Wind Bandit Band mission, the latter offered 8000 contribution points.


This was a quiet and rundown town.

The town’s road was littered with pits, with the occasional cow or horse manure, giving off a pungent smell.

In the center of the small town was a simple and crude inn.

A menacing looking man was having his meal in an unmannered behaviour. On his right hand side, was a huge sword, looking to be fatal.

Pitter patter.

A youth walked in.

Scanning his surroundings, he noticed the huge man.

“Zhao Dahu.” Li Fuchen spoke.

Zhao Dahu lifted his head and sized up Li Fuchen, “Are you here to kill me?”

“That’s right.”

“Just by yourself?”

“Just me will do.”

“In your dreams!”


Zhao Dahu flipped the table, causing the table’s dishes to be flung out uniformly. As though a ferocious tiger, he lunged onto the street, bent his knees and leapt onto the roof and begun to flee.

In the inn, Li Fuchen had already disappeared without a trace. Looking out of the inn, you could occasionally see a phantom dashing.

On a dirt hill outside of the small town, Zhao Dahu stopped. In front of him was Li Fuchen quietly standing there.

“You can’t escape.” Li Fuchen spoke in a calm manner.

An evil aura exploded from Zhao Dahu’s body, “Brat! You really thought I am afraid of you? I am only afraid of killing you to only then incur the wrath and pursuit of the Cang Lan Sect.”

Killing an inner sect disciple would undoubtedly gain the attention of the Cang Lan Sect. Zhao Dahu didn’t wish to get pursued by even stronger disciples.

“If you can withstand one of my palm strikes, I will let you off.”

Li Fuchen placed his left hand behind his back as his right hand was naturally positioned by the side.

“You shall die!”

Zhao Dahu used both hands to clench onto the fine iron claymore as he then cleaved at Li Fuchen like a berserker. As the qi teared into the air, it sounded like the roar of a tiger.

In a flash, Li Fuchen dodged the berserked cleave of Zhao Dahu, as his right hand swiftly struck onto the shoulder of Zhao Dahu.

A blinding red light was released, Li Fuchen’s palm strike had an unusually fatal strength.

Zhao Dahu’s shoulder instantly caved in and was charred. His body was like a dummy that got thrown away.

Instant death!

“Thirteen months… My ability has at least doubled!”

Killing Zhao Dahu in a single palm strike didn’t surprise Li Fuchen at all.

Though, no one understood his own ability, even he himself.

During these 13 months, his soul spirit had evolved to 50% of the pale blue state.

His Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique was at the thirteen rank.

Cultivation at the fourth level of the Origin Realm.

In addition, the Wind Shadow Steps, Meteor Sword Style, Iron Smelting Hand, and Shadowless Leg were all at the perfection stage.

All these breakthroughs in various areas, resulted in him not knowing of his own current ability level. Which was why he took up an elite class, mid-tier mission to test out his own strength.

Without much surprise, Zhao Dahu who was on par in ability with the masked man couldn’t even withstand one palm strike and died immediately.

13 months ago, Li Fuchen had to use all his tactics just to eliminate the masked man.

After looting a few gold cards that were worth 1000 gold coins from Zhao Dahu, Li Fuchen took off the head of the target and silently left.


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=Mission Hall=

“Hmm? A multi-mission?”

Completing the mission, Li Fuchen didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he was preparing to pick a challenge class, mid-tier mission.

Even though the pace of earning contribution points may be slower as compared to fishing treasure fish, but sect missions offered vast amounts of gold coins instead.

Within the sect, the value of gold coins would never be as valuable as contribution points. But in the outside world, contribution points were useless and gold coins were the true currency.

There were many challenge class, mid-tier missions. After looking through, Li Fuchen found the multi-mission.

It was a mission meant for multiple disciples to help repel the beast waves that were attacking Shouxue Town of the Kuangshou City region.

(TL notes: Shouxue = Beast Blood, Kuangshou = Violent Beast)

The reward of the mission was 10,000 contribution points.

“Repelling demonic beasts, uh?”

Li Fuchen got curious about this mission.

Yunwu City experienced many beast waves, but he had never seen it before.

“This fellow junior, my advice is to not take this mission.” At the side, a square faced senior who was at least 10 years old than Li Fuchen advised with a good heart.

Li Fuchen asked, “Why so?”

“Repelling a beast wave is extremely tedious and dangerous. Those that accept this mission are either at the fifth level of the Origin Realm or disciples that cultivated formidable body refinement techniques.”

Li Fuchen declared, “If it isn’t dangerous, I would rather not take the mission.”

The square faced inner sect disciple shook his head, “Beast waves aren’t as simple as you think. It requires a high ability and also sufficient qi. With just a high ability and insufficient qi, you may not even have the time to consume a qi replenishing pill. With enough qi but incompetent ability, that would put your life in danger at every situation. Every year, at least ten inner sect disciples throw their lives away during this mission.”

“Thanks for senior’s advice. I am confident in myself.” Li Fuchen rejected the goodwill of the senior disciple.

“That is my advice. It is up to you whether you take it or not.”

The square faced inner sect disciple sighed and left.

He wanted to do some good deeds to advise Li Fuchen and prevent another loss of life at Shouxue Town.

But he didn’t think that the junior would neglect his advice and be stubborn.

Seems like this newly promoted inner sect disciple wouldn’t learn his lesson without suffering some setbacks.

If challenge, class mid-tier mission were so easy to complete, would it still be a challenge class mission?


Two weeks later, Li Fuchen finally arrived at Shouxue Town.

The reason why Kuangshou City is called Violent Beast City, is because of the nearby Kuangshou mountains. The demonic beasts that resides in the mountains are ever violent. They let loose on the city once every year and every decade, there would be a large scale beast wave.

Shouxue Town is the first town in line towards the city.

It is said that a Class 5 demonic beast’s blood drenched the soils of the Shouxue Town. Causing the heaven and earth energy to be very dense, resulting in an efficient cultivation pace.

Perhaps that was also the very reason why the demonic beasts from the mountains mainly attacked this town.

Arriving at Shouxue Town, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but lament at the sight of the town.

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Shouxue Town was several times larger than the average town. The outside walls were 20+ meters high and 10 meters thick, and it was forged and built by ores. It had an unimaginable toughness.

Li Fuchen had no way to break the walls. Dozens of attack would be for naught too. His sword move, Meteor Fall would at best penetrate a meter deep hole, even after a few dozen sword strikes, it would at best create a honeycomb design.

The town had two gates. Li Fuchen entered from the west gate.

Within the town were plenty of martial artists and platoons of troops patrolling.

They were the military forces of Shouxue Town, the weakest of them were at least of the ninth level of the Qi Realm.

In addition, Li Fuchen saw numerous Cang Lan inner sect disciples. Just like the square shaped mentioned, each of them were at least of the fifth level of the Origin Realm.

“Li Fuchen.”

A gentle and crisp voice called out to Li Fuchen. Turning to look at the side, it was Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister. Wearing the pale green inner sect robes, she looked pure and innocent, helping her to stand out in the crowd, attracting the looks of countless admirers.

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