Chapter 614 – You Little B*tch

After she reached the estate, Huan Qing Yan washed up.

Outside the estate, two resolute and stern looking old women appeared.

The two women were holding on to the clan token of the Ji Mo Clan, so the Feather Guards had no choice but to let them in.

Ji Mo Ya was not present and since the two women also specifically called her by name, so Huan Qing Yan had no choice but to meet them personally.

The two of them were slightly plump and looked to be in their forties, they also possessed the cultivation level of a True Spirit Master. Huan Qing Yan silently complained, ever since she entered the Holy City, only one thought kept resurfacing, her cultivation level was simply too trashy.

Be it her greatest love rival, smallest love rival, cousin love rival, even an old servant of the Ji Mo Clan possessed greater cultivation then her.

D*mmit, she felt a great loss of face!

When she returns to the Surging Wave Academia, she would ignore everything and get her hands on the True Spirit Grass to rank up first.

One of the old women raised the Ji Mo Clan’s token and explained her identity.

“We are here under the orders of Madam Ru. We are here to relay a message from her.”

Huan Qing Yan was stunned like a wooden bird, ‘Who is Madam Ru?’

Ji Mo Ya had never told her anything about the matters in his clan…

No matter who it is, Huan Qing Yan felt that the arrival of these two old women could only meant trouble, “Young Master Ya has yet to return, if the two ladies have anything to say please wait for a while.”

Old Woman A sneered, “We are here for you, it has nothing to do with the Young Master! Madam had sent us to explain the rules of the concubines under the Ji Mo Clan!”

‘Huh? Rules of the concubines?’

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‘Then that madam should be Ji Mo Ya’s birth mother?’

Old Woman B took out a clan token with the ‘Ru’ word and shined it at Huan Qing Yan while declaring loudly, “This is the clan token of our Madam, seeing this token is akin to seeing Madam herself. Why aren’t you kneeling and performing eight kowtows towards the Madam?”

‘Perform eight kowtows at a wooden token? Are they dreaming too much?’

It looks like this Madam Ru did not like her.

Since Madam Ru dislikes her, then there was no need for her to lower herself and try to get into her good books.

Huan Qing Yan warmly smiled, “If the two ladies have anything to say, please go ahead, why so formal? Kowtowing towards a token is not proper, not proper at all. I can do that when this junior meets Madam Ru personally, if others are to see me without knowing the details, they might think that the owner of the token has died…”

Old Woman A frowned, “You! You little b*tch, you are a mere concubine that has yet to be married in, yet you dare to curse our madam to die! Our Madam is a King Spirit Master, even after you died a thousand times over, our Madam would not pass away yet!”

Huan Qing Yan displayed a shocked expression, “It is the two of you that told me to kneel in front of a token, the culture back at my home states that kneeling at a token is equivalent to kneeling at a dead person.”

‘So Ji Mo Ya’s mother is a King Spirit Master!’

Truly a powerful existence, even before the mother and daughter-in-law could meet, they had already established a discord.

What was more, an evil mother-in-law that was also a King Spirit Master, she knows that a hard time will be coming for her!

Increase cultivation, she must quickly improve her strength.

*Various thoughts flashed through her mind*

Old Woman B seems to possess a calmer deposition, “Truly a village girl with no proper education, our Madam was worried of this kind of exact behavior. You might be a wild village girl in the past, but since you are now Young Master’s woman, then you should start learning about the rules of the Ji Mo Clan. Are you willing or not?”

Calling her village girl left and right, how would Huan Qing Yan be willing!

“I do not understand what the two of you are trying to say. Who’s willing to become a concubine of the Ji Mo Clan?”

When Huan Qing Yan spoke the words, Old Woman A angrily glared at her in disdain, “If you do not want to be a concubine, then are you hoping to be the Main Wife instead? Don’t assume that just because your spirit treasure had earned the attention of a Half-Sage tonight, you can be smug, know your limits! Humph, a mere illusion spirit treasure, such low cultivation that can’t even content to the servants of the Ji Mo Clan, a person like that still dreams of becoming the Main Wife?”

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