Chapter 620 – Get Lost!

“That that… no no no, us old servants did not meant that.” the old women broke into cold sweat.

“Then why are you still here?”

Only now did the two old women knew that he was telling them to get lost!

They did not know why would their usually gentle, polite and celestial-like young master would be so irritable today?

He ignored the face of Madam and shielded this little b*tch? From the looks of it, he truly must be charmed by the little b*tch; they need to quickly send a spirit crane to inform the madam.

The two did not dare to speak anymore as they lowered their heads and quickly retreated.

Huan Qing Yan looked at their backs and with a flick threw a few more apples…

Causing the two old women to be hit by a rain of apples as they scramed.

After having her fill of throwing, did she noticed that Ji Mo Ya was acting strangely, his skin was turning red as his body was getting hot, he was also emitting a strange fragrance.

It was a different fragrance then usual one coming from his blood.

When she thought of the blood fragrance, Huan Qing Yan uncontrollably licked her lips and had an urge to drink t.

“What happen to you? Ji Mo Ya? Are you sick?” she stretched her hands and caressed his face.

In the next instant, Huan Qing Yan released a shriek, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Ji Mo Ya had princess carried her and headed towards their room in great strides.

As he walked, he also tore off her clothes.

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His actions were a mix between gentleness and crudeness, gentle towards her, but crude towards her clothes, as though each and every fabric was his sworn enemy.

His fingers were like burning flames, litting up Huan Qing Yan’s body as they touched her.

“Hey, rascal! What are you doing?” why did he suddenly started playing thug.

Ji Mo Ya said with an intoxicating voice, “I am drugged by a demon man’s aphrodisiac powder… a Fox Demon Man intercepted me on my way back just now.”

He only spoke the key points and did not continue.

Huan Qing Yan was startled, “Demon man appearing within the Holy City? Even Demon Men have their sights on you?”

Just great, now she has even more competition!

Not only is the Saintess trying to fight her over Ji Mo Ya, so were the ladies from the other Eight Great Clans; and now even Demon Man were interested in him!

As she was deep in her thoughts, she felt a chill on her body and noticed that only her small undies were left.

“Ordinary aphrodisiac powder won’t affect me, but she transformed into your appearance, creating a gap in my defense. Little One, I will be looking forward to your performance tonight. The last time you faked being poisoned by the Joyous Union Snake and this husband had passionately helped you neutralize the poison. Today, this husband is really drugged, aren’t you supposed to return the favor?”

Huan Qing Yan gave him two words, “Get lost!”

“Then let’s get lost together in bed.”

In front of Huan Qing Yan, Ji Mo Ya had completely shed off that noble and graceful young master image to transform into a wolf.

Huan Qing Yan was tossed on the bed and the big bad wolf, Ji Mo Ya, pounced onto her like she was a little white rabbit.

“No, I still have many questions to ask you!” it’s about time she asked in detail about the stuff regarding wife, head concubine and mother.

“Okay, go ahead?” Ji Mo Ya’s hand was already grabbing and kneading her chest as he spoke in an intoxicated voice.

Huan Qing Yan’s body turned soft due to that as her mind blanked out and her thoughts blinked, how was she able to continue asking?

“Ji Mo Ya, you thug, where are you putting your hand again. Ahn…”

Moans replaced the later part of her sentence.

Ji Mo Ya pressed down onto her and chuckled naughtily, the hand shouldn’t be resting after all, “So you have nothing to ask?”

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“Yes, you lecherous wolf… you go away…”

Ji Mo Ya used this moment to activate the spell formation within the estate.


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