Chapter 621 – Look At Me, Am I Pretty?

“To go away is not possible, I can only enter. Little One, are you ready?”

Oh gosh! Huan Qing Yan was red from embarrassment as she peeked at this guy that was completely naked, revealing his exquisite and handsome face, as well as his perfectly sculpted body. Just this image had already caused her heart to beat rapidly and unable to reject this man who was seducing her!

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She did not reply but bit his shoulder…

Ji Mo Ya muffled a groan before he lowered his lower body and entered her.

Huan Qing Yan instantly felt that it was not good, she would be split in half away. With a muffled moan, she bit down on him even harder, causing the skin to break and blood to flow out; she quickly sucked on it.

Everything time the two engage in a battle, it would be a storm of sweat; Huan Qing Yan would demand for blood to drink, if she was not fed, she would not coordinate at all…

The throes of passion went deeper and deeper.


The night within the Holy City was filled with hidden flows.

The Plant Sage and the drunk Wine Sage were looking at the stars. The Plant Sage took out his bone tokens and did a divination.

“Great inauspicious! It appears that a catastrophe of blood will appear tomorrow…”

The Wine Sage was not moved, he continued to drink wine as he walked with drunken steps, “That’s only natural, we have planned for this day for a long time, it is time to do a cleansing of Demon Men, how can it be called a cleansing if blood doesn’t spill?”

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The Plant Sage felt something still amiss, “This time, the both of us are hosting the Saintess Ceremony, the other old fellas also tried all they can to avoid this responsibility if they can. What if we overlooked something and caused more losses than expected….”

“Then it is only another test that the heavens have for humanity, who doesn’t die in the end? What’s there to overthink about? That lass’s wine is truly good, this old man wants to accept her as my disciple, then I can have great wine to drink every day, what do you think?”

At that time, a servant came to report.

“Lord Plant Sage, Lord Wine Sage, a Demon Man appeared within the Shangguan Clan, the elder of the clan came to make the report and asks for a verdict…”

The Plant Sage perked up, “Is it a Fox Demon Man?”

“Yes, it is, Lord Sage!”

“Bring it here.” the Plant Sage was from the Shangguan Clan.

After he became a Half-Sage, he became a member of the Holy Court and stayed within the peaks of the Holy Mountain to cultivate, rarely returning to the Shangguan Clan since.

The peak of the Holy Mountain lies the largest and richest spirit node in the entire Spirit Treasure Continent, only the powerful Half-Sages were able to train in that environment.

That was because the way to the peak was filled with berserk spirit energy vortexes, without the abilities of a Half-Sage, one could be easily be torn into pieces by the vortexes.

The elder of the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Zhi Duo, quickly brought Shangguan Lian Lian in.

Upon entering the door, he said, “Old Ancestor, please help me see if Lian Lass is still savable? I really did not know how she demonized!”

Shangguan Lian Lian displayed a nervous expression, and although the traces of the fox demon was still on her, her mind was very clear.

“Old Ancestor, I am not a Demon Man. I am normal, I am normal…” she tried to deny.

The Plant Sage stretched his hand and sway it in front of Shangguan Lian Lian.

A green layer of smoke came out of Shangguan Lian Lian’s body, the smoke was obviously a bundle of Demon Fox energy.

The Plant Sage frowned, “Speak, why did you get tainted and become a Fox Demon Man?”

The Wine Sage continued to drink wine at the sight and ignored the situation.

Even the two Half-Sage Spirit Treasures were also lazy to be involved as they remained on the roof top, basking in the moonlight and enjoying wine.

Seeing that she cannot keep it a secret anymore, Shangguan Lian Lian’s body glowed and become a seductive fox human, “Why did I become a Fox Demon Man? Naturally because of beauty! Only by becoming beautiful can I match Young Master Ya! Men are all visual animals, which one won’t like a beautiful woman? A woman with a sexy body? Hahaha, look at me, am I pretty?”

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