Chapter 504: Dispute, Shui Linglong

Long Yi didn’t think much about Wuhen’s past. When he thought about the one and only younger sister he had, a complicated feeling appeared in his heart. He had to admit that he was actually a little happy when he learned that she wasn’t his biological younger sister. However, another thought flashed through his mind. Long Yi was thinking whether or not his thoughts were wicked right now.

Long Yi walked out of the Ximen Residence. At this moment, the sky was not yet completely bright, but the streets were already starting to bustle with activity. The bustling streets brought vitality to Soaring Dragon City.

For an unknown reason, Long Yi always felt that there was a void in his heart. It felt as though he was missing something. What exactly was he missing? Long Yi began to understand what he was missing when he walked from one street to another. He remembered that wherever he went in the past, there would be someone following him. It would either be Li Qing, or Barbarian Bull. He didn’t feel that they were missing when he was in Blue Moon City, but after returning to Soaring Dragon City, the empty feeling became extremely prominent.

“Barbarian Bull… He should be happily living his life as a father in the Hengduan Mountains. Li Qing… I wonder if he passed through all 18 tests in his clan? Is my Si Bi still staying in the clan?” A hint of warmth unconsciously appeared in Long Yi’s heart.

Long Yi seemed to be walking forward with no destination in mind. Suddenly, his footsteps stopped and he looked around. He discovered that he had unexpectedly arrived at the *** street of Soaring Dragon City. He solemnly looked at this completely new building in front of him and saw a gold-plated signboard with ‘Vermillion Jade Cuddling House’ written on it. The name was straightforward. People came to brothels to cuddle jades.

Creak, a beautiful girl who was yawning pushed open the window of the store which faced the street. She stared at the streets as she leaned against the window. She saw a handsome youth who was wearing a silk gown stand in front of the entrance of the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House. When she saw him standing at the entrance, she was extremely surprised. Could it be that this person was so thirsty that he ran over here early in the morning to look for a girl? One should know that even ordinary brothels wouldn’t open at daytime.

This girl was known as Cui (emerald green) Niang. Like her name, she was wearing clothing which was emerald green in color. She was one of the two great stars of this Vermillion Jade Cuddling House. Although her beauty wasn’t devastating, she possessed a great flavor. Especially her slender figure… She could enchant any man to death.

Stars naturally had the privilege of stars. Every day, she just needed to sing or accompany some illustrated high-ranking officials to drink a few cups of wine. As such, she still had a pure body. This was the so-called selling arts and not selling the body. However, Cui Niang was extremely clear in her heart that selling her arts and not her body was just a joke. Everyone had a price and she was no exception. It was just that her price might be completely different from other ordinary women.

Cui Niang quickly discovered that she was wrong. Staring at this Vermillion Jade Cuddling House, the youth had a changing expression. Sometimes, his face would be filled with sadness and sometimes, his expression would become one of loneliness. He wasn’t a starving dire wolf that was looking for food. His expression made the string at the bottom of her heart quiver.

When Cui Niang saw that the youth had turned around and was about to leave, she involuntarily called out to him, “This noble son, how about coming in and drinking a cup of wine with me?”

Long Yi had already noticed this brothel girl who had good looks and temperament looking at him. However, he didn’t care about her. Yet when he was about to leave, she called out to him.

“Drink wine? I don’t have a single cent on me right now. Can I drink on credit?” Long Yi turned around again and joked. He shrugged his shoulders toward the girl.

“It doesn’t matter. I am inviting you in for a drink. Wait a minute, I will open the door.” Cui Niang said. She didn’t know why, but this was the first time she had been so curious about a man she had just seen for the first time.

“No need to bother. Since a lady is inviting me for a drink, I won’t decline.” The figure of Long Yi flashed and he instantly appeared beside Cui Niang.

Cui Niang exclaimed in surprise and patted her chest. She was not a naïve woman who had not seen the world. She had seen and met those high-class magicians and sword masters. However, even among all the strong people she had seen, she had never seen anyone move as quickly as Long Yi.

Long Yi sized up this room. It was very wide and it was elegantly decorated. When he saw this, Long Yi knew that the position of this girl in the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House wasn’t low.

“Wait here for me.” Cui Niang said. After opening the door, she ran out of the room. After a while, she returned with steaming hot dishes and a small bottle of fine wine.

Long Yi had just eaten the food personally prepared by Dongfang Wan. As such, he wasn’t hungry right now. He had just been exploring the streets when this girl invited him for a drink.

“I wonder where noble son came from. I have never seen you around here before.” Cui Niang asked with a smile as she gave Long Yi a cup of fine wine.

“I am a person who used to live in Soaring Dragon City. However, I just came back after spending some time outside.” Long Yi sipped a mouthful of fine wine and replied.

“Is that so? It’s no wonder… Just now, I saw that this noble son seemed to be extremely sad. How about pouring your heart out? Let Cui Niang share a bit of your burden.” Cui Niang softly asked. When she saw that this handsome youth’s gaze wasn’t sizing up her hot figure, she managed to sense a noble aura coming from him. She knew that he wasn’t an average person..

Long Yi shook his head without any change in his expression. However, a hint of gloominess flashed through his eyes. This Vermillion Jade Cuddling House was called Beautiful Fragrant House two years ago. It was also one of the branches of the Skynet Intelligence Organization. He still remembered the scene of Ruyu talking freely and Qing Wu joking around with Piao Xue. They were no longer here. In the past, when Beautiful Fragrance House was burned to the ground, Ruyu, Qing Wu, and Piao Xue had died without a trace. All of it was due to Long Zhan’s arrangements… Long Yi knew that he would definitely make Long Zhan pay for everything he had done.

Bang, the porcelain cup in Long Yi’s hand was crushed and it disintegrated into fine powder.

“Ah……” Cui Niang exclaimed.

“Are you afraid?” Long Yi said with a faint smile on his face.

Cui Niang nodded her head and hastily shook her head again. Her boss always said that the guests were gods and she absolutely shouldn’t provoke gods. The gods were always right. Even if the gods did something wrong, they were still in the right.

“Who is your boss?” Long Yi asked. According to his observation, this woman wasn’t engaged in information gathering.

“I don’t know. I just know that big sister Hua has been managing us.” Cui Niang replied.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. It seemed as though the boss of this Vermillion Jade Cuddling House wasn’t simple at all.

“Cui Niang, are you awake? My cream is used up…… He…… Who is he?” A young girl wearing a pink cotton dress pushed open the door and entered Cui Niang’s room. She was shocked when she saw that there was another man in the room.

“Xi Hong, he is…… He is my friend.” Cui Niang had not expected that this close sister of hers would suddenly enter her room. She didn’t know how to reply to her and she replied Xi Hong with a red face.

This Xi Hong was a bewitching beauty. Her facial features were exquisite and lustrous. It was just that she was exposing too much of her body. It seemed as though her charm wasn’t inferior to Mu Hanyan at all.

“Hehe, this handsome brother, which family’s noble son are you?” Xi Hong jumped to Long Yi’s side and teased him. She blew a mouthful of fragrant breath into Long Yi’s ear. She was acting too unrestrained.

“Aren’t you the clearest about which family I came from?” Long Yi said casually with a smile.

“Noble son is joking. I have never seen noble son before! How can I know who you are?” Xi Hong said with her eyes wide open.

Long Yi smirk and glanced at Xi Hong. His taunting smile instantly pierced through her soul. When this woman had entered the room, her eyes had flashed for only an instant. However, Long Yi was able to catch that. There were many people in Soaring Dragon City who were able to recognize him. Although this woman had clearly recognized him, she pretended not to. Even if she had never seen him before, she might have seen his portrait somewhere. There was only one kind of people who would look at his portrait without meeting him before…. They were intelligence agents.

Long Yi felt as though this situation was extremely strange. With Cui Niang’s status, she could easily gather intelligence. However, she didn’t seem to know much. Why didn’t the boss make use of such a good tool?

Xi Hong panicked when she saw Long Yi’s gaze. She felt as if she was standing stark naked in front of Long Yi and all her secrets were out in the open. She dared to confirm that he had already seen through her identity.

At this moment, the sky had already gotten bright and the sounds of hoofbeat suddenly came from outside the store. A fairly luxurious carriage stopped before the entrance of the Vermillion Jade Cuddling House and a youth jumped out of the carriage. He was wearing a skintight gown which was black and white in color. Bang, bang, bang, he knocked the door of the entrance.

Xi Hong looked outside the window and she saw the man at the entrance. Turning her head backward, she chuckled and said, “Cui Niang, your sweetheart has come. Things are going to get lively…”

Cui Niang looked at Long Yi and she snapped, “Xi Hong, don’t talk nonsense! Noble son Ying isn’t my sweetheart.”

“Okay, okay, he is your admirer. However, if he sees this noble son, he might fly into a rage.” Xi Hong didn’t dare to look at Long Yi. However, she took pleasure in other people’s misfortunes. She appeared as if she had made up her mind to look at this good play of rivals in love.

“Cui Niang, I am coming. Look what I bought for you.” The door wasn’t closed and the youth walked in with a huge bag of things. When he saw Long Yi sitting in the room, his complexion instantly became gloomy.

Long Yi squinted his eyes and looked straight towards this youth. Crown Prince Long Ying? Now, this was strange. Wasn’t he busy struggling against the Ximen Clan? How could he find the time to come to the brothel and get entangled with a prostitute? This didn’t seem like something he would do.

“You two, get out.” Long Ying suddenly emitted a violent aura and coldly said. The two women were shocked and afraid.

Xi Hong obediently retreated. However, Cui Niang stood there and she scolded, “This is my room. Why are you asking me to leave? Furthermore, this noble son is my guest. I hope that you will not bother him.”

“Cui Niang, he is my old acquaintance. We haven’t seen each other in a long time and we just want to talk about the past. Can I borrow your room?” Long Yi said to Cui Niang with a smile.

“Oh……” Cui Niang responded in a daze. Turning around, she left the room.

Long Ying’s handsome face instantly started twitching when Cui Niang left the room, “Ximen Yu, you truly came back.”

Long Yi didn’t even look up. He simply poured Long Ying a cup of wine and he said with indifference, “When did the dignified Crown Prince Long Ying fall to the point where you become jealous over a prostitute? What? After fooling around with Lady Ye, did your taste change?”

Crack, Long Ying slammed the table and one corner of the table broke. This table was made from dark rock and was extremely sturdy, yet it still broke with one slap from Long Ying.

“She is my woman, I hope you will understand.” Long Ying glared at Long Yi with a murderous gaze and warned him.

“It doesn’t look like that to me. Moreover, I know that as long as I am willing, Cui Niang is willing to be my woman.” Long Yi smirked and said. His indifference and calm expression created a strong contrast against the ferocious expression on Long Ying’s face. Even though he seemed calm, Long Yi was surprised in his heart. Long Ying, who was an expert in the game of love, had unexpectedly fallen in love with a prostitute. Since he loved her, why didn’t he directly state his identity and bring her back to the imperial palace?

After thinking about it for a bit, Long Yi came to a realization. Long Ying was a very proud person. Every time he chose a target, he would do everything possible for the other party to fall in love with him. Just like what he said, perverts also had different grades. Conquering a woman’s heart was much more delightful compared to simply obtaining her body. Clearly, Long Ying wanted to conquer her heart. However, Long Yi didn’t expect that this dignified Long Ying would have fallen for this courtesan called Cui Niang. Long Ying had yet to conquer her heart, but he himself seemed to have truly fallen.

“I will not let you have your way.” Long Ying gnashed his teeth and said. Although he seemed furious on the surface, it seemed as though he had adjusted his mental state.

“Then, it would be best for you to go and hold on to Cui Niang for now. Use that thing of yours to obtain her. I’m not as free as you are right now.” The figure of Long Yi flashed and disappeared from the room.

Long Ying’s handsome face which was twisted finally relaxed after Long Yi left the room. A sneer appeared on his face as he muttered, “Ximen Yu ah Ximen Yu, I will let you be arrogant for several more days. When I activate that curse within your body, I will properly enjoy the scene of you dying in pain.”


At the end of the year, the temperature finally dropped. The atmosphere was no longer filled with scorching heat and the sunlight was also gentle and soft. Other than midday, the rest of the day was quite comfortable.

In the Mea Holy Magic Academy, the morning curriculum had just ended. The school ground was full of students wearing different professional dresses.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, please accept my absolutely sincere heart. You are so noble and beautiful just like the stars in the sky… My soul burns for you, my life blossomed for you, my……” A ten something years old boy kneeled down on one leg and loudly confessed to the most beautiful teacher in Mea Holy Magic Academy. The people who were looking at him cheered loudly.

Shui Ruoyan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, this was not the first time this happened. If she wanted to blame someone, then she had to blame Long Yi, that stinking fellow. That shocking public confession of his was recorded down in the history books of the academy. It had now developed into the distinguishing feature of the Mea Holy Magic Academy. Just like Long Yi’s love declaration in the past, every single student in the Mea Holy Magic Academy confessed their love boldly. All of the students followed in Long Yi’s footsteps and they created all kinds of strange ways to confess their love..

“Okay, I got it. I will consult your matter with your advisor this afternoon. I believe that he is very willing to make your life and soul burst into bloom.” Shui Ruoyan said in all seriousness.

That boy stood up with a start as the figure of a muscular big man who was 8 feet tall appeared in his mind. The huge man was digging his nostrils as he looked at this youth with a lewd look.

“Ah…… Teacher Shui Ruoyan, I was wrong! I don’t dare to do it anymore.” That boy screamed in a sad voice. He ran away as quickly as he could.

Shui Ruoyan shook her head with a smile and walked towards her teacher dormitory.

“Grandma, I am back!” Shui Ruoyan habitually called out. However, there was no response in the house.

“Strange… Did she go somewhere?” Shui Ruoyan pushed open the door of Shui Linglong’s room and saw that the room was empty.

When she was about to leave, Shui Ruoyan stopped in her tracks and her expression changed. She stared at the messy bed. One should know that Shui Linglong had always been neat and tidy. Every time Shui Ruoyan entered Shui Linglong’s room, the room would be neat and tidy. However, the quilt was not folded today.

Shui Ruoyan walked in and she wanted to fold Shui Linglong’s quilt for her. However, when she was about to touch the quilt, the blood drained from her face and she became quite pale. She saw a large spot of dark red bloodstain on the light blue colored quilt. The bloodstain wasn’t completely dry and it seemed as though it was quite fresh.

“Grandma, grandma……” Shui Ruoyan’s hands trembled and she rushed out of the room anxiously.


On a high mountain located at the outskirts of Mea Principality, Shui Linglong was in a seated position as she leaned on a huge rock. Her face was pale and a beautiful middle-aged lady was standing beside her. The beautiful lady was wearing a purple gown.

“How much time do I have left?” Shui Linglong calmly asked.

“Six months at most. Although the Blood Cursing Technique was stopped at the final moment, your bodily functions had already been damaged. Even I cannot help you.” The beautiful lady sighed and told Shui Linglong the truth.

“Six months……” Shui Linglong smiled bitterly. Even having six months was an extravagant hope.

“If you have any last wishes then you should quickly fulfill them. If you have something you need to say, then say it. If you have something you should do, then do it. Don’t let yourself pass away with regrets.” The beautiful lady indifferently said. When she said regret, her expression became somewhat erratic. It seemed as though there was something she wanted to say but she wasn’t able to.

“Thank you for your help these days. If it was not for you, I would already be dead. I wouldn’t even know what my granddaughter had become.” Shui Linglong seemed to have already accepted the fact that she was going to die. Her expression was also relaxed.

“I helped you because someone told me to. You don’t have to feel that you owe me anything.” The beautiful lady gently shook her head and disappeared.

Shui Linglong felt that her blood and qi was a lot smoother now and she stood up. Fortunately for her, these days, that mysterious beautiful lady used a strange method to suppress her injuries. Otherwise, there was no way for her to live up till this day. She would have already died a long time ago without knowing anything. However, it seemed as though the matter between her son and her granddaughter became a knot in her heart. It seemed as though it would be better for her to quickly resolve that knot in her heart.

When Shui Linglong returned to the Mea Holy Magic Academy, Shui Ruoyan was already at the point of going insane with worry. When she saw that Shui Linglong had returned, she hastily grabbed Shui Linglong’s hand and asked, “Grandma, what happened to you? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“I am fine, you don’t need to worry.” Shui Linglong smiled and caressed the beautiful face of Shui Ruoyan.

“Then, what about the bloodstain on your quilt?” Shui Ruoyan didn’t let the matter off and continued to ask.

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“When grandma was meditating and attacking the bottleneck to make a breakthrough, my blood and qi deviated a little. I am already fine now. However, I failed to breakthrough.” Shui Linglong calmly explained.

“So that was the case… I was nearly frightened to death.” Shui Ruoyan finally relaxed and said. She had made up with Shui Linglong with great difficulty, and now, the relationship between this grandmother and granddaughter had gotten closer by leaps and bounds.

“Ruoruo, do you want to meet your father?” Shui Linglong grabbed the little hand of Shui Ruoyan and asked all of a sudden.

Shu Ruoyan was startled and didn’t dare to believe what she had just heard, “Grandma, are you willing to let me go see my father?”

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