Chapter 634 – Willing To Marry Her To Be My Wife…

And it was apparently not ordinary rain water!

Without form or shape, it felt like a pair of evil eyes were staring at the two spirit treasures.

When the Pig Spirit Treasure saw the situation and after pondering for a moment, it charged forward within the rain and used all its strength to tackle the Luan Spirit Treasure, pushing it out of the constrains of the smelly rain.

Being an illusion, the rainwater has no effect on it!

After escaping the encirclement of the smelly rain, the two spirit treasures had decided to let go of their differences, they understood that they need to work together to get out of this situation.

Both wanted to return to their master’s side above everything else.

Who knew that when the two spirit treasures had assumed they have escaped the smelly rain, a huge illusion of a hand appeared from within the smell rain clouds and grabbed at them.

This smelly rain had an extremely powerful and harmful contaminating effect on spirit treasures, being spirit lifeforms, spirit treasures feared being contaminated the most.

Now that both spirit treasures were slightly contaminated, their movements were affected and were unable to fly as fast as they did earlier on.

When the huge hand grabbed at them, the Luan Spirit Treasure with the bigger body should be the one that would be easily be caught as compared to the Pig Spirit Treasure.

But who knew that the Luan Spirit Treasure suddenly transformed, turning into an extremely small size. Next, it flapped its wings, the pig spirit treasure was caught by the gust the wings produced and happened to be pushed by it towards the huge hand…

The Luan Spirit Treasure used its entire power and advantage as a Mystic Spirit Treasure to charge into the sky!

With a painful cry, the Luan Spirit Treasure finally managed to escape the huge hand and out of the smelly rain. When it looked back and saw that the Pig Spirit Treasure had been firmly caught by the huge hand, a sense of guilty conscience and panic welled up suddenly inside it…

It wanted to go rescue the Pig Spirit Treasure, but it also knew that it lacked the strength to do so. That devil hiding within the smelly rain seems to be something outside its abilities to handle…

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Therefore, without looking at the Pig Spirit Treasure again, it escaped towards the direction of the Holy City.


Just as Ji Mo Kai Yuan grabbed at Huan Qing Yan, a graceful figure appeared in front of her.

With starry eyes and noble grace… It was Ji Mo Ya.

Like a ray of light, he moved from the green stone stage and appeared sitting beside Huan Qing Yan and blocked Ji Mo Kai Yuan’s strike for her.

As the two sat together, they looked like a celestial couple, a picture that was beautiful beyond description.

Ji Mo Ya calmly received Ji Mo Kai Yuan’s power and redirected everything thrown towards Huan Qing Yan to another direction.

Startled cries came from everyone.

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Ji Mo Ya ignored everyone and hugged Huan Qing Yan with an arm, lightly kissing her forehead, “Not bad, you have done well. The things that this Young Master gave you are yours, don’t let anyone try to take it away from you.”

Huan Qing Yan smiled and replied, “Of course, don’t you like me to be thick-skinned? If I have a glass heart, I would not be able to continue getting mixed up with you.”

Ji Mo Ya smiled widely before he addressed Ji Mo Kai Yuan, “Head Elder, my greatest apologies. The Phoenix Feather Bell was something that I have given to Little Yan a long time ago and I have forgotten to inform the clan about it, please forgive me.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan knew all along; since the lass dared react so confidently, she must have someone protecting her…

Truly something really bad had happened.

“Little Ya, do you know what you are doing now?”

Ji Mo Ya hugged Huan Qing Yan as she kept her Phoenix Feather Bell, the both of them slowly descended from the sky and reached his seat.

“I know. I thank Head Elder for your reminder, I also thank everyone for your care and concern. I originally thought that my marriage should not be something that cause alarm to others, but now that an opportunity had arisen today, then please allow this one to make a declaration. This one and Little Yan love each other, I am willing to marry her to be my wife…”

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