Chapter 635 – Too Cruel To Dogs

The entire square descended into silence!

Everyone was in a state where their jaws were wide apart…

Wide enough to stuff multiple eggs inside in one go.

Huan Qing Yan was also stunned for that moment, she blankly leaned within Ji Mo Ya’s embrace and looked deeply at him.

She knew Ji Mo Ya loves her deeply and always accommodated her, yet little did she expect that he will talk about marrying her in front of so many people, was this his way of proposing to her?

This man whose every word and action were always under scrutiny, was also a man of his words!

The grievance she experienced from the mocking and ridicule earlier on, was instantly reduced to nothing.

So that time when he was seriously injured at the Five Black Mountains, that moment when he casually gave her the Phoenix Feather Bell to prevent her from riding the same flying equipment as Bei Cheng Feng. Was in fact him showing his willingness to marry her and let her become his wife.

As for her, only after the incident in the Gnome Kingdom, did she truly love him without holding back… willingly become his woman! Willing to face all dangers and challenges to accompany him for the rest of their lives.

The period he loves her was far longer than the period she started loving him, truly great.

To have such an excellent man who is worth loving for her entire life, truly great!

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Huan Qing Yan failed to control herself as tears started to fall; they were tears of happiness, she wiped them away and said with a choking voice, “You are willing to marry me, but I have yet to agree…”

Ji Mo Ya softly said, “Hmm, are you sure you want to discuss about this matter in front of someone else’s Saintess Ceremony?”

His voice was extremely low, soft, yet overbearing.

The people on the green stone stage were all not ordinary people, and naturally heard their conversation.

Each and every one of them had instantly received ten thousand points of damage!

Too sweet, too cruel to dogs* okay?

(Cuppa: In China, sometimes they refer to singles as 单身狗, single dogs. It came from the lonely look that a pet dog displays when their master is together and enjoying themselves with their spouse or partner.)

Hearing his words, Huan Qing Yan giggled and with tears still hanging, she kept the Phoenix Feather Bell while smiling and crying.

After a momentary silence, the crowd exploded in commotion. Some cried, those were young girls who once held dreamy thoughts. Some expressed disbelieve, calling it an illusion. Some were not supportive, some started to feel their gossiping heart burning with eager, some felt angry and wanted to object, some sighed…

Ji Mo Kai Yuan was dumbstruck, his expressions showed that he has a thousand things to say but did not know where to start.

He was the first to be stunned, ‘What sin has he done! If he knew, he would not have taken up this task.’

He was only the Head Elder of the Ji Mo Clan; he was not Ji Mo Ya’s father nor was he his mother, he also did not possess the authority of the patriarch. In addition, his usual character did not suit becoming the bad guy to force things…

Plus, Ji Mo Ya that brat was not someone who would listen to him even if he decided to force things.

Therefore, he can only sigh. He turned around and left…

A proper Saintess Ceremony had in the end, turn into Young Master Ya’s Dog Abusing Marriage Proposal Event.

Within the crowd, stood a handsome figure with a straight back… it was Bai Cheng Feng in disguise.

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He had originally intended to leave the Holy City and refine the Lion Emperor’s blood, but he kept having a lingering worry; he was worried that the scheming Fox Demon’s plan would implicate Little Yan. Therefore, he hid himself amongst the crowd and planned to leave after the Saintess Ceremony.

When he saw the blissful expression on Little Yan, her tears of happiness, and the unrestraint loving eyes she used on Ji Mo Ya…

Bai Cheng Feng felt desolation in his heart.

It was time for him to leave.

“Time to return to Hanging Cloud and refine the lion blood, only strength can be used in negotiations. I will go now…”

As though he was trying to convince his own determination, he turned around and left the city.

Within the crowd, a man was standing with his hands behind him. His looks were extremely average, like any common man on the streets, and on his wrist was an eagle-shape spirit treasure with five stars.

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