Chapter 636 – Even Uglier Than Crying

With his sharp eyes, he silently looked at Huan Qing Yan who was on stage, it was unknown what he was thinking.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng silently sat within the Green Stone Area; here and there beside him the young ladies were crying, and he even caringly passed his handkerchief to them and thus attracted their repeated glances.

Young Master Ya had declared his wife-to-be, while this young master of the Nan Gong Clan also looked to be quite handsome; cold on the outside but very caring…


Bai Li Zi Xi stood like a beautiful ice sculpture, cold and icy. Her mind was in a great storm, yet not a single trace of it was reflected on her face.

The Plant Sage lightly coughed and with a soft voice said, “Arhem, the challenge just now will not be counted, the challenge phase of the Saintess Ceremony shall end here. We will continue to the next segment.”

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As he spoke, he looked at Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan with a gaze filled with sighs and headshakes.

Being the Sages of humanity, their minds were all occupied by the future of humankind, so they would not meddle with the love affairs of others; however, he was obviously displaying disapproval at Ji Mo Ya’s actions.

Not choosing the Luan Spirit Treasure girl who would benefit him the most and adamantly choosing to marry a girl who do not suit him; the Plant Sage cannot help but felt that it was a waste of a good talent.

However, it was not something for them to be bothered about, the Ji Mo Clan would naturally be more flustered than them.

After the challenge segment was the parade in the streets and prayer for blessings.

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Even though it was the next segment, everyone was still excitedly discussing about Ji Mo Ya’s marriage proposal to Huan Qing Yan.

Bai Li Jia Bao who was by then at the Green Stone Area was the happiest of them all.

“Brother look! Bai Li Zi Xi’s expression is even uglier than crying! Hahaha, everyone says that Young Master Ya will marry her, and yet in the end? Aiyo, I am dying from laughter!”

Bai Li Sheng Qing glared at her, “Jia Bao, stop your nonsense! The Ji Mo Clan and us Bai Li Clan do not have a marriage agreement, those are all rumors spread by others. Do not tarnish Zi Xi’s reputation.”

“Oh, I am dying from laughter, today is truly a happy day. I like that Lady Huan! She has guts! If there is a chance, I would want to get to know her and treat her to a meal… woah! How smelly, how come my Spirit Treasure became like this?” Bai Li Zi Xi jumped.

Bai Li Sheng Qing thought she was pulling one of her pranks again and wanted to ignore her, when he also smelled a disgusting stench of stink…

Not only them, everyone presented also started jumping in shock.

“F*ck, what a powerful foul fox smell, what’s happening? How come my spirit treasure runs out because of it!”

“Not good, everyone quickly hold your breaths! Charming incense is mixed within this foul fox smell…”

“Where’s my spirit treasure? Ah, my spirit treasure is missing!”

The two Half-Sages exchanged a glance before the Wine Sage disappeared from his position.

Waves of foul stench spreaded throughout the entire area, causing every spirit treasure to uncontrollably leave their owner’s bodies.

Chaos descended onto the square…

Amongst the mess, more than a dozen people charged towards Bai Li Zi Xi!

As these people flew, their bodies especially their limbs started to undergo visible changes.

They were all Demon Men!

Bai Li Zi Xi was startled and wanted to retreat, yet she was worried that she would lose face and caused others to look down on her, so she decided to stand in place and prepare to receive the enemy.

“Demon Men! Stop them!”

“Dare to disrupt the ceremony of us humans, let’s screw them up!”

Everyone had discovered the irregularity and they started shouting aloud as they jumped forward to stop the attackers.

However, these Demon Men seemed to have gone crazy, each of them with vicious eyes as they ignored their need to defend themselves and did all they could to charge forward.

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