Chapter 637 – Poor Piggy!

Both sides collided, and blood splattered everywhere!

The Plant Sage frowned, remaining seated while he shouted, “Zi Xi, step back and provide support will do!”

Bai Li Zi Xi already regretting when she discovered that the situation was not right, when she heard his orders, she quickly stepped back.

After all, the humans possessed the numeric advantage;  a short while later, more than half of the Demon Men who attacked had fallen.

Before the rest could take a breather, another dozen more appeared, and tried to charge towards Bai Li Zi Xi!

It looked like they had vowed to kill the Saintess as they relentlessly charged without caring for anything else.

Other than that location, several sections around the square would have a sudden appearance of a demon man; that caused even more chaos within the crowd and many people were panicked.

The guests on the Green Stone Area all made their moves as well.

Ji Mo Ya frowned and turned towards Huan Qing Yan, “Stay here and don’t move, I will go kill some demons.”

Huan Qing Yan quickly nodded her head, unlike someone who has the habit of maintaining a reputation, she was fine with staying quiet and away from danger.

Ji Mo Ya nodded his head in satisfaction, at least the girl knows when to act and when not to.

Ji Mo Ya possessed the Demon Revealing Mirror; when he used it to shine on a large area, every Demon Men within the area would be rolling on the floor, in pain, as they revealed their true form, a very effective item to use!

This method to capture demon men was very effective and would not lose to the efficiency of King Spirit Masters; everyone had worshipping gazes.

This person was as rumors described, his future accomplishment will be limitless.

Huan Qing Yan was currently a Nine-Star Spirit Master and thus not suited for the chaotic battlefield; so she remained on the Green Stone Area and observed the situation.

Suddenly, she felt a faint connection from the Pig Spirit Treasure.

Only then did she discover that the Pig Spirit Treasure and Luan Spirit Treasure has disappeared and have yet to return.


After the Pig Spirit Treasure ran off, she had relied on the Leaf Spirit Treasure to face Bai Li Zi Xi’s three strikes and then the commotion caused by the Phoenix Feather Bell, followed by Ji Mo Ya proposing to her as well as the current Demon Men attack.

All these happenings caused her to forget about the existence of her Pig Spirit Treasure as she had pushed it to the back of her head.

Only now, when the Pig Spirit Treasure had used their mental connection to contact her, did she discover that the Pig Spirit Treasure was missing.

She quickly strengthened their connection and discovered that it was a signal for help, the pig seemed to be trapped in a certain place.

At the same time, the Luan Spirit Treasure also appeared, and with a panic look, flew towards them from afar.

She only saw the Luan Spirit Treasure and did not see her Pig Spirit Treasure.

Huan Qing Yan started to feel anxious!

She wants to look for her Pig Spirit Treasure… if the Pig Spirit Treasure was hurt, she would also receive injuries.

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Just as she thought of that fact, her mind suddenly turned dizzy and she nearly fell onto the ground.

Currently, only a few young girls possessed a relatively low cultivation level around the area.

A heroic looking young lady strode up and supported Huan Qing Yan.

She even smiled at Huan Qing Yan kindly, causing Huan Qing Yan to feel rather surprised, this was also a rare lady how possessed goodwill towards her, this was not an easy thing to encounter.

There was a moment in time in the past where she thought that due to Ji Mo Ya, every girl in the entire world would be her love rival.

On a closer look, she recognized that it was the formidable and aggressive Lady Bai Li that taunted Bai Li Zi Xi.

Huan Qing Yan also returned a smile, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome! Are you not feeling well?”

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“I felt dizzy just now, but I am okay now.”

That moment of dizziness had also broken her connection with the Pig Spirit Treasure; no matter how she tried, she was still unable to regain contact with it.

‘What in the world is happening?’

‘Don’t tell me it died? My poor piggy!’

She really wanted to find the Luan Spirit Treasure and ask it, but the current situation was chaotic. The Saintess, Bai Li Z Xi, had finally started to reveal the might of her status, she called the Luan Spirit Treasure over when it returned and started to retaliate against the Demon Men.

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