Chapter 509: Corpse Forest, mysterious Long Zhan

Seeing there was actually a head-sized hole below this corpse, Long Yi and Murong Shuyu were shocked. One should know that this mysterious metal was far harder than diamond, moreover, there was a special barrier in the Heaven Forbidden Prison that suppressed both magic and douqi. It was as hard as ascending to the heavens if one wanted to dig a hole through this unknown metal. This was not an easy matter even for Long Yi who had cultivated his AoTianJue to the fifth layer. However, this old man was actually able to dig a hole through this unknown metal. Although he had already died, Long Yi had no choice but to admire this man.

“It seems like this uncle wanted to dig a hole to escape from the Heaven Forbidden Prison. Unfortunately, he was only able to dig such a small hole even after he exhausted all his energy.” Murong Shuyu shook her head and sighed.  Squatting down, she reached her hand into the hole and began to feel about. Suddenly, her beautiful face changed and her expression showed her sympathy. “Only a thin layer is left. If he was able to dig a little bit more, he would have passed through the layer of metal. Seeing as this person was extremely powerful, the outer layer of iron, stone, and sand would be unable to stop him. However, it’s too bad now.”

Long Yi nevertheless remained silent. Just now, he used his spirit power to examine the hole and the dark soul power was coming from below this place. If it was not coming from this head-sized hole, Long Yi had no idea where it would come from.

What secrets were hidden under this cell? Long Yi’s black pupils flashed and he frowned. He became lost in thoughts.

When she saw that Long Yi was frowning and lost in thought, Murong Shuyu wanted to call him. At that time, she saw him slowly raising his right hand. His thumb, ring finger, and little finger were pointing towards the center of his palm. Only his index finger and middle finger were standing upright. Then, the space around him seemed to distort for an instant.

All of a sudden, Long Yi shouted and poked his finger into that hole as fast as lightning. Because of his extreme speed, afterimages could be seen.

The fingers of Long Yi poked a hole through it and the pitch-black hole suddenly emitted a radiance. Murong Shuyu was startled when she looked at Long Yi. She clearly hadn’t expected that there would be a completely different world below this place.

Long Yi pulled out his fingers and signaled for Murong Shuyu to not make any sound. He leaned over and looked into that small hole with one eye.

He was able to see one corner of a secret room through this small hole. The dark soul power seemed to be stronger and denser. Unfortunately, because his line of sight was blocked, Long Yi couldn’t clearly see what was underneath.

“Ximen Yu, let me see.” Murong Shuya also squatted down beside Long Yi and whispered into his ear. The faint hot fragrance she was exhaling out from her lips swayed Long Yi’s heart. If they were not currently investigating something, Long Yi would have thought that she was seducing him.

Long Yi got out of the way and Murong Shuyu leaned over. She looked into that hole as she tried to see what was inside it. After a long time, she lifted her head and muttered, “I cannot see anything at all. It seems as though there is no one inside the hole. How about we open this up?”

Long Yi rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “Open this up? You can try.”

Murong Shuyu snorted and said in a small voice, “If I could open this up, why would I have asked you?”

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched. There indeed was no one below. Moreover, this little hole was at one corner of the secret room below the cell. Unless someone deliberately checked the entire cell, it would be very unlikely for anyone to discover this tiny hole.

Long Yi used his fingers to open up the extremely thin layer bit by bit. Before long, that tiny hole changed into a head-sized hole. The reason why he didn’t punch a hole through the ground was because he was afraid that the ruckus it would cause would alert the enemy. Also, it was easy for Long Yi to open up a bigger hole as the old man had already done most of the work. He only had to remove a thin layer of the metal. If he wanted to make a hole of this size through the top to the bottom, it would be an extremely large project for Long Yi. The hardness of this unknown metal was really beyond his expectations.

“Such a small hole… How can we get in?” Murong Shuyu asked in confusion.

“If you can’t go in, it doesn’t mean I can’t go in. Be obedient and guard this place. I will go down and take a look.” Long Yi smirked and stood up. As he maneuvered his bones and muscles, his joints emitted cracking sounds.

Murong Shuyu stood at one side as she folded her hand before her chest. She wanted to see how Long Yi would enter the room from this head-sized hole.

When she saw that Long Yi was standing above the hole as his body emitted cracking sounds, she became dumbstruck. The legs of Long Yi appeared as if there were no bones in them and he unexpectedly entered this hole. Shortly afterward, his body fluctuated from the bottom to the top and he slid down like a snake.

When Long Yi entered the hole, Murong Shuyu immediately looked down and she saw Long Yi returning back to normal. He waved his hand at her and he quickly disappeared from her line of sight..

Long Yi had entered a small stone room. Looking at the color of the stone walls, the room seemed to be built a long time ago. There were pieces of junk messily piled up in the room and there was a door opposite where Long Yi was standing. There should be another secret room on the other side of the door. The dense dark soul power mixed with bloody aura was coming from the other side of the door and Long Yi couldn’t help but frown.

Long Yi cautiously walked over to the front of this stone door and peered inside. In an instant, Long Yi’s handsome face changed and an ominous look flashed through his eyes. That was a slightly bigger stone room but the astonishing matter was that there were corpses and skeletons of many people and beasts piled up in the room. A dense baleful aura filled the room.

Long Yi frowned and walked in lightly. After looking around, Long Yi could only see those corpses. The expression on all of their faces was ferocious. They were clearly extremely resentful and terrified before they died.

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Soon, Long Yi arrived at the end of this stone room. There was only a closed stone door located at the end of the stone room and the dark soul power was leaking out from behind the stone door.

Long Yi used his spirit power to carefully scout inside. He spread out his spirit power which advanced past the stone door. However, Long Yi stopped his advancing spirit power all of a sudden and his spirit power slightly stagnated. He cried out in his heart and immediately retracted his spirit power. Unexpectedly, there was a strong defensive and alarm barrier. Long Yi was almost discovered…

“What in the world is happening inside?” Long Yi felt as if thousands of ants were crawling in his heart. The secret was right in front of him and there was no way Long Yi was about to return without learning the secret.

“No. No matter what, I have to take a look inside.” Long Yi decided in his heart. Long Yi activated all of his spirit power and he simultaneously circulated his AoTianJue internal force. He mixed them together to form an invisible isolation barrier.

Long Yi placed his hands above the stone door and he carefully exerted his strength. The stone door made a light sound and began moving. The gap between the door and the wall became bigger and bigger as the pressure endured by his isolating barrier become stronger and stronger.

Long Yi pushed the door open to the point where he couldn’t push it any further. If he were to push it slightly further, the defensive and alarm barrier inside the room would definitely be activated. Long Yi wiped beads of sweat from his forehead and he looked inside from the gap of this stone door.

The scene inside surprised Long Yi. He could see that the dark aura was curling up inside the room. A hundred or more naked, robust or thin, big or small, men and women stood in a circle. A trace of dark aura was coming out from their bodies and was floating towards two black humanoid objects. All of them looked very terrified and their body was drying up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. All of a sudden, Long Yi came to a realization that all the corpses in the other room came from this stone room.

Ten or so black-robed priests were quickly chanting an obscure incantation and their bodies were trembling violently. They were clearly extremely tense.

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At this time, a person casually walked over from the other end of the room. He was similarly shrouded by a black robe. Stopping at the outer edge of the human circle, he looked at those two humanoid shaped objects as if he was looking at a priceless treasure.

Eventually, the dark qi coming from the body of the people in the circle became thinner and thinner. All of them had changed into dried corpses and even though they had died, they were standing up straight without falling over. They seemed to form a corpse forest in the room…

“Hahaha, good, very good. After using this technique once more, our mission will be accomplished.” Another person laughed wildly while walking over. His laughter shook the air inside the stone room. Those corpses which were standing fell to the ground the moment the laughter resounded in the room.

“This voice…… It’s Long Zhan.” The expression of Long Yi changed greatly. The owner of this familiar voice was none other than the Violent Dragon Empire’s Emperor Long Zhan. How could Emperor Long Zhan appear in this place? Could it be that he was also a member of the dark force? Many thoughts flashed through Long Yi’s mind the instant he heard Long Zhan’s voice.

The two humanoid objects in the air began to slowly absorb the black mist surrounding them. With the black mist becoming thinner and thinner, Long Yi was able to vaguely see that the two humanoid objects were actually two people.

Just when Long Yi was about to clearly see who they were, Long Zhan, who was shrouded in a black robe, looked towards the stone door. Long Zhan seemed to have noticed his gaze.

Long Yi’s heart shook violently and he knew that this wasn’t the best time for him to clash with Long Zhan. In an instant, Long Yi disappeared from the stone room.

The moment Long Yi disappeared, Long Zhan jumped over and opened the stone door. He looked around the room which was filled with corpses and he frowned. How did these fellows handle affairs? They actually left the door open.


Long Yi used the Bone Shrinking Technique and jumped out from that head-sized hole. Murong Shuyu who was about to look inside became so shocked that she jumped.

“Ximen Yu, what is happening inside?” Murong Shuyu patted her bosom and asked.

“The current situation inside that room is far from reassuring… What is going on in there?” Long Yi shook his head and muttered while he strolled back and forth inside the prison cell.

The imperial Long Clan and the Ximen Clan had risen into power and position together. Both sides knew each other inside out. Although the imperial Long Clan had begun using the dark force, it was impossible for them to be part of the dark force. However, if they were not part of the dark force, how would Long Yi explain what he saw inside the secret room?

“Hello, what the hell is going on?” looking at Long Yi’s current appearance, Murong Shuyu became curious from the bottom of her heart. When she saw him strolling back and forth while muttering to himself, Murong Shuyu couldn’t help herself as she pulled on Long Yi’s sleeve and she asked loudly.

“Why are you making so much noise?” Long Yi glared at Murong Shuyu. Fortunately, he was wise. When he had come out of this hole, he had laid out a barrier. If he hadn’t, Long Zhan would have noticed them. The matter would become extremely troublesome…

When she saw that Long Yi was glaring at her, Murong Shuyu opened her mouth and she wanted to refute him. However, she was unable to say anything. She only felt inexplicably wronged in her heart.

“I want to tell you, but……” Seeing the feeling wronged expression on Murong Shuyu’s face, Long Yi couldn’t help but smile evilly. He looked at her body from the top to the bottom like a thief and it seemed as though he wanted to strip off all her clothes.

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