Chapter 508: Dark Soul Power of Heaven Forbidden Prison

“What am I doing? What do you think I’m going to do?” The voice of Long Yi became smaller and he blew a mouthful of warm air into Murong Shuyu’s ear. His hand reached downwards and lightly caressed her waist.

Murong Shuyu trembled and her maiden heart jumped violently. She felt as though her heart was about to jump out of her chest. All of a sudden, it seemed as though she gained strength from somewhere and she was able to push Long Yi away. She quickly took two steps backwards and distanced herself from Long Yi. Now, her beautiful face was dyed red and her current shy appearance could make others fall in love with her.

“You…… You pervert! You didn’t change at all!” Murong Shuyu angrily said. However, there was no trace of anger in her voice when she scolded Long Yi.

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Long Yi smiled and took two steps forward. He wanted to say something to her but he discovered that Murong Shuyu had already run far away. She behaved just like a startled rabbit. With no choice, Long Yi sat on the sofa and he asked with dissatisfaction in his voice, “Am I so frightening?”

“Of course! You are more frightening than those stinking old fellows in my clan.” When Murong Shuyu saw the helpless look on Long Yi’s face, she chuckled.

Long Yi rolled his eyes and asked, “When did you return? Also, where did that old fart, Murong Bo, run off to?”

Murong Shuyu glared at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes and she started fuming with rage, “You are not allowed to curse my grandfather!”

“Silly girl… I will never curse your grandfather and I really respect him.” Long Yi placed one of his legs on top of the other and he said.

“You… I am going to ignore you.” Murong Shuyu turned around as she panted with rage. She arranged her clothes and went to sit on her bed. Flipping open an ancient book, Murong Shuyu no longer paid any attention to Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and walked over to the bed. He sat beside Murong Shuyu as he smelled the faint body fragrance coming from her. Leaning closer towards Murong Shuyu, he said in a teasing voice, “Ai, since you are going to ignore me, I’ll also ignore you.”

Murong Shuyu bit her lower lip and she closed her book. She turned towards Long Yi and glared at him before saying, “Who wants your attention? Stay further away from me. Don’t lean on me.”

Long Yi half-squinted his eyes and his smile became all the more lascivious. When he heard Murong Shuyu’s protest, he completely ignored her.

Murong Shuyu’s maiden heart started to jump violently when she realized that she had been captivated by Long Yi’s dangerous aura. Although she knew that Long Yi wasn’t a shameless lowlife like he was described in the rumors of the past, she was certain that he wasn’t a gentleman.

“I am telling you to stay further away from me.” Murong Shuyu’s beautiful face became even redder. When she saw that Long Yi was leaning closer and closer to her. She used her hands to push him away.

Of course, Long Yi wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. He held onto Murong Shuyu’s slender waist and he fell backward. He made it seem as though Murong Shuyu was the one who pushed him backward.

“Yu’er, the night is young…… We can take our time. You don’t have to be so hasty.” Long Yi said with a smile and tightly hugged the struggling Murong Shuyu and stopped her from getting up.

“Ximen Yu……” Murong Shuyu knew that she wouldn’t be able to struggle free from Long Yi’s grasp. As such, she placed her hands on his chest to support herself and she looked at him with a pitiful expression. She hoped that she would be able to arouse his sympathy and he would let her go.

Never would she have thought that her current expression would have great destructive power towards men. Originally, Long Yi just wanted to tease her for fun. However, when he saw the expression on her face, his natural instinct as a man was aroused.

“Eh…… No…… Don’t…… Wu……” Long Yi moved his head forward and his big mouth instantly sealed Murong Shuyu’s red lips. His devil’s claw moved about her buttocks and her back. Now, the fire of passion between these two people burned together.

Murong Shuyu’s mind had already sunken into a misty world and her charming body went soft. Her body collapsed into Long Yi’s bosom and stayed there.

With the two of them being as close as lips and teeth, their tongues entangled with each other as their bodies rubbed and caressed against each other. At this moment, half of Murong Shuyu’s clothing were already undone, revealing a wide expanse of her snow-white smooth skin. Long Yi’s claws were wreaking havoc on her mellow and full breasts, transforming them into all kinds of shapes. Her beautiful face was already red to the root of her ears.

All of a sudden, Murong Shuyu’s body stiffened and she clamped her legs together. Unknowingly, Long Yi’s claws were already attacking her private parts.

“Yu’er, don’t be nervous, relax.” Long Yi gently bit Murong Shuyu’s delicate earlobe and whispered into her ear.

As Long Yi comforted her, Murong Shuyu’s charming body slightly trembled as her tense nerves began to relax.

Long Yi gently raised his finger and stroked the most intimate forbidden area of Murong Shuyu. Murong Shuyu who was lying in his bosom trembled even more fiercely as her spring syrup continuously flowed out.

“Scoundrel, I hate you.” Murong Shuyu suddenly snorted and she grabbed onto Long Yi tightly. She was panting and her charming body became boiling hot. Clearly, she had already surrendered her body and mind for Long Yi to do whatever he wanted.

Long Yi rejoiced inwardly. Just as he was about to take off all her clothing which was getting in the way, he suddenly sensed an unusually weak energy fluctuation coming from one part of this Heaven Forbidden Prison. Long Yi couldn’t help but stop himself.

Basically, anyone who could be imprisoned in the Heaven Forbidden Prison was no ordinary person. With the special barrier present in the Heaven Forbidden Prison, it was completely impossible to use magic or douqi. However, there were many people who possessed unusual abilities in this world. It wasn’t impossible for some people to have special ways to use their magic and douqi. However, that weak energy fluctuation had a trace of dark aura which managed to stir up Long Yi’s soul. This made Long Yi extremely surprised.

“What’s going on?” Murong Shuyu was waiting for the most important moment to arrive with her eyes closed. However, even after waiting for a long time, she didn’t feel any movement from Long Yi. She had no choice but to open her eyes as she wanted to see what was going on. She saw that Long Yi was in a daze as he furrowed his brows. She became confused and questioned Long Yi.

At this moment, Long Yi’s attention was focused on that strange energy fluctuation. He got up from above the jade body of Murong Shuyu and he arranged her clothes. He asked softly, “Yu’er, do you sense a kind of strange energy fluctuation?”

When she saw that Long Yi was leaving her at the halfway point, Murong Shuyu became somewhat angry and ashamed in her heart. When she heard what Long Yi said, she became alert all of a sudden. She tried to sense the energy fluctuation but she wasn’t able to feel anything after a long time. She shook her head and angrily said, “Liar! Where is the strange energy fluctuation?”

“You cannot feel it? That is strange.” Long Yi frowned as he was still able to sense that strange energy fluctuation.

“What kind of fluctuation is that?” Seeing as Long Yi didn’t seem to be joking, Murong Shuyu asked.

“Dark soul power… Let’s go out and take a look.” Long Yi said and he quickly arranged his clothing as he got up. With a ‘kacha’ sound, Long Yi opened the indestructible prison gate.

This Heaven Forbidden Prison was built by the ancestors of the Murong Clan. It possessed many mechanisms and traps only the Murong Clan knew about. It seemed as though they took precautions against any sort of contingencies. Long Yi had learned about all the mechanisms of the Heaven Forbidden Prison from Murong Bo.

Following that strange energy fluctuation, Long Yi led Murong Shuyu around this Heaven Forbidden Prison. In this Heaven Forbidden Prison, other than a few patrolling guards, the two of them didn’t see the shadow of a single person throughout the maze-like paths.

The Heaven Forbidden Prison was divided into quite a few prison areas and different types of criminals were imprisoned in different areas. However, it didn’t matter where they were imprisoned. As long as they entered the Heaven Forbidden Prison, the possibility of them leaving the prison alive was practically nil.

Avoiding the patrolling guards, the two people moved towards the north-eastern part of the Heaven Forbidden Prison. When they finally reached the place where Long Yi sensed the magic fluctuation, there was a heavenly prison made from unknown metal. Those silver-white metal walls had terrifying silverish purple electric current flowing through them.

Long Yi would never forget this place. When he had arrived in this world, he was also imprisoned in this awful place. However, this was also the place which opened up a magical path for Long Yi.

“Ximen Yu, why are you being absent-minded? Is this the place?” Murong Shuyu gently bumped her elbow against Long Yi’s arm and asked.

“This seems like the place. However, at the same time, it seems like it isn’t the place.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and gently replied.

Murong Shuyu unhappily rolled her eyes and she looked left and right. In the Heaven Forbidden Prison, there were altogether five prison cells built with this kind of unknown metal. The door of each prison cell had a piece of purple rock embedded on it. The purple rock was called an electric divine stone. It was also the source of those electric currents flowing on the walls.

Long Yi closed his eyes and sensed that weak energy fluctuation. Indeed, that energy fluctuation was coming from this place. However, it didn’t seem to be coming from inside the prison cell. It seemed to be coming from below the prison cell instead.

Could it be that there was something below this prison cell? Long Yi thought to himself.

Taking two steps forward, Long Yi gently opened the viewing hole on the door. The electric currents on the wall didn’t harm him at all and they flowed into his body.

Long Yi looked inside and was startled. There was a light magic lamp floating in midair. Below the lamp, there was an old man with a white beard and white hair lying on the ground. It seemed as though his body had turned cold a long time ago. Long Yi couldn’t sense a strand of vitality from the old man at all. It seemed as though he had already died for quite some time. It was possible that the special characteristics of this prison cell preserved his corpse from rotting.

Who was this old man? Being imprisoned in one of the five special prison cells… There was no way he was an ordinary person. Long Yi thought about the reason this old man was imprisoned. Long Yi didn’t believe that it was just because of some murder or arson. Which peak expert’s hands weren’t stained with blood?

“Let me see, let me see!” Seeing as Long Yi was lost in his thoughts after looking inside the cell, Murong Shuyu became curious as well. She pushed Long Yi away and she looked inside. Soon after that, she pursed her lips and said, “It’s just a corpse. What’s so special about it?”

Long Yi just smiled and used a method taught by Murong Bo to open the door of this prison cell. Long Yi could still sense the strange energy fluctuation coming from below the prison cell but Murong Bo never told him anything about there being other mechanisms existing below this prison cell.

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Entering this prison cell, Long Yi walked over to the side of that old man and squatted down. He used his finger to poke the body of the old man. Sure enough, his body was as hard as a rock. Soon after that, Long Yi searched the body of this old man.

“He is already dead, why are you fiddling with his remains?” Murong Shuyu was unable to stand at the side and watch Long Yi disrespect a dead man. She angrily scolded him.

“Since this old man could be imprisoned here, he is definitely not an ordinary person. I want to see if there is anything on him which can tell me his identity.” Long Yi explained as he searched the body of this old man.

“Ah……” Murong Shuyu exclaimed as she looked into Long Yi’s eyes. They could see the shock which flashed through each other’s eyes.

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