Chapter 507: Meeting Murong Shuyu again

“Our noble Dragon Race guards the entire Blue Waves Continent. However, we are never allowed to participate in the struggle between humans. It is certain that the Demonic Dragon Clan is planning some scheme after entering the human world. As such, I have decided to send the elites of our Divine Dragon Clan over to the human world in order to investigate. Once we discover any trace of the Demonic Dragon Clan, we will immediately banish them from the human world. If the situation becomes critical, we will kill all of them without exception.” The Dragon King said in a low voice.

When they heard what the Dragon King said, Midi’er and Lugexiya’s ears stood erect. Their eyes started to spin around continuously. Naturally, there were many young dragons who had the same expression as them.

Although Dragon Island was a big place, anyone would get fed up after staying here for several thousand years. Now that there was such a good opportunity, every single one of them wanted to leave the island. All of them wanted to experience life in the vast human world.

The Dragon King had just spoken and many of the young elites of the Dragon Clan wanted to nominate themselves for the task.

“Big sis, hurry up and talk to father emperor. This is a good opportunity which comes one in a lifetime.” Seeing as other people were nominating themselves in succession, how could Lugexiya not get anxious? He wanted Midi’er to bring him along into the colorful human world. Especially since this was a perfectly justifiable way for him to leave Dragon Island. It was absolutely hopeless if he personally stepped forward and nominated himself to the Dragon King.

“Why are you so anxious? How can these fellows win over your big sister?” Midi’er calmly said. With the First Tyrant Dragon King of the Dragon Clan present, who would dare to vie with her if she wanted to nominate herself?

This also proved that the reputation of Midi’er as the First Tyrant Dragon King of the Dragon Clan was absolutely not an undeserved title. At the final moment, the heroes of Dragon Clan who were ready to desperately contend against each other suddenly became silent.

Even the Dragon King had a headache when he was dealing with Midi’er, his very own daughter. Her strength was unmatched among the younger generation of the Dragon Clan. However, her temperament was truly not something she should be proud of. Perhaps, going out to experience the outside world might prove to be a good thing. As for this son of his who always tailed behind Midi’er to stir up trouble, the Dragon King felt as though it would also be good for him to experience the outside world. Merely, an average people would not be able to shake these siblings. The Dragon King thought about it and looked towards Elder Feili who was calmly standing not too far away.


At night, Soaring Dragon City was still boisterous as ever. It would be a new year after a few days. Every household was busy bustling about to celebrate the new year, and colorful magic lamps decorated Soaring Dragon City.

Of course, such a joyous atmosphere didn’t dilute the harsh mood inside the Heaven Forbidden Prison. This huge underground prison was a place isolated from the world. There were many different kinds of vicious criminals who were imprisoned in the Heaven Forbidden Prison for life. The guards who were stationed inside the Heaven Forbidden Prison were shuttling back and forth as they were completely alert. Cold radiance flashed in their eyes and they were ready to deal with any prisoners who caused trouble. They were wearing silver colored heavy armor and they held a magic lance in their hand.

Walking under the dim light of night, Long Yi avoided all the patrolling guards outside the Heaven Forbidden Prison and quickly entered the Heaven Forbidden Prison via the secret path. Even though it had already been quite a few days since he had returned, that old fart, Swords God Murong Bo, wasn’t there to look for him. He had no choice but to break into the Heaven Forbidden Prison in order to look for him.

After arriving at Murong Bo’s prison cell, he discovered that the decoration inside the cell was still the same. All of the tables were spotless as always but there was no sign of anyone.

“That old fellow… Where the hell did he go?” Long Yi muttered and sat on the soft sofa. The moment he sat down, he felt as though there was an uncomfortable feeling under his buttocks. He reached into the sofa and pulled out the thing below him. It was actually an emerald green, translucent brassiere.

“Eh……” Long Yi was speechless as he looked at this high-end underwear which came from Beauty Shop. It was still emitting a faint fragrance as Long Yi felt onto it.

Too licentious, too filthy. He truly had never thought that Murong Bo, this old fart, actually had this kind of hobby. This underwear was clearly worn by a woman and it was not washed yet. Long Yi wondered where Murong Bo stole it from.

Long Yi looked all around and stood up all of a sudden. After thinking about it, Long Yi decided to search this room. He found one piece after another piece of woman’s clothing around the cell. There was also a superb collection of various kinds of elegant brassiere and panties.

“I would have never expected… never expected that this would is so incomparably dark…” Looking at this pile of women’s clothing, Long Yi wanted to laugh. Since Murong Bo was starving to this extent, it seemed like it was time for Long Yi to bring him out in order to relax.

All of a sudden, the entrance of the prison cell opened quietly. A hint of familiar fragrance spread throughout the air. Before Long Yi could think about anything, a purple colored douqi whistled towards his back.

Swish, the purple douqi brushed past Long Yi and hit the prison wall, issuing a metal colliding sound.

Long Yi turned around and looked at the person who launched the sneak attack as he held onto that semi-transparent pink panties in his hand. He saw a young girl in plain and simple clothes holding a sharp sword in her hand. She had a smile on her face as she looked at Long Yi.

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“Princess Shuyu, I knew it. You are still unwilling to hurt me. It’s been so long since we last met… I missed you tremendously.” Long Yi said with a smile. It seemed like he misunderstood Murong Bo. These women’s clothes were Murong Shuyu’s. However, if Murong Bo gave this place to his granddaughter, where on earth did he run off to?

Murong Shuyu blushed. Although she did her utmost to make an angry appearance, she was unable to hide the happiness which was expressed in her beautiful eyes.

“I don’t believe anything you say! Give it back, you damned pervert.” Murong Shuyu kept her sword and she stepped forward. She snatched her small panties away from Long Yi’s hand and held it behind her back. Even though she took it back, she didn’t dare to look squarely at Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled and he suddenly recalled the days when she came to Soaring Dragon City. She represented the Proud Moon Empire and she had come to negotiate. She had shared some ambiguous days with Long Yi in the past.

When she saw that Long Yi seemed to have remembered those ambiguous days, Murong Shuyu’s maiden heart started to jump. However, she quickly snorted and she started to clean up her clothes which were taken out by Long Yi. She covered up the panic which was welling up inside her heart.

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Long Yi sat on the soft sofa and took out a bottle of wine from Murong Bo’s collection. Sipping from the bottle leisurely, Long Yi looked at Murong Shuyu who was busy cleaning up her clothes.

“Damned fellow, didn’t you look enough?” Murong Shuyu repeatedly made mistakes when Long Yi stared at her with his passionate gaze. She was unable to neatly fold her clothing and she started to grumble in a flirty voice. She turned around and looked at Long Yi.

Murong Shuyu changed “Damned pervert” to “damned fellow” and her tone became lovely and crisp. It seemed like she was acting coquettishly towards her lover instead of scolding a thief. Long Yi’s fire of lust was instantly aroused and he was ready to start wriggling. Long Yi was about to lose the control he had over himself.

“No, even if I look at you throughout my life, it will still not be enough.” Long Yi instantly appeared behind Murong Shuyu as he wolf claws hugged her slender waist.

“You… What are you doing?” Murong Shuyu’s beautiful eyes flickered and her lips also quivered when she questioned Long Yi. Her maiden heart jumped wildly.

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