Chapter 626 – It’s Loathing!

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Bai Li Zi Xi continued to maintain her aloof and noble expression, “Since this Lady Chai had came from a far to attend my Saintess ceremony, then it’s only right that I accept your challenge. Please go ahead.”

The woman called Chai Yun Zhu did not stand on the ceremony.

She revealed her spirit treasure, a swallow-like bird with a beak that was slender and long, making it look like a huge mosquito as it dived forward.

Bai Li Zi Xi was exceptionally calm, her wrist glowed as a colorful radiance burst out while she started to dance slowly.

The five-colored radiance was her Luan Bird; as it flew out, its body started to glow, the first buff from Bai Li Zi Xi’s Boosting Dance.

The two birds have great agility, the instant they came into contact, the Luan Bird sent its claw to grab the mosquito-like beak, but the mosquito bird’s head turned away to evade it.

This mosquito has extremely agile moves as it flipped its body and evaded the Luan Bird’s second claw.

However, Bai Li Zi Xi’s Boosting Dance continued, allowing the Luan Bird’s advantage to keep increasing. In the end, the battle became nearly one-sided.


Huan Qing Yan was enjoying the show in front of her, the battle between two Mystic Spirit Masters was both exciting and quick, Bai Li Zi Xi’s strength was also definitely strong.

However, why must Bai Li Zi Xi dance when she was fighting?

And that dance, how come it looked so familiar?

At that moment, Chai Yun Zhu on the stage had called back her spirit treasure, and with a pale face, “I thank the Saintess for your leniency, the upright morals of the Saintess has made Yun Zhu salute with respect!”

An uproar started amongst the observers.

“Woah, the Saintess was truly powerful! She had only just become a Mystic Spirit Treasure, yet she already possessed the ability to defeat a wandering expert!”

“Indeed, the Luan Spirit Treasure of the Saintess is truly beautiful! Not only is it pretty, but it can also fight really well. Its fire battle techniques were also extremely powerful, it burnt off one wing of that mosquito into ashes.”


Huan Qing Yan blinked, she did not know if it was because of watching too much talent shows in her past live, but why does it feel like a performance where a special guest was specially invited by the tv producers to perform!

Using a forceful reason to fight a match, and shouting words of respect after being defeated…

However, it looks like the observers deeply believed it and were very excited by it, the gazes that fell upon the Saintess became even more fervent and respectful.

Huan Qing Yan analyzed for a moment, ‘Maybe it is because there are no variety shows in Spirit Treasure Continent? Their exposure is very limited…’

Being in a public area, Ji Mo Ya continued to maintain his graceful and noble young master image, there was no apparent change on his expression.

Except when he looked at Huan Qing Yan.

On the other side, the defeated Chai Yun Zhu left the altar when another younger voice shouted, “I am also not convinced! So what if her cultivation is high and is very powerful? Being a Saintess, is about knowing your morals, her actions have no morals and thus did not deserve to be the Saintess…”

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Everyone once again turned their gazes towards the owner of the voice.

Huan Qing Yan saw a heroic looking young lady, she was clean looking and beautiful, one can sense her big-hearted spirit coming out from her.

This young girl’s age was likely not much, and halfway thru her speech, a young man beside her sealed her mouth from speaking loudly with spirit energy.

While listening in detail. “D*mmit… Bai Li Sheng Qing, who shameless are you? Why did you seal my spirit energy for? This mother spent great efforts to finally reach this Saintess ceremony on time so that I can expose her…”

The proud and aloof expression on Bai Li Zi Xi suddenly had a minute change; loathing!

The young man called Bai Li Sheng Qing clasped his hand in the four directions around him, “My apologies, we are from the Bai Li Clan. Under the orders of our clan patriarch, we are specially here to attend the Saintess ceremony, but we were delayed due to some encounters on our journey here. Earlier on, my younger sister is speaking in the heat of the moment and blabbered some nonsense. I hope everyone can ignore it, please continue, please continue…”

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