Chapter 145- Humans Vs Demons

Dealing over a billion damage in one attack or killing hundreds of enemies with a strike was not truly exclusive to KMega6KMegacharacter. Among the great guilds and large countries were magicians capable of the same. However, there was a distinct difference between them and KMega. They were magicians, and he was not. In particular, they were MP driven, while KMega focused on all his characteristics and could continue to maintain combat after his attack completed.


Kyl looked over the battlefield that was pockmarked as if hundreds of mini-nukes just went off. The only place void of this appearance was the right flank. With a large grin, he was pleased with the destruction. You could not become the leader of one of the world’s greatest gaming guilds by being a nice guy. You had to be dark, sadistic and coldhearted while maintaining a warm face. However, his face soured as a bright inferno caught his attention.

When he saw the Dragonoid leading the charge, his eyes widened. “An anti-army melee champion?” (Kyl)

He was not the only one like this as both players and high-ranking NPCs took notice as well. After a moment, Kyl snapped his fingers, and a petite young demi-human with the traits of a cat approached. “Who is that?” (Kyl)

Her near-lifeless eyes looked over to where Kyl pointed. “That is the player KMega of the Republic of Eastguard.” (catgirl)

Kyl took a moment to recall the name. Then, he remembered a video of a small-time streamer2streamerstory mechanic that upset the entire gaming world: a berserk knight rampaging across a battlefield, killing all before him after an arrow shot his friend. “Send word to Harry_Johnson. Tell them that after this battle they should see to him either being recruited or terminated.” (Kyl)

“Yes, Master” (catgirl) The catgirl bowed before leaving to carry out his will.


The holy church of the gods concentrated in the left flank. Tens of thousands of paladins lined up with priests behind them. Even the bishop of Eastguard, the highest religious authority in the Eastguard region, was reduced to a mere division commander. While reading scripture, he could not help but worry about the prodigy Yowlo. The paladins of Eastguard marched at the front of the army, taking the blunt of attacks, but similar to how the soldiers of Eastguard had grown to be monsters in their own right, so had the paladins of Eastguard become steadfast warriors of the gods. Even still, the front line would be where things seem bleakest. The bishop now remembered a simple fact: only when things seemed most dire, could hope shine. He smirked as an angel descended from the sky battle and landed in front of the struggling paladins. Right before their eyes, this angel developed new wings. She smiled and looked back toward Yowlo before brandishing her sword and leading the charge.


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With a battle of this scale, the unexpected was expected to happen. The player leadership nestled in the center flank were more displeased than pleased with the flanks’ successes. On the right, an unstoppable dragon4dragonspeciesian and a grand NPC army that rivaled any empires united the legions. On the left, a steadfast wall of guardians lumbered forward with a line of buffers and healers along with a medium-ranking angel tearing through the horde of demon beasts and demon soldiers. These flanks obviously stole the spotlight from the center, and this would not do.

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