Chapter 144- The Right Flank Shall Hold Part 1

The strategy of separating the weaker and demihuman countries into one group was one players created and reasonable to the leadership of the larger countries. Make them a sacrificial pawn. However, this group thrown together had unexpected factors.


Astrid7Astridcharacter stood by her portable furnace and forged, working on the replacement equipment for KMega6KMegacharacter. Lazar lay nearby in his full form, watching her. “You not joining the battle?” (Lazar)

Her hammer slammed the sword beneath her hand. Her grip tightened, almost bending the metal. “As much as I want to, this is not a fight for dragon4dragonspeciess.” (Astrid)

Lazar lay his head down and glanced at her. She resumed her hammering and suddenly admitted to Lazar. “All right, if this was before we bred, there would be nothing keeping me from ripping those demons apart. However, now I know I am a woman, and a woman’s job is to support her man.” (Astrid)

Lazar lifted his head again and sighed. “I am not simple enough to not know that this battle will shape the world. We may pretend to be stronger than humans, but we both know the truth of why our king made his pact with them.” (Lazar)

Astrid turned away and packed the sword along with the rest of her blacksmithing equipment into her storage. She then moved toward her hammer. “And you are no ordinary dragon, my lord. You are a brood lord. There is no law of our kind that says we cannot aid the humans when we share mutual interests.” (Lazar)

Astrid put her hammer into storage and lowered her shoulders. “It is not only willingness but also image, Lazar. I am not a human lover, but I will be seen as one.” (Astrid)

Lazar chuckled at her comment.  Really? I can’t see why, save that you live among them and breed with one.” (Lazar)

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Astrid paused then chuckled. “You just want to show off to get more praise from females. My warning to you of impregnate them, you take them as your wife, still stands.” (Astrid)

Lazar opened his jaws before shutting them. “Yes, my lord. So when shall we act?” (Lazar)

She rubbed her chin a moment to consider. “At a dramatic moment.” (Astrid)

Then with a grin, she prepared for what needed to be done.


KMega stood in front of the Eastguard elite, behind them stood the Eastguard regulars, behind even them were the thirty thousand soldiers from over a dozen countries, each of which had demi-humans in their armies. To their left was another legion of fifty thousand who did not even glance at them. They were there for when the mismatched legion fell apart at the seams and had fulfilled their usefulness. Luke chose this formation because it increased their odds of survival. However, against a million or more demons his hopes were not high.


A battle of this size was not an easy thing to arrange, so when the live feeds opened, all services lagged, nearly crashing the game’s server. Nevertheless, after the system adjusted, everything normalized. The scene of the human armies facing the horizon-filling front line of demon beasts was epic at a scale rarely seen outside movies. Every player here was strong, and every npc here fought for their homes. The silence broke with a count. “One! Two! Three! I beat my beat of a heartbeat…” (Idol singer)


As if a starting gun had shot, both sides cast their magics and launched arrows as both armies charged at one another. While in his dragonian form, KMega dashed forward while keeping his dragonian military greatsword ready. As a ten foot tall dragonoid with a sword that no normal human could lift, he nimbly lumbered forward. He hit max running speed near the center of the battlefield and suddenly stopped, swinging his great sword into the demon beasts nearby him. “[Crescent cleave]!” (KMega)


[You have revealed the ‘interstellar’ fighting style to the world. Moves revealed 1/3. Growth of skill increased by 10,000% due to the audience size. This move will now have a normal growth rate.]


[You have killed 211 demon-class enemies with one strike. You have injured 1,872 demons in one strike. You dealt a total of 1,582,791,433 damage in one strike. The god of war laughs in pleasure.]


[Interstellar fighting style has leveled to 5 from 2.]


[Crescent cleave has leveled to 4 from 1.]

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