Chapter 143- Prelude to the Demonic Grand Finale Part 2

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June 2149 AD, six months after the new year release of Sword Kingdom, three things occur. First, the Demon War’s Final Battle World Event was scheduled to be live via pay-to-view. At the time tickets released, fifty million sold the first day alone. Participating organizations and powerful groups received discounts. For example, the Crimson Phoenix guild received 10% off on fees along with 5% of the profits from tickets they sold. Other larger guilds received similar benefits while even smaller guilds obtained as high as a 5% discount and 2% of the profits. However, people like KMega6KMegacharacter only got 1% off and .1% the profits. Because KMega worked for Green Corporation, he would normally be exempt from such benefits. Nevertheless, since he only tested classes and jobs in Sword Kingdom and other similar games and this was a PvE event with his work and personal accounts being separate, he could still compete and receive the normal benefits.

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Six in-game months had passed since the demonic invasion swept across Heiror. The second thing would be the NPCs and players organized for the grand finale. It took another in-game month for the details to be finalized. Tens of thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of NPCs gathered in a god-created land separate from the main game to participate in the event. The necessary processing power could only be provided by LAAW, Logistics Analyzing Algorithm Writer, the control system of Sword Kingdom and all other online Green Corporation games, with all its available resources. Each country, save a handful of weaker soldiers stationed to maintain peace and guard against monsters, had their armies and leaders present. Naturally, unfriendly nations avoided each other while allied states bunched together. However, this was not true for the leaders of these factions nor the champions escorting them.


KMega stood by Luke and Harry. As the other two princes had been killed, they were the only remaining recognized  leaders while KMega attended in his second dragon4dragonspeciesian form. Over the months, he and Astrid7Astridcharacter had completed a set of armor that could automatically shift from his favorite but outdated ‘shamble’ knight armor set to a ‘dragonian military’ armor set. Custom-crafted for a level 190 dragonian, it was only of rare quality, yet its stats were slightly better than the shamble set without a race penalty post-transformation. This was largely because the shamble set was made for humans and similar humanoids about six feet tall, while the dragonian set was designed for second-stage dragonians who could stand twelve feet tall.


Because the size of Eastguard Republic’s army, they had little say in the overall strategy. In the end, they were grouped into the right flank along with several other smaller countries. Luke took charge of the flank while Harry directly commanded the Eastguard armies. KMega would be at the head of the vanguard, a hero leading the charge with the right legion streaming behind.


Third, before the final battle, there would be an in-game period of two weeks at double the normal timescale, making one IRL day two weeks long. This was to allow for strategies and other preparations to finish quicker. Because Eastguard was a country with great food capabilities, they provided the legion additional provisions. By the look of some of the smaller countries’ soldiers, these supplies were vital.


Luke felt depressed before the battle. The overall leaders had thrown the weak and demi-human armies together to form a coalition of misfits. As the weak were often pooled together to bring them strength in numbers, it was clear to all that they were a sacrificial pawn. However, they also knew that Eastguard’s soldiers were strong, and unlike the other legions, Eastguard had no prejudice toward demi-humans in part because Astrid and KMega were their icons.

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