Chapter 142- Prelude to the Demonic Grand Finale Part 1

Kyl sat on the King of Ravenroot’s throne. It had taken just over five in game months to secure the country’s borders for the Crimson Phoenix guild. One of the reasons he chose this country as a launching point for his conquests at the game’s start was the prejudice against demi-human species. Now, all the demi-humans in the country provided a convenient slave labor force. Every member of the guild had their own companion slave accompanying them. That expansion became a real blessing for the guild’s rapid growth.

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After listening to the NPCs in front of him, Kyl considered what they had said.

“Great battle,” he murmured. This was not what they had predicted. Their original plan was to secure the country, liberate those nearby, and finally prepare for a war to sweep across the continent. Instead, these people from the church revealed a lot of details he had not accounted for. First, they suggested that larger countries would be relatively untouched by the demons. Secondly, the smaller countries would normally fall. Third, his guild was not the only player guild to conquer a country, which annoyed him. Fourth, corrupting the church was going to be harder than he had planned as the messenger in front of him was a demi-human, yet he had not been captured as a slave due to his clergyman status, proving the strength of the church. Still, the great battle filled his mind more than anything else. “Is there any more you can tell me of my allies for the battle?” (Kyl)

The demi-human from the church shook his head. “I was not told to divulge such information.” (church messenger)

Kyl was tempted to send for someone with high charisma, but he deemed that the possible information he could receive would not be worth the risk of offending the church.


In Eastguard’s capital, the bishop who had trained Yowlo was in a meeting with J, Xandor, Yowlo, and Direrivia. J and Xandor traveled with Direrivia and several of the fortress’s contingents to secure the lands. As the capital was Eastguard’s political heart, it made sense to leave their strongest holy warriors there. With J was the great white direwolf that had had its pack stolen by the demon general Enel. As for the bishop and Yowlo, they were there to pass on the church’s decision. “As I understand it, the Eastguard Republic has secured its borders against the demons.” (bishop)

Xandor nodded. “Yes, sir, and there have been many changes to the land as of late.” (Xandor)

Xandor nudged Direrivia. “For starters, the once separate five union states are forming one country, a true republic. However, over half the combined population of each state died, and we lack a few basic necessities in the liberated lands. However, that was to be expected when we retook the lands, so we can quickly overcome this.” (Direrivia)


After discussing the details of the land, Yowlo was slightly puzzled. The bishop picked up on this and glanced over. “What is it, Yowlo? Do you have something on your mind?” (Bishop)

Yowlo hesitated. “I am curious. What of G… Commander KMega6KMegacharacter? He a hero, yet you all have spoken so little of him.” (Yowlo)

The bishop realized this as well, and Direrivia hesitated a moment while meeting Xandor’s gaze. “I suppose there’s no hiding it. As part of the agreement, at his own insistence no less, Commander KMega yielded the position of commander to the Ex-Prince Luke of Southguard. It has been apparent to us of higher rank that KMega indeed has the potential to be a great leader. In fact, if he desired it, he could have become our king, but he is young and lacks drive for the position. He still retains a position as a knight of Eastguard, but he is on a leave-of-absence to start his own family, I would assume.” (Direrivia)

The bishop considered this, letting it roll around his head. Their hero had asked to rest, and they had given it. “The final battle with the demons approaches. Will he come if we call?” (Bishop)

Direrivia looked the bishop in the eye. “Absolutely!” (Direrivia)

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