Chapter 141- Forming the Eastguard Republic Part 4

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After training, KMega6KMegacharacter went to bed IRL, but not before asking Astrid7Astridcharacter to wake him up early enough so that he can be ready battle while she carried him there. She naturally agreed and even went as far as to cook breakfast for him in bed. While it was still dark outside IRL, KMega entered his pod and skipped his morning rituals. As soon as he got off her back and flew under his own power in-game, she had a pleased look on her face before turning back to Jork Fortress.

Since she’s a brood lord now, she needs to distance herself from the conflicts of other species. She only participated in the siege because that was her current ‘residence’ until KMega left them behind since she’s not directly involved. While she wanted to help KMega, her duties as a dragon4dragonspecies came first. However, based on in-game lore, KMega was born between two humans and happened to have his dragon ancestor’s blood awaken, but his human obligations came first.

Two weeks soon passed and the battles to follow were swift since Luke and Harry worked well together to lead the combined forces of the three nations. They rescued tens of thousands of people, causing their army to grow from seventy five hundred to over ten thousand strong.

With Eastguard’s elite unit as the vanguard, the armored men of Northguard as reinforcements, and Southguard reinforcing them, they surprised their attackers.


The residences of Southguard were mainly seafaring traders or merchants. Access to the sea opened numerous possibilities for them. They went to the woods in the west next and got the archers of Westwood to join their ranks. It was at this point that they should have secured their gains and prepare for the Empire’s invasion since the blessing’s timer ended.

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However, they ultimately decided to free the people of Centerguard and Northguard instead.

In a campaign that lasted over three months, they finally freed everyone from the demons.


Naturally, KMega didn’t stay for the entire campaign and left after Southguard was secure to counter any human invasion that may occur during the war.

In reality, what he was really doing was helping Astrid move her hoardings of materials to the dragon lair and set up their facilities. They began by building a ‘nest’, or personal quarters, that took a full day setting up, causing Lazar to roll his eyes in annoyance when he found out what the two did during their breaks.

Even he was starting to wonder when their mating season would end.

Next was the smith and forge. The initial idea was to make the mountain bellow smoke like a volcano from the power of the forge that Astrid was going to make.


It was to be the heart of the lair since it’ll become a dragonian half breeds dwelling.

They were accounting for this development. Furthermore, since it had a portal to another lair for trade, it could accommodate full size dragon guests. Outside of the lair, there were human dwellings being built. These were for the human merchants and such to reside in, as the Blood Tear Brood were nothing more than middle men between races.


Four months have passed since the army departed and purged all demonic corruption from their lands and secured it for mortals once again. The surviving political figures then met up with those of the Eastguard senate and formed the Eastguard Republic. This republic will later be renamed the Guardocia Republic.

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