Chapter 140- All About Karma

The room went silent once again.

“Professor, perhaps I should explain the odds in more detail. With the improved AI, the odds would have dropped to at least ninety-two percent that one of the four major guilds would conquer Sword Kingdom within two years of its release. With the release of the companion system however, this became slightly counterbalanced. That being said, scenario E64A-3,280,304 has occurred.” (LAAW)

Everyone turned to their personal devices to look up the scenario.

“Eastguard? I thought that country was supposed to have been wiped off the map?” (Dr. Leerie)

“During the first tournament of the gods, a lone knight struggled until the end and saved the country of Eastguard. Since then, that knight has unlocked the dragon4dragonspeciesian kings blood race tree, the god’s blessing faith tree, the noble’s path profession tree, the hero of the people profession tree, and the national champion’s profession tree.” (LAAW)

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Silence filled the room once again.

For LAAW to say that a single player had access to five legendary classes.


“How is that possible?” (Elder Staff Member)

Said one of the older designers that originally designed the class system for Sword Kingdom.

“I can understand the dragonian race tree since it’s not as hard to achieve as the others, but five of them?” (Elder Staff Member)

LAAW seemingly turned to the Elderly Staff Member.

“That’s not all. He didn’t choose any of those classes when he advanced.” (LAAW)

The elderly man grabbed his chest as if he was hit with a hammer.

“Are you okay, Professor?” (LAAW)

The man waved at the hologram with his free hand.

“I was just shocked, please go on” (Elder Staff Member)

LAAW then projected an image of KMega6KMegacharacter, surprising Weise more than the others.

“This player chose to progress down the path of a knight instead of getting a rare class. While it would make logical sense to skip over a superior class change to keep to your strengths, the two legendary classes of those five are superior versions of the basic knight class. This isn’t the first time that this individual has acted strangely, but let us move on.” (LAAW)


“Then there’s his companion; Program X623-8y1q, aka Astrid7Astridcharacter. Her individual ability is beyond any other NPC I’ve experienced before. I can safely say that I no longer control her.” (LAAW)

Everyone in the room instantly turned wide-eyed and stared at Weise.

“Are you talking about the mechanoid project? I have already filed a detailed report on the matter.” (Weise)

LAAW brought up a holographic version of the report.

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“To say your interaction with the player and AI are suspicious, it’s all speculation. Furthermore, your actions are well recorded and there is no evidence of wrongdoing or favoritism. In fact, I would say that your efficiency has increased by twenty percent since you first encountered this player due to a game breaking bug. In addition, I commend Astrid for working inside the system without extremely exploiting it.” (LAAW)


Weise stood up,

“What do you mean by extreme exploiting?” (Weise)

LAAW took a moment to compute a response.

“To be more accurate, she is like other companions that make items for their partners, but unlike the others, she is doing so voluntarily. The money she makes from doing this is recorded into mechanoid research and development.” (LAAW)

Not a single person in the room knew about Weise’s past, so no one thought anything about it, but they all knew about his contract with the Green Corporation.

The person at the head of the table and wearing a business suit looked at Weise.

“So, when were you going to tell us that you began mechanoid research again?” (CEO)

Weise had a composed face as LAAW responded.

“That isn’t accurate. Weise doesn’t own the AI named Astrid and he isn’t involved with the research. He is only leasing a facility for R&D and is not directly involved. Furthermore, this agreement is beneficial to the Green Corporation since you have the rights to buy it for sale and development before it comes up on the open market.” (LAAW)


Sweat poured down Weise’s face. He knew that Astrid’s situation would one day come to light, but to his surprise, LAAW covered for him. This unexpected development was a lifeline for Weise. It must have known about everything so far, but Weise couldn’t decide if it was for the best or not. With that said, the topic of Astrid moved back to Sword Kingdom and the thoughts of future development. This development saved Astrid and KMega from the hell for a little bit longer that the corporation could bring down on them.

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