Chapter 99 – Ugly concubine becoming a beauty

Hearing Wei Qiqi shout that she wasn’t willing to be a concubine and even planned on marrying some other man, Liu Zhongtian’s heart was full of jealousy. Could a woman not even know of the three rules and four virtues? It’s really a preposterous way of speaking. She should be dealt with severely. He is the dynasty’s awesome Third Duke, it’s only natural that he doesn’t allow his own concubine to be so arrogant. Not only is this kind of thinking not allowed to be spoken, it musn’t be allowed to be thought of as well. He definitely wouldn’t allow this kind of situation from happening. The ugly woman can only belong to the Duke, if not where would his pride go to?

At this point in time, Liu Zhongtian made a decision, a decision that went against Wei Qiqi’s decision. That was to possess her, to make her become Liu Zhongtian’s woman immediately.

On the Great Han battlefield, Wei Qiqi was full of wits and was brave. She obtained the approval of Liu Zhongtian. At that time, he didn’t know she was a woman. Although he had his doubts, as a marshal, he needed to observe the overall picture, what’s more allowing himself to have weird thoughts about a man.

When he knew that Wei Qiqi was a woman, the feeling in his heart changed. She was an ugly yet special woman. She was so different, so outstanding, different from other women, causing his gaze to be unable to shift. His heart was attracted.

Coincidentally, an absurd royal decree had changed both of their destinies, making them walk together. The marriage was completed on the battlefield and Liu Zhongtian had married an ugly concubine, letting the whole world to ridicule him. However, who knew that Liu Zhongtian had in reality obtained a treasure, a woman he would love.

However the woman before him was now ugly, did Liu Zhongtian really want to possess her?

Wei Qiqi’s arms were tightly pressed, her body was locked in Liu Zhongtian’s broad embrace. She felt Liu Zhongtian’s rough breathing, the itchy beard and boiling lips. She also saw his imposing eyes. Damned Liu Zhongtian, what was he trying to do? He’d better not do anything rash. She was the Wei Group’s successor, not a person any man could taint. Especially this kind of arrogant and haughty man.

Liu Zhongtian seemed to have no intention of letting her go. His thoughts were already on display. Could he really think that just because of that little wedding, exchanging formalities, without legal process, that he could do anything he wanted? Kid, don’t daydream. From a legal perspective, there was nothing between them!

Don’t infuriate Wei Qiqi! However that was just a thought. This fella’s strength was abnormal, no matter how she shove she couldn’t get rid of him, as if he was glued to her.

“Liu Zhongtian, don’t go overboard. Be careful I sue you, you’ll die a horrible death!” Wei Qiqi shouted.

“I’m the sky here, where are you going to sue me? I’m your husband, and neither are we obstructing people here. On the contrary, you as my concubine aren’t following the three rules and four virtues. I should properly teach you a lesson!” Liu Zhongtian smiled lightly.

“Duke…that, I know you are the sky, however in my world, I’m the sky, hence can we discuss this…” Wei Qiqi went a bit soft, because she knew that going head-on would not work.

“Haha, what needs to be discussed when doing this kind of things with her husband? Qiqi, you are too presumptuous!” Liu Zhongtian pinched Wei Qiqi’s chin, “What you need to do is learn how to please this Duke! You must know, it’s very humiliating for me to have such an ugly woman as a concubine!”

“You are humiliated? Me too! I’m fine until I married a crazy Duke!” Wei Qiqi didn’t care about the consequences and said. However this angered the Duke. What crazy Duke?

Liu Zhongtian frowned and extended his hands. Wei Qiqi was shocked, but it was too late. Liu Zhongtian was already proceeding with his plan.

Wei Qiqi felt waves of pleasure. At the same time, her heart was in a struggle. She mustn’t lose control of herself and give her body to this Duke. She musn’t give up on herself, musn’t be lost. He was an ancient times Duke, she was a modern day lady. Love needed to be built upon. Only people in love could be this intimate, if not it would be an insult to love. Qiqi opened her eyes, she was clear once again. If this continued, she would belong to Liu Zhongtian.

“No, Duke, don’t …”

Qiqi grabbed Liu Zhongtian’s shoulders, furiously supporting herself from the outside, trying to push him aside. However she couldn’t push away this man in front of her who went crazy.

Liu Zhongtian’s eyes were bloodshot, staring at Wei Qiqi in infatuation. Why shouldn’t this happen? She is his rightful wife. She should receive his love with expectation.

Maybe… Qiqi was experiencing this for the first time and didn’t know what was awaiting her. He would let her know how much he loved her.

“You are mine, don’t be afraid, be this Duke’s genuine woman…”

“Now is not the time, please, Duke…” Qiqi’s tears were falling. She was trying to resist to the extreme. The pleasure that Liu Zhongtian sparked was gone. She only wanted to escape and not let Liu Zhongtian continue doing this.

Liu Zhongtian suddenly pinched her cheeks, his heart full of rage. The more she resisted, the more his anger burned. Hence he went close to Qiqi’s ears.

“This Duke must have you!”

“No…you… this naughty Duke…”

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“As long as you are docile, this Duke will be very gentle…if not…”

“Bastard, Liu Zhongtian, if you dare to touch me, I’ll kill you! You bastard!”

“You still dare to threaten me at this time? If I let you go now, am I still a man?”

Liu Zhongtian’s voice was hoarse and cold, filled with a domineering demand. He only wanted to obtain this woman, to let her know that she couldn’t ignore his feelings. He was the Duke. Ever since they married, the concubine was still a virgin. That was an insult to him.

However, this was Qiqi’s first time. Even though he was angry, Liu Zhongtian still retained his innate desires. His lips gently rolled down, the gentle love was just like the flowing water, causing Wei Qiqi to not be able to speak a word.

Qiqi didn’t give up resisting. She tried to push away Liu Zhongtian, struggling to move her body. She hoped to escape, however this was just a meaningless attempt. It caused Liu Zhongtian’s remaining rationality to disappear. He shut his eyes and let himself run wild.

Wei Qiqi almost screamed. The bed instantly had dots of red blood. Wei Qiqi was shocked till she almost fainted. She lost her virginity, and that was the irreversible truth. The last restraint was broken through. At that moment, Liu Zhongtian had become her genuine man!

“Don’t be afraid…” Liu Zhongtian said in a gentle voice, his fingers rummaging through her hair.

After the bodily pain came a greater sorrow that caused her to be unable to feel Liu Zhongtian’s gentleness. An unwilling and painful experience.

Suddenly, there was a rainbow light in front of her eyes. That light was rotating non-stop, like a meteor shower. In the midst were countless yellow bugs crawling around. They all appeared, just like when she was in the car. Qiqi was shocked. Could she be going back after being possessed by this man?

The yellow bugs quickly left for a distant place. In the middle there was a large bug moving its disgusting body, slowly crawling, turning and tossing, harassing her…

Qiqi knew that she didn’t travel through time. The bugs didn’t disappear, continuing to torment her, causing her to crazily cover her head. She couldn’t stand the pain and she screamed. In an instant the whole room began turning. The man in front of her also became blurry. She turned feeble and fainted.

Liu Zhongtian only immersed himself in pleasure. He quietly laid on Qiqi’s body, his fingers trickling across Qiqi’s arms. However at that moment, he heard Qiqi’s scream, almost piercing through his eardrums.


At this time Liu Zhongtian was clear-headed. He realised the woman in his embrace had lost her sense of feeling. He was instantly frantic. How did she…he frantically carried Wei Qiqi’s limp body and embraced her. Qiqi’s head was drooping, her long hair fell like a waterfall. Her body seemed to have lost its bones. He guessed he was too forceful and scared her. Maybe he should be more gentle to her. This was afterall her first….

Liu Zhongtian gently pushed aside Qiqi’s long hair, revealing a pale face. However, what Liu Zhongtian saw was no longer an ugly face. Replacing it was a white and pretty skin. The yellow lines mysteriously disappeared… Liu Zhongtian was shocked, his consciousness was becoming blurry.

The woman in front of him was… a pretty lady that’s unconscious. Her black hair was placed beside her ears, the skinny cheeks was colored by a faint red caused by the passionate act. The thin brows, long thick lashes, the closed eyes, finely crafted nose… she was so beautiful, making one’s heart palpitate. She was pretty to the point of bewitching people…

“This… what happened?”

Was this Wei Qiqi? Liu Zhongtian caressed her face, it felt good. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He shut it. Could it be his own illusion? When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t ponder anymore. In front of him wasn’t an ugly concubine, but a woman who could cause cities to crumble. It was such a stark difference. What exactly happened?

Liu Zhongtian was stunned and doubtful at the same time. Wei Qiqi who became his woman went through a rebirth. Could he have married a top-class beauty that had been covered by demonic magic?

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No matter what Liu Zhongtian couldn’t believe this was real. His ugly concubine changed into a top-class beauty. Qiqi’s breathing was normal. It seemed like she merely fainted. Liu Zhongtian was put to ease and laid her down gently on bed.

Liu Zhongtian looked dumbly at the beauty lying on the bed. She really was a top-class beauty.

Liu Zhongtian looked at those patches of blood on the bed and smiled with satisfaction. Everything was real. He obtained this woman, a completely bewitching Royal Concubine.

For a long time, Liu Zhongtian was smitten with Wei Qiqi. Breathing was becoming difficult. He lightly arranged Qiqi’s hair, touching her finely sculpted face. He involuntarily took a deep breath. No matter what he couldn’t get a satisfactory answer. Why would a hideous Wei Qiqi become such a beauty?

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