Chapter 200: Metamorphosis Pearl

“I want to buy some cultivation items. Which floor should I head to?” Cheng Yu looked at the waiter and asked.

“Cultivation items are on the third floor. Please follow me, two immortal masters,” When the waiter heard Cheng Yu wanted to buy cultivation items, he quickly went forward and guided them. Similar to the Qiongyu Pavilion in Ningshui City, the first and second floors were restaurants, and the third story onwards were selling cultivation items.

“Fellow cultivators, I, Zhang Shou, am the manager here. May I know what you two need?” Cheng Yu and the messy old man came to the third story. A gray haired old man came forward to attend to them. That old man was a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

“Manager Zhang, may I know if you have any blacksmithing techniques?” Cheng Yu had always hoped to obtain a set of blacksmithing techniques as the armaments on him were too lousy.

“I’m truly sorry. Blacksmithing techniques are too precious. Even if it was just a very ordinary blacksmithing technique, it would fetch a sky-high price. Therefore, in Tianhai City, we usually don’t have this kind of item. If fellow cultivator wishes to buy it, you can go to a third grade city to buy it. The Qiongyu Pavilion over there would usually have one or two types in stock,” When Zhang Shou heard Cheng Yu was looking for blacksmithing techniques, he was disappointed, but he still explained to Cheng Yu in detail.

“Like this! Then does Manager Zhang know how much an ordinary blacksmithing technique would usually cost?” Cheng Yu did not expect that it would be so hard to buy a blacksmithing technique. This thing was actually so rare?

“Normally, an ordinary low-grade blacksmithing technique would need at least thousands of low-grade spiritual stones. As for those high-grade ones, it’s naturally impossible to quote,” Zhang Shou said.

Thousands of spiritual stones?! Your mother! Cheng Yu sold 1000 top-grade Qi Gathering Pills and was only able to get 5000 low-grade spiritual stones. A low-grade blacksmithing technique would actually need thousands? This was just daylight robbery! It seemed like this trip to the Cultivation World would need Cheng Yu to think of ideas to earn spiritual stones. Otherwise, if he were to risk his life for the next few months and was unable to earn anything, he would suffer huge losses.

Techniques were usually separated into heaven, earth, black, and yellow. Heaven rank is the highest, and yellow rank is the lowest. Actually, Cheng Yu’s thinking was very simple. He wanted to look for a simple blacksmithing technique and master it before researching a new technique himself. However, judging from the current situation, it would be extremely hard for him to even get a good blacksmithing technique.

“Friend, actually those ordinary blacksmithing techniques are basically trash. Those equipments that were refined will not only be low-grade, but also full of flaws. Even if it was an extremely high-grade one, it would only be worth hundreds of low-grade spiritual stones. Practically, it does not have much value,” Zhang Shou explained. Actually, Cheng Yu also knew of this reasoning. When it came to pill concocting, Cheng Yu was an expert. But for blacksmithing, Cheng Yu had absolutely no knowledge. Previously, he had also tried to improve his refinement of his storage ring, but had no progress.

However, this method appeared to only be able to forge a simple storage ring. Perhaps, it might be because this blacksmithing technique was too simple or it might be because forging a storage ring could not even be counted as blacksmithing. Therefore, Cheng Yu had no idea which direction to follow. Now that he had come to the Cultivation World, Cheng Yu hoped that he would be able to obtain a complete blacksmithing technique to research. It was commonly known that good cultivation equipment was something a cultivator shouldn’t lack. With similar cultivations, if one held a treasured tool or spiritual tool, he could easily slaughter his opponent. It could evidently show how important it was to have good equipment.

If Cheng Yu had a treasured tool on hand, he wouldn’t have been beaten into such a sorry state a few days ago. At least when he was fighting against Huang Wen, he could kill Huang Wen off with just a slash.

“Friend, how about looking at something else? Recently, we had a batch of new products that’s very suitable for Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. Does friend wish to take a look?” Before Cheng Yu even replied, Zhang Shou opened his mouth and asked again. As for the sloppy old man who had been standing behind Cheng Yu, he was naturally being neglected by Zhang Shou. The old man had long gotten used to how others judged him. He seemed to not be bothered. Besides, with his cultivation level, there was nothing here that could attract him.

“Really? Would Manager Zhang mind taking them out for me to have a look?” Since there were no blacksmithing techniques, Cheng Yu wanted to obtain a weapon that he could use. At the very least, it must be able to handle his full force.

“Sure. Please wait for a moment,” When Zhang Shou saw Cheng Yu had the intention to purchase some items, he quickly ran up to the fourth story.

“Old man, are blacksmithing techniques really so expensive?” The third floor was empty except for Cheng Yu and the old man. No matter how, the old man was someone from the Cultivation World. He would obviously be more knowledgeable.

“It’s not that precious, but just very rare. Just like he said, those good blacksmithing techniques can’t be bought. Those which are taken out for sale would usually be some low-graded trashy ones. Kid, you want to learn blacksmithing? Do you know that if you want to forge good equipment, you would need to have a high cultivation level? Otherwise, even if you were to use a heaven rank blacksmithing technique, you still wouldn’t be able to refine a spiritual weapon,” The old man replied to Cheng Yu disdainfully.

“Why is it so?” When Cheng Yu heard the old man’s words, he asked curiously.

“What’s so strange about it? Could it be that you think that with just a heaven rank blacksmithing technique, you would be able to forge an immortal tool? With your current cultivation, you would at most be able to forge a treasured tool and this is using the assumption of you using a particularly good blacksmithing technique,” The old man said vaguely. Although the old man didn’t go into details, Cheng Yu still understood what he meant because as a Pill Master, he knew that a lot of high-grade pills also had such restrictions. Just like how even if Cheng Yu had the ingredients now, he still wouldn’t be able to concoct an immortal pill. In short, everything boils down to one’s cultivation.

However, Cheng Yu felt that even if he could only forge a treasured tool, it was still sufficient for him for now. Not long later, Zhang Shou carried a few long boxes down.

“Friend has waited. These are our new products. This sword is a mid-grade treasured weapon,” Zhang Shou opened the box that contained the long sword first. Inside the box was a long sword that was fully coated in silver.

“Indeed, it’s a good sword. May I inquire from Manager Zhang how much does this sword cost?” Cheng Yu picked up the sword. The sword’s blade was ice-cold, immediately producing a cold air, flowing through Cheng Yu’s body, making him feel quite satisfied with the sword.

“Friend has good eyesight. This black-ice sword was smelt using millennium black ice. Because the grade of this sword isn’t high, I won’t give a sky-high price. How about 8000 low-grade spiritual stones?” Zhang Shou saw that Cheng Yu was very satisfied with this sword, he smiled and said.

“8000 low-grade spiritual stones? This is too expensive. This sword is pretty decent, but considering my current cultivation, it doesn’t have that much value,” When Cheng Yu heard the quote, he immediately inhaled a breath of cold air. D*mn! Sure enough, he was just a poor freak. Just this sword alone costed 8000 low-grade spiritual stones. If he were to exchange it using pills, wouldn’t he have to refine pills to death?

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“Then what’s the price you are looking for?” Zhang Shou was not surprised when Cheng Yu started bargaining. If Cheng Yu would not bargain, then it would truly be a surprise. As a businessman, when it came to dealing with a transaction with a stranger, he would naturally give a quote that was a lot higher compared to the market.

“Wait first. Let’s take a look at the others,” He only had a total of 5000 low-grade spiritual stones. Judging from the situation, he could only purchase a single item. Therefore, Cheng Yu certainly must take a look at the other products first, and choose one that was most suitable for him.

“Sure. This is also a weapon, named Gale Blade. However, it’s just a low-grade treasured weapon,” Zhang Shou opened another box.

“This is a defensive armor. Purple Gold Internal Armor. It’s also a low-grade treasured tool,” Cheng Yu did not speak and only looked at Zhang Shou opening the boxes, one by one, looking at the items inside them.

“What’s this?” Until Zhang Shou opened the last box, and inside the box was a white pearl that was as big as an ox’s eyes so Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“This pearl is called Metamorphosis Pearl. It can metamorphose any living thing,” Zhang Shou explained.

“Metamorphosis Pearl? Can metamorphose any kind of living thing?” Cheng Yu said astonishingly. This item actually had similarity to his Arts of Derivation From All Living Things.

“That’s right. As long as it’s a living thing, it would be able to metamorphose it. Furthermore, the thing it transforms into would not have any difference to the living object. But the cultivation of the object being metamorphosed is restricted by the user’s cultivation. It also means that the object it metamorphoses would possess the same cultivation as the user,” When Zhang Shou saw Cheng Yu was interested in this, he explained the item in detail.

“Oh? The object it metamorphoses is restricted by the user’s cultivation?” Cheng Yu was shocked that this pearl was actually able to metamorphose living objects as his Arts of Derivation From All Living Things was only able to manifest the phantom image of them. Even though it was said that once he cultivated it to its peak, he would also be able to metamorphose living objects, Cheng Yu wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

“Of course. You only need to send your mental energy into it. After that, crush it, it would then follow your will and manifest into the living object you want it to. However, it would only last for a quarter hour.”

“Do you have a lot of these pearls?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“We only have one. But if you want it, I can sell it to you a little cheaper, 2000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

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“The living object this pearl would manifest will have the same cultivation as the user. At best it would be a duplicate of the user. However, the time frame is too short and is a one-time use product. The most I can offer is 500 low-grade spiritual stones,” This was the first time Cheng Yu bargained.

When the old man heard Cheng Yu’s price, he laughed. He already knew that this kid was extremely crafty, one shot, and he cut the price to a quarter. However, it was very obvious that the manager was trying to swindle Cheng Yu. Previously, the manager had said that the black-ice sword was forged using millenium black-ice, but it was actually forged using a small piece and was only a century black-ice. Who would be willing to use a millenium black-ice to forge a mid-grade treasured tool? Wouldn’t it be a waste of precious resources?

Even though the old man knew all this, he did not warn Cheng Yu. He wanted to see if Cheng Yu would be fooled or not. If he was fooled, it meant that he deserved it. Who asked him to not respect his elders?

“500? Impossible. This pearl is as you said, there’s no distinct advantage of having it, but it is still an odd object. If it used correctly, during a critical time, it might even help you shine, saving you a lot of trouble. If you truly want it, I can sell it to you at 1500,” When Zhang Shou heard Cheng Yu’s price, he felt his body shudder. In the first bargain, Cheng Yu had already dropped the price by ¾ of the price he quoted. This was too much!

“Then how about this. I am quite interested in this pearl. If you truly wish to sell it, I am willing to offer 1000 for it. You have to know that 1000 can get me pretty good equipment. Perhaps, it might even be able to save my life a few times.”

“1200. If you want, we can trade now,” Zhang Shou pondered and said. Over here was the edge of Kunlun’s territory. The business here was quite bad. Especially when it came to Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. There were very few who would be able to bring forth thousands of spiritual stones. This pearl was mysterious, but it didn’t hold much value. 1200 was already a decent price.

“Alright. I will take it!”

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