Chapter 201: Dangerous Grounds of the Cultivation World

Ultimately, when Cheng Yu exited from Qiongyu Pavilion, he only bought the pearl and an ordinary low-grade treasured longsword. Both items had cost a total of 2800 low-grade spiritual stones.

The black-ice sword was decent, but the price Zhang Shou was asking for was too high. Even though he had ultimately decreased it to 5500, Cheng Yu still could not afford it. Cheng Yu could have used the pills on him to exchange for the remaining amount, but with the old man around, he didn’t want to expose himself too much. After all, their relationship could not be counted as close yet and Cheng Yu did not have much understanding towards him.

In the Cultivation World, one must not place his trust with others so easily. Once a party has something the other party wants, the other party would think of ways to obtain it by any means. Therefore, Cheng Yu felt that it would be better for him to stay low-key. A low-grade treasured weapon was sufficient for Cheng Yu to display his strength. At least it wouldn’t be broken because it was not able to withstand Cheng Yu’s strength.

“Kid, I truly couldn’t tell that you are actually quite rich. At the edge of this Cultivation World, a Foundation Establishment Realm was able to take out thousands of spiritual stones is not something easy. Aren’t you afraid that I would steal?” When the duo walked out from Qiongyu Pavilion, the sloppy old man looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

“Haha, old man, you might be quite shameless, but I don’t believe that you would covet my miserly spiritual stones,” Cheng Yu said without any worries. Compared to the thousands of spiritual stones on him, Cheng Yu was more worried about his Pill Master identity being exposed. Even though spending nearly 3000 spiritual stones in a sitting had caused Cheng Yu’s heart to feel pain, it was merely worldly possessions.

“Haha. This is hard to say. I always like to steal whatever I see. Perhaps, I would take a fancy to your spiritual stones,” The old man said with a face filled with evil intentions, looking quite wretched. Cheng Yu ignored him and went to buy some wine and seasoning before going out of Tianhai City. Now that he had lured Kunlun into his trap, Cheng Yu did not wish to become Kunlun’s prey. He felt that it would be better to leave the territory of Kunlun as soon as possible.

“Old man, do you know where I could find a large amount of spiritual stones in the Cultivation World?” Cheng Yu remembered that he still needed to buy blacksmithing techniques, so he knew that he should look for some spiritual stones first.

“Large amount of spiritual stones? Very easy, you can just casually look for a few big sects, charge in and eliminate them. It would be very easy for you to obtain their spiritual vein,” The old man flew beside Cheng Yu and said objectively.

“Old man, I am being serious,” When Cheng Yu saw the old man was still joking with him, he replied ill-mannaredly.

“I am also being very serious. Spiritual stones are not only the currency of the Cultivation World, they are also one of the important items for cultivation. Do you think that with just your strength, you would be able to find so many of them? If so, wouldn’t they all be found by the big sects already? Why would there still be any left over for you to take?” Cheng Yu was once again taken as a fool by the old man.

“Er…” This time, Cheng Yu was really speechless. Because what the old man said was true. If he was able to locate a large amount of spiritual stones, wouldn’t those big sects also be able to do it? “Then there should at least be some ownerless spiritual veins, right? Can you tell me where I can find them? I will think of ideas to make it mine.”

The old man’s words were right, but the Cultivation World was so big, so there should be some places that produce spiritual stones. It’s just that these places were usually filled with danger. But one of the reasons why Cheng Yu came to the Cultivation World was to find a spiritual vein. Therefore, Cheng Yu could only look for it in those dangerous places.

“Kid, it’s not that I am looking down on you. Even if there’s a spiritual vein in front of you now, you would also not be able to collect it,” When the old man saw Cheng Yu’s ambition was so big, wanting to go to the wilds to seek spiritual veins, the old man said with extreme disdain.

“Oi! Old man, I only wanted you to tell me where I can find them. You just need to tell me the location. Why bother if I would be able to collect them or not?” When Cheng Yu saw the old man kept on looking down on him, he said discontentedly.

“Taking my kindness for granted. I see that your aptitude is pretty decent, that’s why I am reminding you. If anyone were to obtain a spiritual vein, it would be a large fortune. Don’t even talk about whether you could find it, but so what if you could find it? With your Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation, would you be able to keep it? Even if you collect it, you wouldn’t be able to keep it. With your current cultivation, it would be better off for you to think about how to promote your strength and not think about those useless things,” The old man said ill-manneredly.

In the Cultivation World, experts were as plentiful as clouds. A small Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation could not even be counted as anything. Just an ordinary Golden Core Realm expert would be able to pinch a group of Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators to death. Much less those even more powerful cultivators. Cheng Yu’s aptitude was pretty decent and he was a good seedling. The old man wished that Cheng Yu would focus on cultivating and not seek for fortunes. After all, Cheng Yu’s strength was not unrivalled.

“Old man, don’t talk about those useless stuff. Just tell me where I can find spiritual veins,” Adding on his previous life, Cheng Yu had already been mingling around in the Cultivation World for ten thousands of years, so how could he possibly not know this? However, Cheng Yu could not wait any longer. Therefore, even if he might lose his life, Cheng Yu still needed to accomplish it. The old man saw Cheng Yu’s resolute eyes, and he was somewhat baffled. He had no idea why Cheng Yu must be so stubborn. As a cultivator, one must know how to weigh the pros and cons. After knowing that it was a worthless trip, he still wanted to do it. In the old man’s opinion, this was not heroic or brave, but was simply foolish.

“The Cultivation World is very big, so much that no one knows how big it is. But everyone knows that certain places contain lots of destiny. These dangerous places are called deathlands. These deathlands have a high likelihood of spiritual veins. The most well-known location would be Spiritual Region,” The old man sighed and said.

“Spiritual Region? What kind of place is that?”

“Spiritual Region is an extremely mysterious and large region. Over there, the spiritual Qi is very dense. It’s a lot denser than most places in the Cultivation World. However, it is also very dangerous. Because of the denseness of the spiritual Qi, a lot of beings inside have a high cultivation level. Forget Foundation Establishment Realm demon beasts, there are a ton of Golden Core Realm demon beasts instead. However, there are also a lot of treasures. Therefore, even though everyone knows that the place is very dangerous, a lot of them are still willing to go in.”

“Oh? Then this is truly a good place,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“I advise you not to go. Even if it is me, I am only able to enter a thousand kilometers. Furthermore, this region has already been explored by numerous people countless times. If you wish to obtain a spiritual vein, you would need to enter the depths of the Spiritual Region. Do you think you can?” The old man recalled his sorry state when he went in, it had already become something he chose to abstain from.

“Tell me about other places then. It would also be better for me to have something to refer to so as not to give my life away in vain,” Cheng Yu might be courageous, but not to the point of being ignorant.

“Indeed, there’s a lot of such places in the Cultivation World. However, if you do not possess a Golden Core Realm cultivation, don’t even bother. For example, the Five Element Fantasy Region, Darkness Region, or Fiend Abyss Region. Of course, there are a lot of places that suit Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. For example the Antiquity Ruins, Death Forest, and Barren Grotto. It’s all places Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators like to visit. However, if you wish to seek spiritual veins in these places, it’s impossible. Of course, it all boils down to destiny. I believe that if a person truly has a destiny with the item, he would be able to spot a spiritual vein outside his house,” The old man seemed to be well versed in all the places that were good for accumulating experience.

“Really? Old man, have you been to all these places?” When Cheng Yu heard that this Cultivation World had so many good places, he replied in an expectant tone.

“Those that I can go to, I went. These danger zones may be dangerous, but the rewards you can reap are definitely a lot. However, there are a lot of deadlands in the Cultivation World. You must definitely not head there,” The old man reminded Cheng Yu.

“Deadland? What kind of place is that?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“Deadland, as the name implies, is an uninhabitable area. These places would usually be filled with emptiness. I have never been or seen anyone who would be able to return from these deadlands. What’s inside, no one knows. In any case, if you ever come across such places in the future, don’t enter them,” The old man said solemnly. In his eyes, there was sorrow and pain.

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“Oh. Then can you tell me which location is the best for me to accumulate experience?” When Cheng Yu saw the old man’s expression was weird, he did not inquire about deadlands any longer, but changed to another topic.

“With your current cultivation, Death Forest is most suitable for you. There are a lot of blacksmithing materials and pill concocting ingredients inside. Perhaps, you might even be able to find some treasure. As for the spiritual veins that you hope for, it would have to depend on your luck. After all, there have been countless cultivators going back and forth, the odds of you getting one is too low,” The old man collected his sorrowful mood and gave Cheng Yu some of his personal analysis.

“Alright. Then let’s go to the Death Forest to have a look. Old man, do you have a map?” With an objective in mind, Cheng Yu immediately became enthusiastic. In any case, he had always been chased by Kunlun people. He might as well go in to accumulate some experience. At the very least, it was a lot more exciting than now where he was hiding like a rat. He needed experience to promote his strength. Otherwise, Cheng Yu really had no other ideas to form his golden core.

“I will not be going. I have a training map with me. On it, there are marks that tell you the locations that I just said. I am giving it to you now, take it as a form of repayment for the past few days delicious food and wine,” After much consideration, the old man took out an animal skin map and gave it to Cheng Yu.

“Old man, you are truly insincere. You have such a good thing and you didn’t offer it earlier,” Cheng Yu retrieved the map and looked at the marked places on it as he said happily. As for why the old man was not willing to follow Cheng Yu there, Cheng Yu felt that it was very normal. After all, both of them encountered each other by chance. Perhaps, the old man had something else to do. Furthermore, he is going to these places for practice. If he was to bring such a formidable old man with him, how was he going to train?

“You bastard. This map has been accompanying me for hundreds of years. If it wasn’t for me seeing you being so bold, I wouldn’t even be willing to give it to you!” The old man scolded. Even though the old man got to know Cheng Yu for a few days, both of them were either sparring or quarreling and Cheng Yu had easily gotten used to the old man’s temper. Perhaps, it might be because their tempers were almost the same. Furthermore, Cheng Yu’s aptitude was pretty decent and the old man had thought quite well of him. If it wasn’t because the timing was not right, he would have the urge to receive Cheng Yu as his disciple.

“Alright. Seeing that you gave me such a precious gift, let’s find a place and let me have a big feast with you one last time,” When Cheng Yu heard that the map had accompanied the old man for hundreds of years, he was touched.

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“Hmph! This is better. Seems like the experience we had together was not in vain,” When the old man heard that there was going to be delicious food and drink, he smiled.

Cheng Yu found a location that had a water supply. After that, he went into the forest and started looking for his ingredients.

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