Chapter 202: Someone from Limitless Palace

“Kid. What’s your name?” The old man sat down on the field with a hand holding the roasted meat and the other holding the wine cup, he enjoyed the feast while asking a question.

“Cheng Yu,” Even though this old man was quite good to him and had even given him a map that had accompanied the old man for over a hundred years, Cheng Yu did not wish to tell the old man about his circumstances.

“En. You wish to learn blacksmithing?” When it came to Cheng Yu’s identity, the old man wished to know more about it, but Cheng Yu did not say, so he also wouldn’t go and pester him about it.

“En. The equipment on the market are too expensive. Even if I come across even better ones, it might not be suitable for me. Therefore, I want to forge my own equipment myself.”

“Right. But you must know that there’s a limit to what a human can do. Just cultivation alone, a lot of people would spend their whole life pursuing it, but they would still have insufficient time. If you are to spend a long period of time learning blacksmithing, in the future, your cultivation progression will slow down. This is unpleasant to you. I can tell that your aptitude is pretty decent. If you focus on cultivating, in the future, your accomplishment would not be bad. Why bother wasting time on blacksmithing?”

Perhaps, it was because the old man cherished talents, the old man hoped that Cheng Yu would focus on cultivation instead. A lot of experts in the Cultivation World only focused on cultivation. Even if they learned other skills, it would only be very ordinary, and they would not spend a lot of time researching them because they needed to race against time. The rise in cultivation would allow their lifespan to be prolonged, but compared to heavenly dao, the time was too short. Therefore, they did not have a lot of time to research other skills.

“I know. However, in my opinion, pursuing immortality is endless. The heavenly dao is always changing and formless. Cultivation is dao, blacksmithing is also dao and pill concocting is dao as well. Since they are all daoism, I feel that the more I know, the higher my comprehension will be. My cultivation will then naturally increase over time,” Cheng Yu said objectively. In his previous life, Cheng Yu went through a lot. Although he focused on specializing a skill most of the time, a lot of other experts did not even specialize in any of them.

“The more dao one interacts with, the higher the comprehension towards daoism?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, the old man was shocked momentarily. When he mumbled those words himself, he seemed to have gotten enlightenment. Suddenly, he said happily, ”You are right! Since they are all daoism, ultimately, it all boils down to the purpose of improving our cultivation. And yet, why bother constraining oneself to cultivating wholeheartedly? You are right! Haha!”

“Alright. Since we have also eaten our fill, let’s part with each other!” When it came to the old man’s excitement, Cheng Yu did not feel weird about it at all because he had never once thought of cultivating wholeheartedly. Not to mention about his Pill Master identity, even if he was in the Secular World, it would be better for him to fall in love. If it was possible, Cheng Yu really wished to tell the old man, cultivation was dao, getting into a romantic relationship was also dao, getting married and giving birth to a child as well. Furthermore, they were all heavenly dao.

However, Cheng Yu did not wish to discuss about heavenly dao with the old man. Therefore, he put a stop to the topic bluntly. Wiping his mouth and finishing his drink before keeping the wine cup, he prepared to bid farewell to the old man.

“Wait!” When the old man saw Cheng Yu was about to leave, he put off the enlightenment in his heart and called out.

“Is there anything else?” Cheng Yu asked puzzledly.

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“Did you not want to learn blacksmithing? Actually, I can teach you,” The old man looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

“Old man, you know blacksmithing? Are you serious?” When Cheng Yu heard the old man’s words, he was shocked. Ever since he saw the old man, the old man had always given the impression of being very sloppy. Even when it came to sparring, he had never used any weapons or armaments before. Therefore, Cheng Yu never thought that this old man knew how to forge equipment.

“Of course. Although my blacksmithing skill might not be the best in the Cultivation World, I could still be considered as a great master in the aspect,” When the old man heard the suspicion in Cheng Yu’s tone, he was discontented as he replied proudly.

“Old man, not that I don’t believe you, but you should at least bring forth some equipment to show me, right?”

“Alright. I shall let you see my ability,” The moment the old man finished speaking, he took out a greenish yellow armor from his storage ring.

“Spiritual Tool?!” Cheng Yu saw the armor in the old man’s hand, and he was truly astonished.

In the Cultivation World, equipment was separated into five different grades. Magic Tools, Treasured Tools, Spiritual Tools, Soul Tools and Immortal Tools. Of course, there were still Deity Tools and Saint Tools. However, in the lower realm Cheng Yu was currently in, there were no such existences. Magic Tools were very ordinary. It was suitable for Qi Training and Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. In addition, Magic Tools could not be upgraded. And Treasured Tools were the standard for Foundation Establishment Realm. But in this line which separated the Cultivation World and Secular World, the cultivators were not wealthy. Therefore, Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators hardly carried Treasured Tools here.

Treasured Tools could be upgraded, but it did not mean that all Treasured Tools could be upgraded. Those that were able to grow their own will, the top-notch Treasured Tools, could be upgraded. As for Spiritual Tools, they had already grown their own wills. Even though it was still unable to interact with their master, their master could use their own mental energy to control it. And once their spirit had grown, they can be upgraded to Soul Tools. As for Soul Tools and Immortal Tools, they had their own spirit existence. And this could show how beneficial it was to the weapon once a spirit grew in the tool.

“You still have eyesight. You actually know that this is a Spiritual Armor,” When he saw Cheng Yu had finally been shocked, the old man finally revealed a complacent expression.

“Old man, was this really forged by you? Can you really forge Spiritual Tools?” Cheng Yu did not believe him. In the Immortal World Cheng Yu was from, he had an Immortal Tool. But now that he had reincarnated, frankly speaking, other than his Immortal Soul, everything on him was just pure trash. This was the first Spiritual Tool Cheng Yu had seen after coming to this world. It was also the best equipment he had seen currently.

“Of course. You think I only knew how to eat?” The old man said complacently.

“Great! Old man, since you can forge a spiritual weapon yourself, gift me this armor then. At the very least, we had been together for quite some days and I had received you with tasty food and wine all this time,” After getting the acknowledgement from the old man, Cheng Yu giggled shamelessly.

“You can dream about it. Even though I can forge Spiritual Tools, it isn’t as easy as you say it is. To forge a Spiritual Tool, not only do I have to accumulate a large amount of precious ingredients, the end weapons that I forge may not necessarily be a Spiritual Tool. Just this Spiritual Tool alone, I already spent a large amount of my time,” When the old man saw how shameless Cheng Yu was, the old man quickly kept the armor away. The old man was able to forge Spiritual Tools, but the success rate was not high at all. This armor was the best armament the old man had forged and was also the one and only Spiritual Tool. How could he possibly gift it to Cheng Yu so easily.

“Penny-pincher. Isn’t it just a Spiritual Tool? Wait till I get rich in the future, don’t talk about Spiritual Tools, I can even gift you an Immortal Tool,” Cheng Yu understood the old man’s words, but still voiced his disdain.

“Heh! Then wait till you strike rich and we will talk about it!” When he saw how unhappy Cheng Yu was, the old man giggled.

“If you don’t want, so be it. Old man, did you not want to teach me blacksmithing? Teach me now then!” It’s better to teach people how to fish than to fish for others. Even though he couldn’t get the Spiritual Tool, then he should at least learn the way to blacksmith. Wait until he trained and found some ingredients so that he could forge them himself.

“I can teach you blacksmithing, but I have a condition. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so free to,” The old man smiled and said.

“Condition? What condition? Tell me first,” Cheng Yu knew that there was no free lunch in the world.

“I think very highly of you and want to take you in as my disciple. If you are willing to accept me as your teacher, I can agree to teach you blacksmithing,” To find a disciple that had good aptitude was very hard. To be able to find a disciple that matched the teacher’s temper was even harder. Originally, the old man had the thought of accepting Cheng Yu as his disciple, but he was not anxious to do it. The reason why he had kept following Cheng Yu was also because he wanted to know Cheng Yu better.

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Now that he saw Cheng Yu not only possessed good aptitude, he also had the desire to learn blacksmithing and in addition to the understanding and comprehension he had for heavenly dao, the old man felt that he must not miss such a good chance of accepting this disciple, now that they were about to be separated. The reason why he decided to accept Cheng Yu as his disciple only when they were about to part was because he wanted to prevent the incident of Cheng Yu being snatched away after they parted.

“Accepting me as your disciple? However, I already have a teacher. How can I possibly become another person’s disciple?” When Cheng Yu heard the old man wanted to accept him as his disciple, Cheng Yu did not display any expression. However, he was actually calculating the pros and cons. He also did not hope that others would always think of him as someone without any background.

“This is not a problem. In cultivation, I will not be teaching you anything. I will only be teaching you blacksmithing,” The old man seemed to have thought of this problem before as he did not show any hesitation before replying.

“Old man, you are so powerful. To accept you as my teacher is not a problem, but you have to at least tell me your origins right? What if we are not suitable and I got pulled into your pirate ship shadily, how am I going to reason to people in the future?” Actually, Cheng Yu had always been very curious about this old man’s identity.

As the current location they were in was still in Kunlun’s territory. Such a powerful old man, Cheng Yu was very afraid that the other party was a senior from Kunlun. Therefore, in these recent days in front of this old man, Cheng Yu did not mention anything about his circumstances, but it wasn’t nice to ask someone else’s identity and not tell theirs. Therefore, he might as well not mention or ask about it.

Now that the old man wanted to receive Cheng Yu as his disciple, he had to at least get a clear understanding of him. Otherwise, if the old man were to pull him into Kunlun Sect, then wouldn’t it be the biggest comedy in the world? Once he returned to the Secular World, how was he going to tell Lan Ya about this? Say he got familiar with an old man and got pulled into Kunlun? This didn’t seem appropriate.

“I am from Limitless Palace, and my name is Qing Xuzi,” The old man said bluntly.

“What! Limitless Palace? You are from Limitless Palace?” The old man had said it in a clear-cut manner, but it caused Cheng Yu to be shocked. This world was truly too small. When he had been in conflict with Kunlun, he had been using Limitless Palace as his deterring factor.

The reason was simple. Previously, the senior monk told him that Limitless Palace was an ancient sect, and they were concealed in the Cultivation World. The reason Cheng Yu used Limitless Palace was because of the deterring factor as well as not being afraid of being exposed. However, he had never expected that he had just entered the Cultivation World and he had already met with the someone from the genuine Limitless Palace. Wasn’t this too coincidental? Luckily, when the old man had asked Cheng Yu for his master’s identity previously, Cheng Yu did not talk about it. Otherwise, he would have really exposed himself.

“It seems like you are not as stupid as I thought. At least you know of the existence of Limitless Palace,” Qing Xuzi thought that Cheng Yu had been amazed by Limitless Palace’s title as he spoke complacently.

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