Chapter 203: Acknowledging a Teacher to Gain Treasures

“You are really from Limitless Palace?” Cheng Yu verified once again. After all, this was too coincidental. Cheng Yu was baffled.

“Of course. I believe no one would dare to use the reputation of Limitless Palace and run everywhere!” Qing Xuzi said positively.

“This is hard to say. In any case, Limitless Palace people hardly appear in public. Even if someone acted as them, they might not necessarily know,” Cheng Yu curled his lips and said disapprovingly. He was a very good example. Even though the Secular World was very far from the Cultivation World, he had been using the Limitless Palace’s name to solve a lot of his problems.

“Nevertheless, I am truly from Limitless Palace. Kid, are you willing to acknowledge me as your teacher?” Qing Xuzi did not care as much as Cheng Yu.

“Since you are from Limitless Palace, I can consider it. However, you still didn’t tell me what your status is in Limitless Palace? After all, once I acknowledge you as my master, I could be counted as Limitless Palace’s disciple. If your status in Limitless Palace is too low, wouldn’t I be even lower? When the time comes, any people I see from the Limitless Palace would be my Martial Uncle or Martial Ancestor. Then it would be so embarrassing for me,” Generally speaking, Cheng Yu did not wish to join any sect because he did not wish to be restrained.

But judging from Cheng Yu’s current circumstances, having a formidable sect as his backing was the best choice for him. Besides, coincidentally, he had truly attained some relations with the Limitless Palace and this was undoubtedly a good thing for Cheng Yu. It could also be counted as turning his fake news into real news. In the future, even if he were to use the banner of Limitless Palace, there was nothing wrong.

“You…fine. I am Limitless Palace’s Blacksmithing Hall Great Elder. This should not be giving you any injustice, right?” Qing Xuzi heard Cheng Yu’s words, and he immediately grew angry. After much difficulty did he finally manage to spot a disciple he liked and yet, the kid had actually kept on being so picky, so much so that he even showed hints of rejection if his status was too low. He was an aloof figure in Limitless Palace, so since when had he ever been looked down upon by others? If it was not because Cheng Yu was a talent, Qing Xuzi really wished to kill him with a slap.

“Blacksmithing Hall Elder? En. Since you are an elder, your status is certainly not low. Since it’s like that, I will accept you reluctantly! However, I have to say first, even though I have acknowledged you as my teacher, I will not stay in Limitless Palace. I hope that I can have control of my own time,” It turned out that the old man was actually an elder. Cheng Yu was delighted, but he did not show it and continued to voice his terms. This term may seem very ordinary, but to Cheng Yu, it was extremely important. He would only be staying here for a few months and he would have to leave, after all at home, there were still several wives waiting for him. Naturally, he couldn’t possibly keep on staying in Limitless Palace to cultivate.

“I can agree. However, with your current cultivation, it is too dangerous for you to travel around. Why not follow me back first, and wait until you have at least formed your golden core before coming out for training?” Qing Xuzi did not know about Cheng Yu’s thoughts. To him, Cheng Yu’s life was most important. After all, it was hard for him to actually find a disciple that he was fond of. He did not wish that Cheng Yu died before he had fully inherited his skills. This would truly be a pity.

“I have already reached the bottleneck. To cultivate normally in hopes of forming my golden core might take a very long time. Therefore, travelling around to gain inspiration is the best cultivation for me right now. Besides, you have also said that there are going to be a lot Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators there for training. With my current cultivation, I can said to be unrivalled to those cultivators below Golden Core Realm,” Cheng Yu said with haughtiness.

“Good! Worthy to be my disciple. Since you are so persistent about this, I will no longer advise you. This is a low-grade blacksmithing technique and some of my comphrensions about blacksmithing. I am giving them to you. I hope that you will be able to study and comprehend something from it,” When the old man saw the confidence Cheng Yu had, he was very happy as he took out two jade bamboos and gave them to Cheng Yu.

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“Teacher, please accept a bow from disciple!” Cheng Yu saw that the old man was unexpectedly so generous, and he had yet to acknowledge him as his teacher and he had already given Cheng Yu something so valuable easily. Cheng Yu no longer hesitated and immediately kneeled down on the spot and kowtowed three times.

“Good! Good! It was unexpectedly that this old man had been infatuated with cultivating in blacksmithing my whole life and yet the moment I step out to travel around the world, I would actually meet such an interesting kid, so much that I accepted you as my one and only disciple. I am truly very happy,” When the old man saw Cheng Yu had finally kowtowed to acknowledge him as his teacher, the old man said happily.

“Heh! Old man, you really have me as your only disciple?” Cheng Yu stood up and giggled. Pa! The old man rolled his eyes and slapped Cheng Yu’s head as he said, ”What old man, old man? I am now your teacher. Be respectful.”

“Heh heh! Calling you this way makes us seem more intimate. Calling you teacher makes us seem like strangers,” Cheng Yu rubbed his head and said objectively.

“Fine. I am also not someone who would pay attention to formality. Or else, I also wouldn’t have accepted you as my disciple. I have always been enthralled in promoting my cultivation. Furthermore, there was not a single person who I ever thought highly of. Therefore, after so many years, I still have not accepted anyone as my disciple,” The old man might not have taken fancy of any disciple, but there were still a lot of people who wished to acknowledge him as their master. Unfortunately, there were none he liked.

Nevertheless, the old man possessed a top-notch cultivation and his status in Limitless Palace, Blacksmithing Hall Great Elder, was essentially the highest authority in the Blacksmithing Hall. To acknowledge this person as his teacher, not only had Cheng Yu’s status increased, he would no longer have any lack of armaments. Just these points alone would make others envy Cheng Yu to death. This was also why people would bootlick the Great Elder.

“So it’s like that. Heh heh! Old man, since I am your only disciple, you also don’t hope for me to not be able to return, right? How about giving me your Spiritual Tool? It can also help me preserve my life longer!” When Cheng Yu saw how highly the old man thought of him, he once again started having ideas of that Spiritual Tool.

“You kid. From the start, you have been thinking about how to get my Spiritual Tool, right? That’s why you acknowledged me as your teacher,” The old man saw how Cheng Yu acted, and he started to doubt if Cheng Yu had only accepted his terms because of his Spiritual Tool. The old man suddenly felt very helpless. Could it be that his origins were still not enticing enough? Impossible! Limitless Palace had concealed themselves, but lots of people still knew of them. After much pondering, the old man still felt that Cheng Yu was too ignorant. From the way Cheng Yu acted, the old man knew that Cheng Yu had almost no experience in the Cultivation World. He was truly curious about which old monster was this kid’s master.

“From the way you said it, it’s like I am very snobbish. I can tell you truthfully that I, Cheng Yu, have always treated wealth like dirty mud. How can I acknowledge you as my teacher just for a Spiritual Tool. The reason why I agreed to you was because your charisma touched me deeply,” Cheng Yu said righteously.

“Kid, from start to end, none of your sentences are true. It’s a joke for me to believe you. However, since you have become my only disciple, I must not be stingy. Just like you said, I do not hope that you would be killed. I will give you this Spiritual Tool!” The old man had only forged this Spiritual Tool not long ago. Originally, he was intending to bring it back to the sect and gift it to one of those outstanding disciples. However, now that he had accepted a disciple, he would not be bringing it back anymore. Even if Cheng Yu didn’t voice his desire, he would still give it to him. After all, compared to those disciples in the sect, his disciple was more important.

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Besides, what Cheng Yu said was correct. With his current strength, he was unrivalled among those cultivators who were below Golden Core realm. But in this Cultivation World, there were a lot of Golden Core Realm experts. Therefore, it was very dangerous for Cheng Yu to travel around for training. A Spiritual Tool cannot resist a Golden Core Realm expert, but it still had some chances to preserve a life.

“Thank you. Old man, you are too generous. I appreciate how outspoken and straightforward you are,” When Cheng Yu saw the old man had really given him the armor, Cheng Yu was shocked. After receiving it, he replied happily.

“In that case, Let me gift you another treasure! It’s a pity that your cultivation is too low. Wait until you reach Golden Core Realm, you will be able to use it,” After much consideration, the old man took out another item that looked like a stamp.

“Mid-Grade Spiritual Treasure?” When Cheng Yu saw the stamp, he was shocked. Treasures and ordinary equipment were different. However, overall, they both possessed the ability to attack and defend. Naturally, there were treasures that had specializations. In terms of grade and quality, treasures were the same as tool grading. They were divided to Magic Device, Treasured Device, Spiritual Device, Soul Device and Immortal Device. As for their grades, low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade and supreme-grade.

To classify a treasure, a flying sword was one of the most ordinary treasures. It belonged to flying type treasures. Of course, it could also be used for attacking purposes. A majority of treasures needed Spiritual Qi or a cultivator’s cultivation technique to operate it.

However, to use a device, the requirement would be higher on the user. Cheng Yu was able to use Spiritual Tools, but was impossible for him to use Spiritual Device treasures. With his current cultivation, he was only able to use Magic Device or Treasured Device. Only when he reached Golden Core Realm would he be able to use Spiritual Devices.

“Not bad. This Dragon King Stamp is a Mid-Grade Spiritual Device. You are unable to use it currently and it needs the cultivation of a Golden Core Realm. But I am afraid that in the future, once you break through to the Golden Core Realm, you would be at disadvantage in front of others. With this Dragon King Stamp, at least when you reach Golden Core Realm, you will have a big helping hand with you,” The old man said.

“Old man, this isn’t necessary. I am going out for training already. When the time comes, would I still have any lack of treasures? Besides, I am also not sure when I will breakthrough to Golden Core Realm. When the time comes, if I have not reached Golden Core Realm and was already killed by others, would this not be a gift to others?” This time, Cheng Yu did not want to take advantage of the old man.

After becoming the old man’s disciple, this old man had become too magnanimous. Furthermore, he had always been very thoughtful towards Cheng Yu and Cheng Yu was moved by this. However, Cheng Yu couldn’t use this treasure right now. Cheng Yu believed that until he reached the Golden Core Realm, he wouldn’t be able to obtain Spiritual Devices. Therefore, he did not wish to owe the old man a favor, even though he was already Cheng Yu’s master.

“You became so modest. Since I already intended to give it to you, how can I possibly take it back? I believe in my own eyes. You will definitely travel far. Even if you obtain treasures, it might not necessarily be Mid-Grade Spiritual Devices,” The old man smiled.

“Old man, then why didn’t you give me a Treasured Device? This thing could only be seen and not touched. What’s the use of it?” When Cheng Yu heard the old man’s words, he said depressingly.

“Why would I be carrying such a low-grade treasure for? Besides, how would I know that I would accept a disciple that possesses such a low cultivation level?” When the old man heard Cheng Yu’s discontentment, he retorted.

“Er…” Cheng Yu was speechless. Who could be blamed? He had already advanced very quickly. How many people had reached Foundation Establishment Late Stage at such a young age? Besides, forming the golden core was not as easy as it seemed. Even Cheng Yu, a Pill Master, did not have any guaranteed ways to do it.

“Alright. Keep this stuff and get moving!” The old man stuffed the Dragon King Stamp into Cheng Yu’s hands and said.

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