Chapter 204: Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xue

“Alright. Old man, take care. Wait until I have formed my golden core, I will certainly go and find you,” When Cheng Yu saw the old man had suddenly treated him so well, it caused him to remember his previous teacher.

“Oh. Right, I almost forgot. Take this jade plate. This is my token. When you bring this to Limitless Palace, no one will cause any trouble for you. Furthermore, there’s our sect’s location on it. Once you infuse Spiritual Qi, you will be able to find our sect’s location,” The old man remembered that Cheng Yu had never been to Limitless Palace. When the time came, Cheng Yu might not even be able to find the entrance to the sect, so how would he look for him? Cheng Yu took the jade plate and saw that there was nothing special about it. One side wrote “Limitless Palace,” while the other side wrote “blacksmithing”. The general idea was to show that Cheng Yu was someone from the Blacksmithing Hall in Limitless Palace. When Cheng Yu saw the jade plate in his hand, he was very touched. He felt that he had finally found an organization. At least in the future, he would be able to tell Kunlun people confidently that he was from Limitless Palace.

“Old man, thank you. I am going,” Parting was always very emotional. Cheng Yu did not wish to dally and did not want to think much about it. He took out his flying sword and flew off. He did not leave behind any reluctance.

“Haiz, I hope you will be able to return alive!” When the old man saw Cheng Yu’s faraway figure, he sighed. He flew off in another direction.


Three days later, Cheng Yu had already left Kunlun’s territory. Cheng Yu looked at the training map he had on him. Death Forest was on the western side of the Cultivation World. Cheng Yu estimated that he would need to travel continuously for five days before reaching Death Forest. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not stop anywhere. Every time he reached a city, he would buy some basic necessities before continuing his journey.

“Haiz, time is pressing. Judging from the situation, I might not be able to return three months later,” Calculating the time, Cheng Yu had already been here for half a month. However, this Cultivation World was too big, just by travelling, he had already used one quarter of the time he had here. However, he had not even harvested anything good yet.

Two days later, Cheng Yu finally saw another city. From the way it looked, this city should be a grade two city.

“This should be the nearest city to Death Forest, Luminous City!” Cheng Yu looked at the grand city in front of him before speaking. Entering the city, there were a lot of people inside. Furthermore, this place was not like those cities that were at the edge of the Cultivation World. There were a lot of cultivators. Furthermore, a majority of them had a cultivation level of Foundation Establishment Realm, and there were even quite a number of Golden Core experts as well.

There was also no longer a need for Cheng Yu to conceal his cultivation. In any case, there were large number of Foundation Establishment Late Stage cultivators, so there wouldn’t be anyone paying attention to him. On the contrary, it was those who had low cultivations who would easily run into troubles.

“Cheap! Cheap! Map of Death Forest for cheap! First come first serve! Once it is sold out, I will be closing my stall!” Cheng Yu was just intending to buy some basic needs when he suddenly heard someone shouting in the streets. Cheng Yu looked in the direction of the voice. He saw a young man with small eyes squatting down on the side of the street. He was waving a few animal skins while he shouted.

“How much are you selling this map for?” Cheng Yu was worried about entering Death Forest because he had no knowledge about it. So he walked up and asked.

“Brother has such good eyesight. From your impressive appearance, I can tell that Brother is not someone ordinary. This map is a composition of maps I have taken from all the different adventurer groups. It is absolutely the best and complete Death Forest training map. Only ten Low-Grade Spiritual Stones!” This youth was also a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. When he saw Cheng Yu had gone up to him and inquired, he immediately started bragging.

“Is it possible to let me take a look at this map, first?” Even though the old man had also given him an animal skin map, it contained all the training places in the Cultivation World. It did not have any details on each location. Therefore, Cheng Yu had to buy a map.

“Of course,” The youth passed the map to Cheng Yu refreshingly. In this Luminous City, he was not afraid that Cheng Yu would steal and run. The map was very distinct. However, it only showed a portion of Death Forest. “Don’t you have a complete map of Death Forest?”

“Brother, it’s impossible to find a complete map of Death Forest in the whole Cultivation World. The Death Forest is too big. I am afraid there’s no one who would be able to explore it fully,” Those who buy the map from me are people who have never been into Death Forest before. The youth saw that Cheng Yu was actually so unknowledgeable, but he didn’t make fun of him and even explained it to him.

“So it’s like that. However, isn’t this Death Forest said to be very suitable for Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators? How come there’s no one who completely ascertained the whole Death Forest situation?” The old man had said that this place was very suitable for training Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. Cheng Yu thought that this place had long been explored fully by people.

“Brother, it seems like you didn’t know that this Death Forest is very suitable for us, Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators for training, but it does not mean that there are no other formidable beings inside. Although a majority of those who came here for training are Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators, there are still a lot of Golden Core Realm seniors. Sometimes, there would be seniors even more powerful appearing,” After much difficulty there was business, so the youth explained to Cheng Yu patiently.

“So it’s like that. But Brother, this map for 10 Low-Grade Spiritual Stones is too expensive!” In Cheng Yu’s opinion, for Death Forest to still have unexplored places was beneficial for him. If it was fully explored by others, where would he go and search for good stuff?

“Brother, my map may seem to be incomplete, but this is definitely the best you can find in the current market. If you have this map, when you go inside, not only will it be a lot safer, just the harvest alone might already exceed 10 Spiritual Stones!”

“What you have just said make sense, but I am unable to fork out 10 Low-Grade Spiritual Stones. Five spiritual stones. If you are willing, I will buy one.” Cheng Yu was not foolish. He was someone who had reincarnated from the Immortal World. He knew how precious spiritual stones was to these people. This was already the depths of the Cultivation World. This map alone was too expensive. If it was not because the other party had explained to him with enthusiasm, Cheng Yu wouldn’t have even offered to buy it from him!

“What? Five? Impossible. This is too little. At least 8,” The youth immediately bargained.

“Hey! You vendor, other people only sell their map for three spiritual stones. The buyer already offered five and you still feel that it’s too little? Do you take others as a fat cows?” Cheng Yu was about to bargain when a woman’s voice was filled with disdain came from behind him. Cheng Yu turned around and took a look. He saw the woman was wearing a plain green clothing and her hand was holding a longsword. There was no traces of delicateness in the woman. She was dressed in a tomboyish way, making her seem very capable and experienced. She had traces of loftiness, but also a heroic aura.

And beside the woman were four other men and two women. Their dress code was the same as this woman. They were probably disciples from the same sect.

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“This…this lady. My map isn’t something that can be compared to those ordinary maps sold on the market. This is the newest one. The price will naturally be a lot higher than the others,” Hearing the woman’s words, the vendor’s expression immediately tensed up.

“Who are you trying to scam? Isn’t it because he doesn’t understand the map? If you continue this nonsense, I will smash your stall,” The woman’s complexion turned ugly. She pulled her longsword out by a few inches and said tyrannically.

“Er…, this…this lady, please pardon me,” When the vendor saw the woman was about to unsheathe her sword, he was intimidated as he quickly replied while shivering. In Luminous City, a grade two city, ordinary sparring was allowed. But they must not kill. Therefore, the vendor was truly afraid that this woman would beat him up ruthlessly, then it would not be worth it.

“Just three spiritual stones is already thinking very highly of you,” The woman said disdainfully.

“This…ok! Three then,” The vendor wanted to retort, but when he see the woman staring at him, he quickly changed what he wanted to say.

“Foolish kid, why are you still stunned. Three spiritual stones. Give it to him!” When the woman saw Cheng Yu was still foolishly standing there, the woman used her sword and poked him.

“Ah? Oh oh. Here, three spiritual stones,” Cheng Yu reacted and took out three spiritual stones to give to the vendor. And then, he kept the map.

“Miss, thank you. I almost got swindled by him,” Cheng Yu stood up and saw the woman was looking at him. Hence, he said gratefully.

“It’s fine. They would usually swindle those that are new here. Oh right, you wish to enter Death Forest?” The woman waved her hands and said unconcernedly.

“Yes. I heard that this place is very suitable for Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators for training. Therefore, I came over to train,” Cheng Yu smiled.



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“I am called Tian Xue, a Tianshan Sect disciple. These few people are my Senior Brothers and Sisters. We are also intending to head into Death Forest. How about following us?” Tian Xue introduced herself. Actually, the reason why Tian Xue chose to help Cheng Yu was because she saw he was alone. Furthermore, he had the strength of Foundation Establishment late stage. Therefore, she wanted to pull him into her group. This way, it would increase their overall strength.

“It turns out that is Tianshan Sect Senior Sister. I am called Cheng Yu. I am very grateful towards Senior Sister’s invitation, but I can’t agree,” Cheng Yu glimpsed past all the Senior Brothers and Sisters. They were all at least in Foundation Establishment middle stage. While Tian Xue and another male possessed the highest cultivation. Both were in Foundation Establishment late stage. The few males looked at Cheng Yu in an unfriendly manner, there were hints of disdain in their gazes. As for the other two girls, they were constantly sizing Cheng Yu up.

“I believe this should be your first time entering Death Forest. Perhaps you might not know, this place might be suitable for Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators for training, but a majority of people who come here enter in groups. With your current cultivation, when you enter, don’t even talk about your harvest, once you come across other small groups, you might not even be able to keep your life,” When Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu actually wanted to enter alone, she advised him.

“Thank you, Senior Sister, for the reminder. However, I still intend to head in there alone,” It was not Cheng Yu being bold, but because he was not familiar with these people. Tian Xue might seem to be very thoughtful, but for the others, it was hard to say.

Besides, they had so many people. Once there was something good, there would not be anything left for him. Cheng Yu was basically there to add some deterrence. Most importantly, his actions would be restricted. If Cheng Yu was alone, he could leave anytime he want and stay when he wanted. If he were to follow them, everything would need to be discussed with them. It was too troublesome. In any case, with his current strength, even if he couldn’t contend against others, running away was not an issue to Cheng Yu.

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