Chapter 205: Strange Black Clothed Male

“You are really unable to differentiate good from bad. For Senior Sister to invite you, it means that she looks highly upon you. You really think that you are really so awesome?” When he saw Cheng Yu had rejected her once again, one of the males standing beside her replied angrily.

“Tian Xing!” Hearing the male’s words, Tian Xue shouted angrily.

“Senior Sister, sorry. Forgive me for not being able to journey with you. I am taking my leave first,” Cheng Yu ignored the others. Once again, he apologized to Tian Xue before turning around and leaving.

“Stay right there! Be clear on your words. Or else, don’t even think about leaving unscathed!” When Tian Xing saw Cheng Yu had ignored him, he ignored Tian Xue’s warning and shouted once again.

“…” Cheng Yu who had already turned around and left did not stop. It was like he did not hear Tian Xing, as he walked forward very naturally.

“You b*st*rd!” Once again, being disregarded by Cheng Yu, Tian Xing’s complexion changed. He could no longer tolerate it as he dashed towards Cheng Yu and punched at Cheng Yu’s back.

“Bang!” Just as Tian Xing was about to strike Cheng Yu’s back, Cheng Yu suddenly turned around and punched at Tian Xing’s fist. In the end, Tian Xing was sent flying back to where Tian Xue was.

“Impudent!” Another Foundation Establishment late stage boy saw Tian Xing had been injured, and he shouted before soaring in the air, throwing a punch at Cheng Yu.

“Tian Heng, no!” When Tian Xue saw Tian Heng had made a move, she quickly shouted. Tian Heng was the strongest among them. Not only that, among the younger generation in Tianshan Sect, Tian Heng was one of the best. Even though Tian Xue had the same cultivation as him, Tian Heng was still a lot stronger than her. In addition, Tian Heng’s aptitude was very good and he had great potential. Some elders in the sect had placed high hopes on him. It was reported that among the younger generation, he was one of the candidates who had the highest chance of forming their golden core. This showed how outstanding he was.

Cheng Yu was not willing to journey with them, but Tian Xue felt that there was nothing wrong with that. If Cheng Yu had agreed, their strength would be even greater. Even if he didn’t, there was no loss to them, and they could just take it as accumulating some good karma. But once Tian Heng made a move, things would no longer be as simple as it was. His strength was something no ordinary Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator could contend. She did not wish for Cheng Yu to be injured because of such a simple thing. Furthermore, in outsiders’ opinion, it would show that their Tianshan Sect was very rude and unreasonable. The other party was not willing to join their party, so they made a move to deal with him. This was extremely bad for Tianshan Sect’s image.

“Boom!” Cheng Yu and Tian Heng’s fists collided with each other. This time, the repulsive force was a lot stronger compared to when Tian Xing made a move. After the collision, Tian Heng was pushed back numerous steps, returning to the front of Tian Xue. As for Cheng Yu, he was still standing at the position he was previously.

“This…” Those senior brothers and sisters who had a rough idea of Tian Heng’s strength were all stupefied. Tian Heng was someone who possessed strength that exceeded ordinary Foundation Establishment late stage cultivators, a gifted talent. However, he had actually been forced to retreat by a cultivator that had the same cultivation as him. Furthermore, the opponent was like an unmoving boulder. From beginning to end, he had not moved a single step.

“What?! Isn’t that person Tianshan Sect’s Tian Heng? He was known to be a gifted disciple in Tianshan Sect. He has unexpectedly been forced into retreat by a youth. Who is that person? He’s so powerful!” Their conflict had long attracted others’ attention. A few of those cultivators who knew of Tianshan Sect were immediately astonished.

“That’s right. I heard that when Tian Heng was in Foundation Establishment middle stage, he had already killed numerous Foundation Establishment late stage cultivators. However, I never expected that he had actually been forced to retreat by another Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator so easily. This is truly too inconceivable,” A lot of bystanders started to discuss.

“Senior Sister, I did not have the intention to injure these few senior brothers. I hope you guys can stop making things difficult for me,” When Cheng Yu saw the people surrounding them kept on increasing, Cheng Yu did not want to continue being a monkey to the others. He clasped his fist and apologized to Tian Xue. After that, he left.

“Oh? Isn’t this the talented person, Senior Brother Tian Heng from Tianshan Sect? I heard that you have been defeated by a youth. What’s wrong? Is it that person? He seems like nothing extraordinary. It seems like the rumors about Senior Brother Tian Heng in the Cultivation World is too exaggerated,” Just when Cheng Yu was about to leave, all of a sudden, a few males wearing white gowns appeared in front. The one leading them was very handsome as he mocked Tian Heng.

“Look, it’s Shushan Sect’s Jian Wuling. I never expected that he would also bring a group of people to explore Death Forest,” Jian Wuling’s appearance had once again attracted the people’s attention.

“Jian Wuling is so handsome! I really wish to become his cultivation partner!” Some of those females who had been smitten by Jian Wuling actually spoke such nonsensical words outloud. This scene was very similar to when a star appeared in the Secular World.

“Jian Wuling, this has nothing to do with your Shushan Sect. You better not come here and spread b*******!” When Tian Xue saw the appearance of Shushan Sect’s Jian Wuling, she no longer had the friendly look she had for Cheng Yu and said extremely unhappily.

“Haha! It turns out that it’s Junior Sister Tian Xue! A few years passed, and Junior Sister’s beauty is growing more alluring. Is it because I am bad mouthing your sweetheart, causing you to feel unhappy?” Jian Wuling looked at Tian Xue and smiled.

“Hmph! You better watch what you say and keep your mouth clean. Otherwise, there might be a day you can no longer clean it!”

“Haha! Thank you, Junior Sister Tian Xue for your concern. If I really wish to clean them, I will definitely look for Junior Sister and wash it together,” Jian Wuling laughed.

“Jian Wuling, don’t be too arrogant. This is not beneficial for you,” Tian Heng heard Jian Wuling’s was taking liberties with Tian Xue, so his complexion turned red and retorted.

“Senior Brother Tian Heng, what are you getting angry for? I am just saying it casually,” Jian Wuling did not wish to fall out with Tian heng right now. So, he smiled and brushed it off.

“Stand there!” Cheng Yu saw that it was nothing he should be concerned about, so he was intending to leave. He did not expect that with a sentence from Tian Heng, he had once again been pulled into the line of sight of the audience.

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“Is there anything else? I said before that I do not wish to become enemies with you,” Cheng Yu truly did not wish to care, but was afraid that they would keep tangling with him. So, he turned around and replied.

“I want to challenge you,” Tian Heng looked at Cheng Yu while speaking. He was proud and arrogant. Today, in front of so many people, he was forced to retreat by a nameless kid. This caused him to lose a lot of face. Although this big street did not restrict fighting, they still must not make the fight too big. Therefore, they could only go to the arena and have a proper fight.

“What? Tian Heng actually wants to challenge this nameless cultivator? This is truly unexpected.”

“This is very normal. A talented figure in Tianshan Sect was unexpectedly defeated by a nameless cultivator. How could Tian Heng possibly feel ok.”

“On the contrary, I am looking forward to this fight. I never expected that before I entered Death Forest, I would actually watch this kind of show,” When they saw Tian Heng had issued a challenge to Cheng Yu, every one of them was shocked. However, a lot of them were actually looking forward to their fight.

“Tian Heng, what are you doing? We are entering the Death Forest tomorrow. Why are you challenging someone else at this point of time?” Tian Heng’s action had caused Tian Xue to feel extremely unhappy.

“Sorry, I am not accepting it,” Just when everyone was looking forward to it, Cheng Yu gave an unexpected answer.

“What? He actually rejected it?”

“That’s right. This person is so timid.”

“You can’t say it like that. Perhaps, he knows that he isn’t Tian Heng’s opponent. Rejecting it is nothing surprising.”

“How is this possible? Just now, his strength showed he is obviously not any weaker than Tian Heng. Why did he reject this challenge?”

“This is too regretful. I was still expecting to watch something nice. It turned out that he is just a coward.”

Cheng Yu’s rejection caused everyone to be surprised, including Tianshan Sect and Shushan Sect. Even Tian Xue was also looking at Cheng Yu curiously. As a cultivator, to reject a person’s challenge was a display of cowardice. This was something that would be looked down on by others. Cultivators always cared about their own reputation. Cheng Yu obviously possessed unfathomable strength, yet he still chose to reject it. This truly caused her to feel extremely confused. Cheng Yu was not as boring as them. He still had matters to take care of. Where would he have the time to play and listen to them talk nonsense? As for his reputation, he had never once cared about it.

As the saying goes, “The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out.” Young people were usually young and vigorous, so they always wish to defeat others in order to bring accomplishments. After thousands of years of cultivation, Cheng Yu no longer bothered about this false reputation. The only thing he was pursuing was strength. Only when he possessed unrivalled strength was it extremely easy for him to become famous.

“You are scared. As a cultivator, you don’t even have the courage to accept a challenge. You are truly a coward,” Cheng Yu had unexpectedly rejected his challenge, so Tian Heng’s heart suddenly ignited an obscure fury. So, he attempted to infuriate Cheng Yu to make him accept his challenge.

“If that’s what you think, so be it,” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly. He did not wish to continue tangling with them. He turned around and walked out of the crowd.


“Forget it. Tian Heng, since he did not have the intention to accept the challenge, why bother making things difficult for him?” Tian Heng still wanted to make Cheng Yu stay behind, but Tian Xue had spoken up. She was very curious about Cheng Yu’s strength but since Cheng Yu did not have the intention to make the conflict grow bigger, it was also what she wanted. Now that he had left, she felt that this was the best ending she could hope for.

“Eh?” Cheng Yu walked out from the crowd when he suddenly felt a strange and familiar energy. Cheng Yu looked around and took notice of a black shirted man’s back. However, just as Cheng Yu was probing him, his mental energy was actually being devoured by the man.

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“Golden Core Realm expert?” Cheng Yu suddenly thought.

This man seemed to had felt Cheng Yu’s gaze. He turned around and looked at Cheng Yu before leaving.

“Who exactly is this person? Why do I have such a familiar feeling about him? Up to this point, other than the old man, I basically don’t know any other Golden Core Realm experts. Who could he be?” Cheng Yu looked at the man’s back and felt an indescribable feeling. This feeling caused Cheng Yu to feel an ineffable worry, but he was still unable to understand what was going on!

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