Volume 1, Chapter 78 Part 2: Recognition


Yang Liu grows worried when she hears that they will have to break his leg again. She turns to him, “At least you can still walk now, Husband. Let’s not do anything to your leg…”

Yun Qian Yu and Gong Sang Mo looks at Gong Shu Zhu. Only he can make this decision, though they can already guess what it will be.

“I want to treat it!” exclaims Gong Shu Zhu.

Yang Liu looks at him anxiously, “Husband…..”

Gong Shu Zhu cuts her off without letting her finish, “Liu Er, my identity does not allow me to be crippled.”

Yang Liu looks at him, stunned.

The air surrounding Gong Shu Zhu has changed. He now looks like the man on the battlefield years ago. That is not something that the amnesia can change.

He trains his eyes on Gong Sang Mo, “Their target that year was not Uncle, it was me from the start.”

Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes turns icy, as though it can penetrate one’s bones. Yun Qian Yu who is standing next to him can feel it very clearly.

“They were sent by him?” says Gong Sang Mo, gritting his teeth.

Gong Shu Zhu nods, “Yes. They thought I was going to die for sure back then, so they did not hold anything back.”

Gong Sang Mo knows what their motive is. Gong Shu Zhu was so capable and handsome back then, he was known throughout the three kingdoms. All of the above factors added with the fact that he came from Xian Wang’s manor were enough reasons for them to be wary of him.

“Don’t worry, Brother, I will avenge you. We were not scared of him back then, why should we be scared of him now?” a bloodthirsty air flashes through his eyes.

“I want to do it myself,” says Gong Shu Zhu firmly.

This is the first time Yang Liu has seen this side of Gong Shu Zhu. She finally starts accepting the fact that her husband is not the normal farmer that she thought he was. Her husband’s little brother is Xian Wang. Her husband himself used to be extraordinary and talented. Since she cannot help him, the least she could do is not drag him down.

Finally accepting that, she moves to stand on the sideline; she will stop trying to sway Gong Shu Zhu into changing his mind.

Gong Shu Zhu looks at her in appreciation. Although she is not an honourable young maiden from a noble family, she has a pure heart. She will always place him first. He will not trade her off for even 100 noble maidens.

“Are you sure?” Yun Qian Yu asks Gong Shu Zhu.

“Yes, I wish to treat my leg!” he nods. Now that he has a chance to restore his leg to how it used to be, he will grit his teeth to endure the pain if he has to. He will never back down.

Hearing that reply, Yun Qian Yu uses her right hand as a knife and slices through Gong Shu Zhu’s leg.

“Ah!” Gong Shu Zhu’s scream of pain can be heard as his face turns pale.

Yang Liu starts weeping in heartache. She touches him, wondering if there is anything she can do to help him.

The corners of Gong Sang Mo and Yun Nian’s lips twitch. They understand that she has been trying to distract him so that he will not anticipate the pain, but still, to do it so swiftly like that…. At least, if not Gong Shu Zhu, tell the two of them beforehand….

It is a clean cut.

“San Qiu!” calls Yun Qian Yu calmly.

San Qiu walks in while carrying a couple of wooden planks and a long strip of cloth that Chen Xiang has ripped.

These are everything that Yun Qian Yu had asked them to prepare earlier on.

She looks at the two men, “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to help me?”

Both men shake their head in unison.

Gong Sang Mo shakes his head because he cannot bear to do it to his own brother.

As for Yun Nian, he cannot accurately pinpoint the location of the broken bone. If he messes up, the consequences will be disastrous.

She looks away and takes one wooden plank from San Qiu, placing it underneath Gong Shu Zhu’s leg. Then, she puts the strip of cloth underneath the wooden plank.

She looks at Gong Shu Zhu, “Do you want a handkerchief?”

To bite onto? Gong Shu Zhu shakes his head. It is not as though he has never been injured in the battlefield before. They are just realigning his broken leg, what is the big deal? Besides, the more pain the better. With that, he will be able to hate even more.

Yun Qian Yu trains her eyes on his leg. She pinches the injured leg. By now, big drops of sweats have already formed on Gong Shu Zhu’s face.

Yun Qian Yu pinches the leg hard, before smoothly running the pinch through his leg.

Gong Shu Zhu groans in pain.

“It is alright now,” she signals San Qiu to bring over the remaining wooden plank.

San Qiu steps forward and hands her the plank; this is the first time he has ever seen a broken leg being treated so quickly.

Yun Nian is even more impressed.

Yun Qian Yu uses the remaining plank to wedge the leg between the two planks. Then, she binds them together using the strip of cloth.

“Do not move for one month. Avoid using the injured leg. You will be able to stand within three months the quickest. If you want the leg to completely recover, it will depend on your perseverance and practice,” says Yun Qian Yu as she looks at Gong Shu Zhu’s pained face.

She suddenly remembers her Zi Yu Xin Jing. If it can neutralize poison, can it possibly heal wounds as well?

She puts her hands on Gong Shu Zhu’s injured leg before gathering her power. The purple light that is channelled by her palms has sliver of golden light in them. Only the purple light seems to enter the wound. The golden light will coil around and returns to her palm, and everytime the golden light return, the golden light that comes out next will be doubled.

Yun Qian Yu is delighted. After she saved Gong Sang Mo the last time, she barely has golden light left inside her. Although she has managed to cultivate some of them back, there has been barely enough of them inside her body, definitely different compared to how thick they used to be when she first got them. Who would have thought that she could actually cultivate them in such an easy manner?

She looks at the power that is being channelled from her palms; the golden light seems to be getting thicker and thicker.

Other people barely notices anything, but not Gong Sang Mo. He looks at her, overjoyed.

When Gong Shu Zhu’s wound can no longer accept the purple light, the golden light no longer multiplies.

Yun Qian Yu puts her palm away, pleased with the changes that she can feel in her dantian.

“What kind of method has you used, Qian Yu? My leg does not hurt anymore. I feel like I can walk like I used to,” asks Gong Shu Zhu in surprise.

“Zi Yu Xin Jing, the Yun Clan’s secret technique. This method can only be learned by Yun Clan’s bloodline,” answers Yun Qian Yu without holding anything back.

“No wonder people say that the Yun Clan’s medical ability is unrivalled,” praises Gong Shu Zhu.

Yun Qian Yu looks at Gong Shu Zhu’s leg before meaningfully saying, “Perhaps, it’s effect will be more than this.”

Gong Sang Mo understands what Yun Qian Yu means. Perhaps, a good news will await them once they return from Mount San Xian.

“You should rest in bed. This leg cannot receive anymore strain,” advises Yun Qian Yu.

Gong Shu Zhu smiles at her, “Don’t worry, this leg is very important to me, I will cherish it the best I can.”

Gong Sang Mo puts his worry to rest when he sees Gong Shu Zhu who appears to be in a good mood. They leave him inside the room to rest.

He pulls Yun Qian Yu back into their room and closes the door.

Chen Xiang and the rest of the girls are left outside. They exchange a look before returning to their own room in resignation.

Inside the room, Gong Sang Mo holds Yun Qian Yu’s hand while looking at her lovingly.

She peers back up at him and discovers something off. She blinks, giving him a beautiful smile, “Very happy?”

“En,” replies Gong Sang Mo.

“If you are happy, I am happy as well,” the smile on Yun Qian Yu’s face blossoms even more.

Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes dim as he looks at Yun Qian Yu’s beautiful smile. He pulls her over and hugs her tight. Then, he lifts her head and plants a deep kiss on her lips. Her lips feels like the petals of a blossoming flower, soft and fragrant. He does not want to let go.

Yun Qian Yu is momentarily stunned by his action. Then, she closes her eyes and wraps her arms around his waist.

Gong Sang Mo’s body feels like it is on fire the moment Yun Qian Yu reciprocates the kiss. The heat feels unbearable. He kisses her harder as he presses his hands deeper into her back. If possible, he wants to put her inside him. That way, they will never part.

Yun Qian Yu understands Gong Sang Mo’s emotion. He has just found his brother that he thought he had lost long ago. He is happy, and scared. What if he loses his loved ones again? Thinking of the possibility of it happening on Yun Qian Yu makes him even more scared. She is his lifeline, he cannot afford to lose her.

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Yun Qian Yu cannot breathe. She pushes him away, in which he reluctantly acquiesce.

He looks at her with a face full of desire.

She takes in as much breath as she can. Gong Sang Mo’s eyes clears up when he sees that.

He heart-achingly kisses her forehead as a way to apologize.

She leans against him before whispering, “Don’t be afraid, we will never part. I will follow you wherever you go.”

Gong Sang Mo’s body trembles as little as he holds her even tighter, “Yu Er, even if you don’t follow me, I will follow you. I will not give you the chance to leave me.”

Gong Sang Mo’s sudden possessiveness causes Yun Qian Yu to sigh, “Didn’t we promise each other to be together even after death?”

He picks her up and puts her on the bed. Then, he lies down next to her and put her head on his chest. His face is a picture of bliss as he says, “Had you not decided to stay here, I would never know my brother is still alive, Yu Er.”

“This is fate,” she herself has been shocked by her own decision to stay in this village for the night. Had they continue the journey for two more hours, they could have stayed in an inn. Perhaps, this is really fate, it has been written before they were even born. Just like her transmigration to this place and meeting Gong Sang Mo; this is their fate. She is here because her Gong Sang Mo is here.

“When will you marry me, Yu Er?” asks Gong Sang Mo, dispirited.

Yun Qian Yu ponders over their current situation before sighing, “I don’t know.”

Hearing her sigh, Gong Sang Mo is suddenly not so depressed anymore. Turns out, even Yu Er is eager to marry him.

While they rest until afternoon, San Qiu and Yi Ri are busy playing with Gong Yi Zhi. The boy has taken a liking on San Qiu’s swordmanship, but he is too little and cannot even lift the sword, so he can only run around dragging the sword on the ground. Yi Ri does not mind the boy mishandling his sword; he simply watches him while laughing.

After dinner, Gong Sang Mo chats with Gong Shu Zhu for a long time before finally retreating to his room to rest.

When he discovers that Yun Qian Yu is still awake, he takes off his outer robe before climbing on the bed.

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“I told my brother that we will resume the journey tomorrow. After we return from Mount San Xian, we will pick them up and return to the capital together.”

“Alright,” says Yun Qian Yu, before naturally leaning against Gong Sang Mo’s chest.

Gong Sang Mo already instructed San Qiu to call Chang Qing and Chang Si, they will be here by tomorrow morning. Two those will bring a bunch of Gong Clan’s secret guards with them, to protect Gong Shu Zhu and his family.

The next day, Chang Qing and Chang Si arrive.

After breakfast, Gong Sang Mo and Yun Qian Yu bid Gong Shu Zhu and Yang Liu goodbye before resuming their journey to Mount San Xian.

Very soon, they left Qing Zhou and reach Jing Zhou, which is the ancestral town of the Yun Clan.

The First Elder is currently in Jing Zhou, managing the Yun Clan’s Academy.

Yun Qian Yu would like to take this chance to check up on the academy herself.

The Yun ancestral home is located on the main street of Jing Zhou. Yun Qian Yu lifts the curtain and looks out of the window; the walls are 3 metres high and the main door is painted red, flanked by two imposing lion statues, one on each side. The name plat is written with a simple and light ‘Yun Residence’. All of this indicates the Yun Clan’s former glory days.

It is clear that this mansion has been freshly repainted.

Yun Qian Yu tries to imagine what her grandfather felt when he took his wife to leave the mansion; he ought to had been heartbroken.

Feng Ran knocks on the door.

A young man wearing a set of green plain cotton robe opens the door, “Yes, how can I help you?”

Feng Ran looks at him, “Is the First Elder here?”

“Yes. Can I please be informed of your name?” requests the young man politely.

“Feng Ran,” says Feng Ran with a raised eyebrow.

“Please wait,” the young man closes the door and then runs off to where the First Elder is staying.

Not long later, the door opens again, this time fully.

The First Elder arrives very quickly, completely unlike the celestial-like impression that he left back then in Jin Luan Palace, “Is Mistress here, Feng Ran?”

“Yes, she is inside the carriage,” Feng Ran points at the carriage.

Gong Sang Mo jumps off from the carriage and helps Yun Qian Yu down.

The First Elder immediately becomes cautious the moment he sees Gong Sang Mo; just one look and one will know that he does not approve of Gong Sang Mo. The people from Yun Clan have always been love-sick; the Elders are naturally critical of the person who managed to move Yun Qian Yu’s heart. Yun Qian Yu is the only Yun left.

“Mistress,” the First Elder politely bows in front of her.

Yun Qian Yu nods him, “How is everything?”

“Everything is fine.” Only then does the First Elder turns to Gong Sang Mo, “Greeting Xian Wang.”

Gong Sang Mo returns the bow with a smile; he is naturally aware of the First Elder’s wariness towards himself.

Feng Ran raises his brows tauntingly on the sideline: does he think it will be easy to marry the owner of the Yun Valley? He will have to go through all of the Elders, and this is just the first one!

Gong Sang Mo raises his brows back carelessly; he already secures Yun Qian Yu’s heart, there is no need to fear those seven old men.

Yu Er is his, no one can change that fact!

Seeing Gong Sang Mo so lighthearted makes Feng Ran thinks that he is onto something.

The moment they enter the house, they step foot into Yi De Hall. This place has originally been the entertaining lounge, so the First Elder does not change a thing. Just, the courtyard behind Yi De Hall is now divided into two parts; one for the medical studies, and the other for literary studies. They are separated by a narrow pathway heading straight for the back courtyard.

The day is already dark, Yun Qian Yu heads to the back courtyard to rest.

The First Elder purposely designs her room far from Gong Sang Mo’s.

Gong Sang Mo smiles; does he thinks that this will be enough to subdue him?

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