Volume 1, Chapter 78 Part 1: Recognition


Gong Sang Mo returns to the east wing.

By now, Yun Qian Yu has woken up and is currently washing her face. She looks at Gong Sang Mo, “He ignored you?”

He laughs, amused, before pinching her nose affectionately, “I cannot hide anything from you.”

Yun Qian Yu slaps his hand away, “You have to give him some time. Let him take everything in. An honoroble young General actually broke his leg and had to settle to being an obscure farmer, nobody would be able to accept it easily. Give him some time to adapt.”

“I know. That’s why I left him and came here,” Gong Sang Mo sits in front of the table.

“Don’t worry, I will check on his leg later and see if there is anything I can do to help,” says Yun Qian Yu.

“Alright!” agrees Gong Sang Mo. Now that Gong Shu Zhu has regained his memory, his leg will be very important to him. Perhaps, he will never be able to accept the fact that he cannot walk in this entire lifetime.

Sha Dan woke up early in the morning. He is very interested in Gong Sang Mo and Yun Qian Yu, particularly the latter. Although she looks cold all the time, he likes getting close to her nevertheless.

When Yun Qian Yu sees that little head poking in from the doorway, she beckons him in. Sha Dan walks over to her, embarrassed.

Yun Qian Yu really does not know what to say regarding Sha Dan’s name. Although people on the countryside believes that naming children as such promises them good lives, there is no need to pick one that is so foolish-sounding. It is a complete contrast to Sha Dan’s clever appearance.

(TN:  Sha Dan (傻蛋) can be directly translated as Silly Egg, or rather, Little Fool.)

Gong Sang Mo lifts Sha Dan up and places him on his lap, “Remember this, your surname is Gong. Wait for your father to wake up to give you a new name. From now onwards, do not use the name Sha Dan again.”

“Gong? Is that my Father’s surname?” asks Sha Dan in excitement.

“Yes. His name is Gong Shu Zhu. I am also a Gong. I am your uncle. Call me ‘Uncle,’” explains Gong Sang Mo patiently.

Sha Dan blinks a couple of times. This really handsome Celestial Uncle is his real Uncle?

“Celestial Uncle!” calls Sha Dan sweetly.

Yun Qian Yu looks at Gong Sang Mo. He does not appear annoyed at all. In fact, he seems very earnest as he corrects the boy’s term of addressment, “Not ‘Celestial Uncle’. I am your real uncle.”

“Real Uncle!” the boy fixes his mistake. His voice is so tender that it melts one’s heart.

Yun Qian Yu looks at the pair silently.

“Take out the word ‘Real’. Just ‘Uncle,’” says Gong Sang Mo patiently.

“Uncle!” the boy obediently says.

Finally satisfied, Gong Sang Mo’s handsome features melt in tenderness. He never knew little children could be this cute. Will his and Yu Er’s children be even cuter? He secretly steals a look at her. When he sees her beautiful face, he just know that her children will be beautiful, just like her.

San Qiu and Yi Ri who are standing guard outside, listen on awkwardly. Other than the Princess, there is actually another person who can make their Master so patient.

Chen Xiang enters the room and invites Yun Qian Yu and Gong Sang Mo to breakfast.

The maids have been busy from early in the morning with chores and helping Sha Dan’s Mother cook. The breakfast today is very luxurious. Feng Ran had ordered his Yun Guards to buy meat and rice. San Qiu had asked his people to do the same.

Sha Dan’s Mother was very surprised when she entered the kitchen earlier. Since when had her kitchen been filled with so many different types of food? She had never even seen some of them before, much less knew how to cook them. In the end, she had to accept Ying Yu and Yu Nuo’s offer to help her cook.

The meals are eaten in the large lounge, distributed into two separate tables.

Gong Sang Mo carries Sha Dan in and puts the child to the seat on his left. Yun Qian Yu sits on his right.

Sha Dan looks at his mother excitedly, “Mother, Uncle said my surname is Gong. We will wait until Father wakes up before he gives me a new name.”

His mother’s eyes dim down a little; but when faced w ith his bright smile, she forces herself to return it with a smile of her own.

Gong Sang Mo picks some dishes for Yun Qian Yu, and then for Sha Dan.

Sha Dan frowns as he looks at the dishes that Gong Sang Mo picked for him.

“Do not be a picky-eater. You need to eat vegetables to grow taller,” says Gong Sang Mo.

Sha Dan looks at Gong Sang Mo, “Are you that tall and pretty because you are not a picky eater, Uncle?”

“En, correct. That was what Uncle’s Father told me when I was a child,” says Gong Sang Mo without a change in expression.

Yun Qian Yu senses the change of atmosphere inside the room and smiles.

Sha Dan obediently finishes all the food inside his bowl. He wants to be just like his uncle, tall and handsome.

San Qiu and Yi Ri who are on another table find it hard to control their expressions. This is the first time they have ever heard that beauty can be obtained through food. It is not nice to lie to a child, Master! That beauty is hereditary.

That pair of uncle and nephew eat happily.

After eating, Gong Sang Mo and Yun Qian Yu return to the east wing. Chen Xiang and the rest of the girls clean the table before returning to the west wing to rest. As for Sha Dan, he plays sword with San Qiu and Yi Ri.

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Only Sha Dan’s Mother is left inside the hall.

A hoarse voice can suddenly be heard calling for her, “Liu Er.”

Liu Er is Sha Dan’s Mother’s maiden name; her full name is Yang Liu.

She freezes for a moment before running towards the room where Gong Shu Zhu has been resting at.

She steps into the room and finds Gong Shu Zhu leaning against the headboard, clearly having just woken up.

Yang Liu looks at him, stunned. Even the air surrounding him has changed. She wonders if she should step closer to him.

Gong Shu Zhu smiles at her, “What is wrong, Liu Er?”

“Have you regained your memory, Husband?” asks Yang Liu carefully.

Gong Shu Zhu nods, “Yes, I remember everything.”

Her heart sinks. Who would have thought that her husband is actually so different from the one that she knows? Even though he has a broken leg, she has never seen him complaining about the pain. Her husband is not the type that likes to speak. He would stare into thin air contemplatively from time to time, telling her about the handsome young boy in pale blue robe that he frequently sees in his dream. What her husband had said before passing out tells her that the boy he kept seeing has been the handsome man that tells their son to call him ‘Uncle’. That man must have been a boy, 8 years ago.

Now that her husband has regained his memory, will he leave this country bumpkin in favour of his family?

“What are you thinking about? Come here,” he beckons her over.

Tears pool in her eyes as she looks at the hand that he has offered her.

She walks towards him. She only needs to take a couple of steps but why does it feels like they are so so far from each other?

Yang Liu stops two steps away from him, unable to bring herself to stand closer. Tears flow heavily from her eyes.

Gong Shu Zhu helplessly leans forward and pulls her over to him. He hugs her tight as he buries her head against his chest, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. You were there for me when I had nothing. I will never leave you. Without you, my life will not be complete.”

Yang Liu sobs. She feels like she has aged for years while waiting for her husband to wake up. She feels like she has been struggling in the middle of a river and no matter how hard she tries to swim, she could never reach the banks. She really does not know if she can continue living if Gong Shu Zhu abandons her. Now that she has received Gong Shu Zhu’s reassurance, the emotions that she has been suppressing inside her heart is let out once again.

Gong Shu Zhu hugs her and lets her cry to her heart’s content.

Gong Sang Mo who is resting in the east wing can hear the sound of Yang Liu’s weep. Worried, he teleports into the room, followed anxiously by Yun Qian Yu. She drags him back when they reach the doorway, “He is alright.”

When he hears the sound of Gong Shu Zhu comforting Yang Liu from inside, Gong Sang Mo slowly understands what has happened.

They can hear the sound of someone running towards them. They turn around and find Sha Dan running towards the room while carrying San Qiu’s sword.

He does not stop to greet them and immediately rushes into the room.

“Is Father alright, Mother?” asks Sha Dan.

When he notices that his Father is awake, his face brightens up in joy, “You are awake, Father!”

Yang Liu stands up from Gong Shu Zhu’s embrace and wipes her tears.

“Father is fine now, why are you still crying, Mother?” asks Sha Dan curiously.

Gong Shu Zhu smiles, “Your Mother is too happy.”

“Shouldn’t she be laughing then? Why is she crying instead?” Sha Dan looks at her curiously.

“It is happy tears,” explains Gong Shu Zhu.

Sha Dan continues looking at them in confusion.

“She is too happy, so she is crying out of happiness,” says Gong Shu Zhu patiently.

“Oh,” says Sha Dan.

Gong Shu Zhu’s eyes dim down a little when he sees the sword in Sha Dan’s hand. Then, he looks at the doorway, “Come in, Sang Mo.”

Gong Sang Mo shudders, suddenly intimidated by the prospect of meeting his brother again.

Yun Qian Yu pushes him forward, “Go on.”

Gong Sang Mo holds her hand as they walk in together.

Yun Qian Yu originally wants to give them some private time to catch up, but Gong Sang Mo’s grip on her hand is too tight. In the end, he drags her into the room.

Gong Sang Mo and Gong Shu Zhu looks at each other for the longest time. Neither of them speaks as their eyes lock.

Yun Qian Yu stands by Gong Sang Mo awkwardly.

After a while, Gong Shu Zhu speaks first, “You are a grown up now, Sang Mo. 8 years have passed. The little boy in my dreams is now a rightful adult.”

Something flashes on Gong Sang Mo’s eyes as he tightens his hold on Yun Qian Yu, “I’ve missed you, Brother.”

Gong Sang Mo’s sentence causes tears to pool in every pair of eyes inside the room.

Gong Shu Zhu blinks his tears away, “Sang Mo, are you trying to make Brother lose face in front of the girl that you like?”

Gong Sang Mo turns to Yun Qian Yu, “You already lost face yesterday, Brother, what difference does it make today?”

After saying that, he introduces Yun Qian Yu to his Brother, “Brother, this is Qian Yu. Her surname is Yun. I spent 3 years to chase after her?”

Yun Qian Yu tugs him in the arm; why must he include that in the introduction?

Gong Sang Mo laughs.

Their little actions does not escape Gong Shu Zhu’s eyes. “I need to thank you, Qian Yu. Yang Liu told me that it was you who helped me regain my memory.”

“No need to thank me,” replies Yun Qian Yu calmly.

“Your surname is Yun, and your medical ability is really good, do you have any connection with the Yun Valley?” asks Gong Shu Zhu.

“Brother, Yu Er is the owner of Yun Valley,” says Gong Sang Mo.

“When did the owner changed?” asks Gong Shu Zhu in surprise.

“My Father followed my Mother in death, 3 years ago. The responsibility to care for Yun Valley now rests on Qian Yu’s shoulder,” says Yun Qian Yu.

Gong Shu Zhu sighs. He has been out of the loop for 8 years, he has missed out on so many news.

He turns to Gong Sang Mo, “Sang Mo, this is your sister-in-law, Yang Liu. It was Liu Er and Father-in-Law who saved me 8 years ago. My Father-in-Law has died 3 years ago.”

“Sang Mo greets Sister-in-Law,” Gong Sang Mo respectfully bows towards her.

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Yang Liu curtsies in return, “No need to be so formal, Brother-in-Law.”

Gong Shu Zhu’s eyes dim down a little, “Sang Mo, you said that Uncle is dead. When did this happen? Not long after I went missing?”

“Yes,” replies Gong Sang Mo emotionally.

“What happened?”

“After mufei died, fuwang lost the will to live. When you went missing, fuwang’s condition became worse. He fell into the trap of the other two kingdoms. I will tell you in details later.”

(TN: Mufei refers to his mother. Fuwang refers to his father.)

“What about grandfather?” Gong Shu Zhu’s heart twists in pain. Their grandfather must have been in so much pain, watching everyone that he loves slowly leaving him one by one.

“He is doing fine. He spends all his energy into finding me a wife.” Gong Sang Mo secretly sighs. His grandfather usually lives in the manor all by himself, he must have been very lonely. That’s why he keeps kicking up a fuss everything they meet, to make things more lively.

Gong Shu Zhu becomes quiet.

Gong Sang Mo takes note of the heavy atmosphere and pulls Sha Dan over, “Grandfather has been yearning for a grandchild. He finally has one. But, Brother, you should change my nephew’s name. If grandpa finds out that his grandson is named Sha Dan, he will break your other leg!”

That is originally such a hard topic to raise, but Gong Sang Mo raised it insensitively in the end.

Gong Shu Zhu beckons his son over.

Sha Dan walks over to him obediently.

“Father almost died in order to obtain you and your mother. I hope your life will be easier from now on. Yi Zhi. Your name is now Gong Yi Zhi.”

(TN: The ‘Yi’ (易) in his name means easy and amiable.)

“Huh, I have a name now! Gong Yi Zhi! What a nice sounding name!” Gong Yi Zhi exclaims happily. Gong Sang Mo takes the sword from his hand in case if he accidentally injures himself.

Yun Qian Yu and Yang Liu drags him away from the room, leaving the brothers to chat privately.

Relieved of her emotional burden, Yang Liu has now returned to her original lively disposition. She tells Yun Qian Yu everything about their family; how she saved Gong Shu Zhu, how they fell in love up until their lives at the moment.

Yun Qian Yu listens to her patiently. After a while, Yang Liu finally remembers to ask where Gong Shu Zhu’s hometown is.

“The capital.” Yun Qian Yu’s simple answer is enough to send shockwaves through Yang Liu’s heart.

She pats her own chest uneasily, “No wonder he looks so esteemed, he comes from the capital. What does his family do? What kind of people are they? Will they look down on me for coming from a lowly background?”

“No. There is only one elder in the family, the Gong Grandfather. He is very kind and cheerful, he will not mistreat you.”

Yun Qian Yu neglects to mention to her that her cousin-in-law is the kingdom’s God of War and that her husband used to be a young hero in the battlefield. Their only equal is the Duke Rong’s manor as well as Ding Hai Wang and the only people above them are the members of the imperial family themselves.

However, even though Yun Qian Yu does not say anything, Yang Liu is smart enough to put two and two together.

“My husband’s surname is Gong and he lived in the capital. His cousin is good-looking beyond belief; I heard, Xian Wang who lives in the capital is also handsome beyond belief. Isn’t Xian Wang’s surname is Gong as well? Don’t tell me that cousin-in-law is the God of War, Xian Wang?”

Yang Liu seems shocked by her own deduction. She looks at Yun Qian Yu, as though waiting for her verification.

Yun Qian Yu does not know what to say regarding Yang Liu’s spot-on observation. She simply nods.

Yang Liu remains stunned for a long long time. After a while, she sighs heavily before turning to Yun Qian Yu in mortification, “Pinch me a little.”

Yun Qian Yu looks at her speechlessly, “No need to pinch you, you are not dreaming. This is all real. Sang Mo is Nan Lou Kingdom’s Xian Wang, Gong Sang Mo.”

“Oh my God!” Yang Liu stands up in disbelief. She paces around uneasily.

“Qian Yu!” calls Gong Sang Mo.

Yun Qian Yu replies him while calling for Yun Nian to return to Gong Shu Zhu’s room with her. She knows that they are going to start talking about Gong Shu Zhu’s leg now.

Yang Liu chases after her. When she gets into the room, her eyes fall on Gong Sang Mo. This time, her eyes are filled with respect. Gong Sang Mo is the hero that protects the entire kingdom. With him around, the common populace feels safe.

Then, her eyes fall on her husband. Her husband ought to be very prestigious in the past.

Gong Shu Zhu looks at Yun Qian Yu with a pair of downcasted eyes, “Sang Mo, my leg has been in this condition for 8 years. I don’t think it can get better.”

“Brother, Yu Er is the owner of Yun Valley. I have never seen any injury that she cannot heal,” smiles Gong Sang Mo.

It is not that Gong Shu Zhu does not trust Yun Qian Yu’s ability. Just, his leg has been in this condition for almost a decade. If it has only been freshly broken, he does not doubt that Yun Qian Yu will be able to fix it. However, too many years have passed and the chances of fixing his leg is close to none.

Seeing Gong Shu Zhu in silence, Gong Sang Mo tries to negotiate with him, “Just give Yu Er a chance to look. If she can’t do anything, even I will give up.”

Seeing Gong Sang Mo in this manner, Gong Shu Zhu’s heart turns soft. Might as well just give it a go. Otherwise, Sang Mo will never stop pestering him.

“Alright. Let’s try and give it a look.”

With Gong Shu Zhu’s consent, Gong Sang Mo folds up his pant.

Yun Qian Yu steps forward and begins pinching Gong Shu Zhu’s injured leg. Yun Nian watches intently, not missing a single action from her.

After a thorough examination, Yun Qian Yu beckons Yun Nian to look.

Yun Nian steps forward in excitement. He begins examining the leg, trying to figure out the condition of the bones inside.

After he is done examining Gong Shu Zhu’s leg, he turns to everyone with a difficult look on his face, “Your Highness, the bones are crooked, Yun Nian does not think it will be possible to fix that leg.”

Gong Shu Zhu and Yang Liu’s faces turn dim. He already told them it has been 8 years, it is impossible for him to walk properly again.

Gong Sang Mo, on the other hand does not appear worried at all. He can see that Yun Qian Yu has a plan.

Yun Qian Yu looks at Yun Nian, “You can tell that the bones are crooked, but can you tell in what way the bones were broken and what the circumstances of his fall was?”

“The broken bones should be a clean cut.”

Yun Qian Yu nods in agreement.

Yun Nian looks at her curiously, “Although the cut is clean, that does not change the fact that the leg has been broken for years.”

Yun Qian Yu raises her eyebrow as she addresses Gong Shu Zhu, “Your leg is not broken from the direct impact of the fall. This leg was broken before you even fell. Someone kicked your leg. Otherwise, the cut wouldn’t have been this clean. You must have had hit a tree when you fell and didn’t even hit the ground at all.”

Gong Shu Zhu looks at her in surprise. It is true that someone had kicked his leg before he fell from the cliff.

Yang Liu looks at her in surprise, “How did you know that? I really did found my husband on top of a tree when I discovered him.”

Yun Qian Yu continues speaking, “If this leg is broken in any other way, there is nothing I could have done for him.  I could only make it a little bit better than this, but he will have to live with one leg shorter than the other. But now, looking at his condition, I can assure you that he will recover back to how he was.”

Gong Shu Zhu looks at her, pleasantly surprised. There is a chance for his leg to recover? This feels like a dream!

“You can really help me heal my leg?” asks Gong Shu Zhu anxiously.

Yun Qian Yu nods confidently. “But the process will be really really painful.”

“How painful?” Gong Shu Zhu frowns.

“Break it again and then join it together,” says Yun Qian Yu lightly.

Gong Shu Zhu does not appear intimidated by Yun Qian Yu’s word. Instead, he appears, excited— hopeful.

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