Chapter 104 – Seductive woman confounding the ruler’s heart

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The radiance of spring in Qiqi’s room was unbounded. Liu Zhongtian was stoked till he couldn’t control himself. Towards Qiqi’s passionate response and the lingering feelings, the enjoying and tempting look, that pair of smooth jade arms clinging on him, all these caused him to fall for this woman. That night, he was reckless, till he fell down on the bed, tired and spent. At that moment, Liu Zhongtian understood why beautiful and tempting women were troubled waters. His Qiqi belonged to that category, causing him to stumble within just a night. Liu Zhongtian, looked at Wei Qiqi, tired and satisfied. He peacefully laid on Qiqi’s side, his muscular arms hugging her. Wei Qiqi was somewhat shy, biting her lips, not even wanting to move. She could only let him hug her. After the pleasure, Qiqi’s heart was in a conundrum. Could she achieve the state where she only enjoy physical pleasure and not want love? The tyrannical Duke would only forcefully possess her time and again. She hated this man, yet loved him at the same time. She was crazily in love with him on the bed. Third Duke on the bed was very passionate. That passionate kiss caused her heart to be set on fire. The warm touches caused her to be more and more deluded. Her virgin experience of making love caused Qiqi to look forward yet be scared at the same time. She felt that she had already drowned in Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. No matter what Qiqi had to leave this man. This man had in his eyes only war, power and fame. He was a fellow that kept robbing from her, not knowing what was love, what was feelings. Wei Qiqi coldly looked at the milky white blanket in front of the bed. She had to learn how to protect herself. The only way was to become strong, be it position or money. A pity, Liu Zhongtian was too strong, strong to a point where she was tired to struggle against. It was morning. Liu Zhongtian discovered that the space beside him was empty. Where did Qiqi go? He quickly got up, wore his clothes, pushed opened the door and walked out. From afar he heard a sound of laughter in the garden. He walked over and discovered Wei Qiqi teaching Xiaotao how to ride the bicycle in the garden. She looked extremely happy. Could Qiqi not be angry? Yesterday night Liu Zhongtian had forcefully… although she enjoyed it very much, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t angry. How did she become so happy? She really was a woman who could quickly forget unhappy things. Liu Zhongtian didn’t want Qiqi to feel awkward, hence he turned around and walked away. He then bumped into Ning Yun-er who was just walking over. Yun-er’s eyes were red, as if she just cried. Liu Zhongtian then thought of how he dumped her last night to look for Qiqi. He shouldn’t have been so impulsive. Since he didn’t have her in his heart, he shouldn’t have misled her. “Yun-er, last night… it wasn’t intentional, I just…” “Duke, Yun-er understands, as long as you like it, Yun-er will like it as well.” Ning Yun-er drooped her head, her voice exceptionally gentle. Liu Zhongtian involuntarily sighed. Yun-er was gentle and understanding, and someone who knew the three rules and four virtues. Wasn’t she someone he wanted? Why would he go towards Wei Qiqi? There was only one explanation, and that was Wei Qiqi used some kind of magic to seduce him, causing him to be unable to understand the things he did, only wanting to possess that woman. Liu Zhongtian looked at Ning Yun-er who left in sadness and felt bitter. At this time the butler walked over and passed to him a letter. He quickly left the manor and received the invitation to go over to the Prime Minister’s place. Wei Qiqi discovered that Liu Zhongtian had left and finally heaved a breath of relief. She touched her cheeks. What was wrong with her, when did she become afraid of that fellow? She pushed Xiaotao once. “Quickly get down, let’s get out of the manor!” Xiaotao came down the bicycle and looked at Wei Qiqi strangely, “Royal Concubine, why do you keep spying on the Duke, as if you are a thief!” “What do you know? Don’t speak nonsense. Since when did I spy on him?” Qiqi pulled Xiaotao down the bicycle. This maid was getting more and more brazen, to actually dare ask about her private life. Xiaotao extended her tongue, knowing that she had committed an error. She laughed embarrassingly. Wei Qiqi slapped her shoulders, “Don’t be so curious in the future, let’s go!” The two of them just left the garden when the butler Liu Quan came running over. He saw Wei Qiqi and hurriedly went forward. He spoke in a low voice, “Royal Concubine, Concubine Han Yu’s men are here. They are saying that they want to bring you into the palace!” “Concubine Han Yu?” Qiqi thought for a while, wasn’t that the woman Liu Zhongtian used to like? The Emperor had robbed him of her, what was she doing inviting Qiqi into the palace? Don’t tell me... “Royal Concubine, go and change up into something more formal, Concubine Han Yu is very favored, she can’t be offended!” “I know?” Qiqi scratched her head. She didn’t want to go. “Go then, the concubines in the palace are not nice to serve. Go there, say a word and then come back.” Liu Quan was afraid that this wilful concubine wouldn’t be willing to go, hence he purposely said it in a serious tone. No matter what she had to go and visit Concubine Han Yu. Wei Qiqi helplessly went back to her room. Xiaotao helped her to redo her makeup again and dressed her in a blue clothing, touching her up in a good fashion and adding a few stalks of flower pins. She then thought again, before helping to cover Qiqi’s face with cloth. “Why are we still covering? Hateful, it causes my face to itch!” “My dear Royal Concubine, you can’t take it down. Everybody knows that the Duke had married an ugly concubine. If you just go in like this, who knew what will happen? The most important thing is that Concubine Han Yu always had affections for the Duke… anyway you should cover your face up, never ever take it down!” “Okay!” Qiqi looked at the dress. She had to dress up like this again, so troublesome. “Once our Royal Concubine dresses up, who knows how many men will be mesmerized?” Xiaotao covered her mouth and laughed. “Damn brat!” Qiqi embarrassingly looked at the mirror. Wearing this cloth caused her eyes to be even more mesmerizing. Although she had no interest in doing so, she still lightly laughed. Qiqi ordered Xiaotao to go to the store to manage it. She then sat in the carriage which Concubine Han Yu had arranged for her and entered the palace. So this was the Great Han palace! Qiqi opened her mouth wide and came down the carriage. She followed behind a palace maid. With every step she took she was wondering about this place. What a grandiose sight! It was much bigger than the Duke’s manor. It was almost all made up of gold, a very stunning sight. In the far away modern era, all these had become historical sites. Who would have thought that Wei Qiqi would personally voyage through the real Great Han palace. “Royal Concubine, please keep up and don’t get lost!” The palace maid in front reminded her. “Understood!” Although Qiqi answered, she couldn’t help but look east and west. After a while, she then realised the palace maid had disappeared. Oh no, she must have forgotten to catch up while looking at all these stunning sights. Actually Qiqi understood in her heart that she liked it here. Maybe she forgot while in a heat of the moment, not following the palace maid but only immersed in her own thoughts, walking leisurely in the beautiful scenery. Wei Qiqi was lost in the Great Han palace. The more anxious she was, the more she couldn’t discern the directions. Xiaotao had even dress her up in a long dress. It was extremely troublesome to walk, she almost tripped a few times. Wei Qiqi lifted up the dress and walked to a pavilion. She saw that the pavilion was really beautiful. The surroundings had yarns, fluttering in the wind, just like a dream and fantasy. It was extremely pleasing looking at it. Looks like she couldn’t get out temporarily, thus she decided to rest there. When the palace maid realised that Qiqi had disappeared, she would naturally return to look for her. It was much better than bumping around randomly. A gust of wind blew over. The face cloth stuck onto the face. It was extremely itchy and irritating. When can she not wear this damned thing? Qiqi looked around, there was nobody at all. Hence she took down the face cloth. She could always wear it again when the palace maid came for her. Qiqi incidentally turned her head to look at the table in the pavilion. Her mood brightened. Woah, who was so good, to actually put fruits, snacks and even wine on the pavilion? Although she could do without the wine, she definitely had to try the fruits and snacks. The palace was really not bad, to even have food at resting spots. Didn’t the immortals live their lives like this too? Qiqi sat comfortably on the chair and picked up a grape and put it in her mouth. Next was the snacks. She started to eat leisurely. However at this time, there was someone coming cover. There were two eunuchs leading the way. Following behind was actually the Great Han Emperor, Liu Zhongtian’s brother. This Emperor had a tall figure, with horizontal brows and a cold look. He was dressed in royal robes, and both hands were behind his back. He furrowed his brows. An eunuch frantically rubbed his eyes and looked at the pavilion disbelievingly. He stuttered. “Emperor, please pardon me! That…” He pointed at the pavilion, and was scared till he started sweating. He obviously just prepared the food, who knew there was a woman who didn’t know what death meant and was actually eating the food prepared for the Emperor. “This servant will immediately chase away that woman!” The eunuch was just about to go up and chase away Wei Qiqi. The Emperor extended his hands to block that old eunuch. His mood today was passable. If it was other days he would definitely be angry. He spoke softly to order the two eunuchs to leave. The Emperor then walked over. When his eyes rested on that woman’s face, he was instantly stunned. Such a beauty. The woman’s hair was decorated with flower pins, her face was like blossom, having a faint redness within the white skin. She had beautiful eyes and a unique look. Her facial features were in harmony, extremely tempting. A dress in light blue caused the pavilion to be much more vibrant. Especially her temperament, it was like a light breeze, having a sense of spirituality with a mesmerizing playfulness. Who was she? Why did the palace have such a top-class beauty and he didn’t notice? Could it be one of his concubines? How could it be? If that was the case, it wasn’t possible for him to ignore her. Why did he have no impression? She was definitely a stranger. The Emperor walked through the yarns and looked closely at the woman whose expression was natural. There seemed to be nothing that could worry her. There was a carefree feeling present, causing people who looked at her to feel extremely comfortable.
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