Chapter 103 – A modern era woman

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“There isn't so many buts. Come, rub my shoulders!” Liu Zhongtian sat up with his back facing Wei Qiqi. He had a natural look on his face, revealing his broad and muscular shoulders. Wei Qiqi was somewhat furious. She exerted force and knocked against his shoulders, “I’m tired, why should I rub your shoulders? Rub mine, for there should be gender equality!” After speaking, Wei Qiqi jumped up onto the bed, revealing her back to Liu Zhongtian, “Come and rub!” “You are asking this Duke to serve you?” “Yes!” “This is unprecedented in Great Han’s history! Wei Qiqi… you are the first woman who asked this Duke to serve her.” Liu Zhongtian’s hands rested on Qiqi’s back. “Just begin! What custom are you talking about, who said that only women can serve men and not enjoy? I already massaged your legs and shoulders for so long before, it should be your turn now. My Third Duke...hurry up!” Qiqi’s words just finished when Liu Zhongtian’s hands were already rubbing Qiqi’s shoulders. Qiqi enjoyed it with her eyes shut as she slowly move to rest on Liu Zhongtian’s body. His chest was very muscular, causing her heart to somewhat flutter. Liu Zhongtian’s hands were rubbing gently on Qiqi’s shoulders. The fingers that were full of warmth rested on Qiqi’s neck, rubbing across her skin with just a thin veil separating the finger from her body. “Duke…” Qiqi gently raised her head and closed her eyes. Her heart started to sink into turmoil. She weakly rested on Liu Zhongtian. Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing became light. Her body started trembling. This rotten man, she asked him to rub her shoulders, what was he doing? “This Duke will stay behind, Qiqi… don’t neglect me anymore!” “No! Definitely no!” Wei Qiqi trembled slightly and she immediately became sober. She quickly pulled away Liu Zhongtian’s hands. This naughty Duke actually had such bad thoughts. So his intention was not really to massage her, but how could Wei Qiqi possibly fall into his trap... “Get out! Get out now!” Qiqi came down the bed and pulled Liu Zhongtian’s hands forcefully to the door side. She tried to push him out, “Quickly get out, rotten Duke!” “Alright, alright, this Duke will get out!” Liu Zhongtian teasingly lifted Qiqi’s chin, “Don’t let this Duke wait for too long. I’ll let you off tonight, little cutie!” “Who is your little cutie, irritating fella, get out!” Qiqi pushed Liu Zhongtian out and speedily closed the door. She nervously laid on the door. This Liu Zhongtian, she nearly let him get what he wanted again. What was wrong with her? Qiqi touched her heart, why did her heartbeat increase? Liu Zhongtian stood outside Wei Qiqi’s room, helplessly smiling. He was actually rejected. Probably amongst the dozen of Dukes, only Liu Zhongtian have such an encounter. Every single one of them had many romantic meetings. At this time they would be in the presence of beauties. Only he was alone and neglected. Liu Zhongtian’s heart was unable to calm down, however he helplessly went to his own room. When he opened the door to his room, he smelled a trace of fragrance. There was someone in the room. Liu Zhongtian alertly lit up the candle and saw Ning Yun-er who had tears all over her face. It was so late, what was Yun-er doing in his room? “Duke…” Yun-er rubbed away her tears and her cheeks flushed. She seemed to have waited a long time. She drooped her head and walked slowly towards him, “Tonight, let Yun-er serve Duke..” “Yun-er?” Liu Zhongtian frowned. He was just pushed outside by a woman, yet there was another woman sending herself in. Things were really unexpected. He was thinking when Ning Yun-er had already snuggled up on him. That faint fragrance became even stronger. “Duke, Yun-er always have you in her heart. I don’t wish for status, but only to accompany you for the rest of my life. I can even be a servant and I don’t care, as long as you accept me and want me...Duke!” “Yun-er, don’t be like this, you know that this Duke already has a concubine…” Due to Qiqi’s rejection, Liu Zhongtian’s heart was in turmoil. Those remnant flames of passion were still burning. He needed a woman, he needed to vent. And at this time there was a woman willing to sacrifice her all for him, putting herself in his embrace. All his personal desires were torturing him because of Wei Qiqi. He was furious because of his own performance. The feeling of rejection caused him to feel anger. He felt that he was going to explode. Did he really lack women? He was not lacking. Wasn’t there one woman in front of him? He just need to gently hug her... Did Wei Qiqi really have that much charm? To cause him to give up all other women and only dote on her? She was really someone who didn’t know his grace! “Duke, you are a Duke, you won’t have just one woman in your life, possess Yun-er! I’m willing!” “Yun-er!” Liu Zhongtian agitatedly hugged Ning-Yun-er, lifting up her cheek, looking at her pair of mesmerized eyes. “Duke…” Ning Yun-er slowly closed her eyes and slowly went forward. Both of her jade hands hooked onto Liu Zhongtian’s neck, her soft body also gently stuck to his. Liu Zhongtian looked at the woman in front of him. No matter who she was, he wanted to find a target to vent all his fantasies about Wei Qiqi out. Liu Zhongtian grabbed Ning Yun-er into his embrace and slowly walked to the bed. However, what caused Liu Zhongtian to be bitter was that he actually thirsted for Wei Qiqi to be in his embrace instead. He only wanted that woman with the red lips and mesmerizing eyes, not just any other woman. Damnit. Liu Zhongtian suddenly put down Ning Yun-er, turned around and walked. He was extremely furious. He walked in big strides to Wei Qiqi’s door and pushed it open, entering the room. He was the Duke, an honourable Duke. Could it be that difficult for him to have a woman that belonged to him? An ancient era Duke and a modern era woman. A difference in thinking and perception had resulted in this moment’s intense clash. One required total submission, one required total respect. In a state where the difference in thoughts could not be reconciled, maybe the solution to all of this was brute force. Wei Qiqi felt vaguely that there was someone forcefully kissing her. She was horrified and she opened her eyes, seeing the Third Duke whose desires were burning. Qiqi couldn’t speak. Her eyes were staring at the man in front of her. Didn’t he just leave? Why did he come back? Based on his looks, she knew what he came back for. Qiqi struggled to sit up, however she was pulled into Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. Without waiting for her to react, the situation took a downturn… she extended her hands and speedily slapped it across Liu Zhongtian’s cheeks. Liu Zhongtian caught Qiqi’s incoming slap and furiously pinned both of her hands behind her back, causing her to lose the ability to resist. “This Duke is the Great Han’s Duke. You dare to treat me like this? Why can’t you be like other women and obediently lay down there, waiting for me to shower love on you?” “I’m not your servant, so why must I wait for you and serve you? Other women are willing and taking the initiative, why can’t you find them instead of bothering me!” “What I want is you...Wei Qiqi, you are too rude!” “I don’t want you...Third Duke, you are too proud!” “Don’t want? Then I’ll make you want me now!” Liu Zhongtian was really taught a lesson now. He understood what being diametrically opposed meant, what was being hard pressed for every step. He had married a woman who didn’t know what was the three rules and four virtues. She didn’t even know how to please her husband. Wei Qiqi felt a chill in her body. She was lifted up...this is bad. She lost an absolute advantage. “Love this Duke, QIqi…” No matter how unwilling she was, Wei Qiqi was still a woman. Her uppercut, swirling kick, when faced with such a cold-blooded Third Duke who had unparalleled martial prowess, was feeble. She showed signs of submitting. Liu Zhongtian was instantly electrified. The electricity went through both of them. Qiqi became submissive. She completely gave up resisting. The powerful and tyrant Duke had already completely controlled her. Qiqi was drunk in Liu Zhongtian’s love. The last line of defence in her heart had loosened and her heart was lost in the passion, that kiss and touching caused her whole body to be scorching on fire. Qiqi’s submission and the waves of moaning caused Liu Zhongtian’s passion to be stoked. His concubine was really one who knows how to fan the flames. A beautiful and sexy chick actually had such potential to tempt men. Even her moans of pleasure were sexy and mesmerizing. At this moment, even if the sky fell down, he had to possess this woman. Yun-er was suddenly left alone in the room. She was staring blankly at the empty room, not knowing what happened. Didn’t he decide to want her? Why did he give up? Yun-er’s heart was hurt. She was crying while walking out of the Duke’s room. She despondently looked at the night sky. Why did the Duke, who already carried her to the bed, full of passion in his eyes, why did he at the last moment, when there was only one step away from them falling into the river of love, suddenly leave? Yun-er was not resigned. Where did the Duke go? She suspiciously looked at Wei Qiqi’s room, don’t tell me…. She ambled to Wei Qiqi’s window and involuntarily planted her ear on the window front. There was noise coming out from the room, almost piercing her nervous system. Without thinking, one would know that the Duke was in Qiqi’s room, together with that woman. Wei Qiqi’s moaning almost crumbled her. Even just imagining, one would know how deeply involved they were. The man who was originally with Yun-er left her and went into the embrace of another woman. Yun-er was furious and hateful. Wei Qiqi really knew how to seduce men. Even her moaning was so soul-splitting. How could there be a such a proud and shameless woman in Great Han? How could a woman seduce a man in this fashion? The Duke must be deluded till he lost his soul, how would he still think of Yun-er? Ning Yun-er was unable to listen any further. That room was as if it was on fire, causing her to be so angry that she trembled. She quickly left Qiqi’s room and went back to her own. She furiously tried to tear the blanket. No matter what she had to obtain the Duke. Since ten years old, she had never given up. Sooner or later the Duke would walk into her room. After all the Duke was a man, a man’s control over his passion was very bad.
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