Chapter 75

With a noisy atmosphere, they arrived at the town. Ning Meng Yao and Yang Le Le went down the cart together. They did not even spare Madam Luo mother and daughter pair a glance and went away while holding hands.

The two of them went to Aunt Luo first and Yang Le Le bought two clothes and left.

“Yao Yao, what do you think of this?” In the jewelry store, Yang Le Le took a silver hairpin and asked Ning Meng Yao.

Ning Meng Yao stared at it and lightly shook her head. That silver hairpin was not bad, but it was too mature.

At last, Ning Meng Yao helped Yang Le Le choose two hairpins where were both silver, but the style was better than the one before.

Seeing the two silver hairpins in her hand, Yang Le Le was satisfied and chose another hairpin for her sister-in-law. The three hairpins were six silvers in total, almost making Yang Le Le broken hearted.

“What are you doing?” After leaving the jewelry store, Yang Le Le’s expression was very conflicted, as if she had eaten a huge loss.

“How about I return it to the store?” Yang Le Le said carefully.

Ning Meng Yao’s head was filled with black lines as she looked at Yang Le Le. This girl was playing with her, wasn’t she?

“It’s only six silvers. After new year, you go to Aunt Luo to sell your embroidery, won’t your money be back?” Was six silvers worth it?

Yang Le Le tilted her head to think and agreed about this, so she was no longer heart-ached. She put a hairpin on her hair and another on Ning Meng Yao’s head.

“Why are you giving me?”

“Why not? You’ve helped me a lot of times, so I bought you hairpin as a gift. I know that you’re not lacking, but…..” She knew that this kind of hairpin Ning Meng Yao won’t covet, so she was a bit disappointed.

“I also did not say I do not want it. Alright, don’t be like this.” Ning Meng Yao knocked Yang Le Le’s head and spoke helplessly.

Only then did Yang Le Le became happy, smiling and talking with Ning Meng Yao as they walked to another place.

“On new year, I want to go to the town to see flower lanterns. Do you want to go?” Ning Meng Yao suddenly remembered Qing Zhu’s matter and asked Yang Le Le who was right beside her.

Yang Le Le thought it over and nodded in agreement: “Okay. Though I’ve grown this big, I’ve never seen it. I also want to see it.”

“Okay, I will call you then.”


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When it was time to go, Ning Meng Yao and Yang Le Le took not little things to the town, where quite a number of people had arrived.

Yang Xiu Er obviously saw the things in their hands but what she was more envious about was the newly bought hairpins in their hair.

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Based on what were their lives better than hers?

Seeing their laughing while speaking forms made Yang Xiu Er wanted to tear them to pieces.

But she did not dare to do so. She was afraid that when the time comes, she would get Ning Meng Yao’s retribution.

In the cow cart, the familiar people spoke of the things they bought and some also asked Yang Le Le and Ning Meng Yao.

Most of them bought cloth and some new year stuff.

Going back to the village, Ning Meng Yao was prepared to leave with her things but they were kicked by Yang Xiu Er to the ground.

Seeing the scattered goods, Ning Meng Yao furrowed her brows. Not only her, the people in the cart also did as they stared at Yang Xiu Er in discontent.

“I say, Xiu Er girl, you kicked other people’s things to the ground, shouldn’t you ask for forgiveness? What kind of upbringing do you have?”

“That’s right.”

“She deserve it. Why apologize?” Madam Luo coldly snorted and shouted.

Seeing Madam Luo like this, the crowd frowned. Madam Luo becoming like this was simply unreasonable.

Knowing that the thing on the ground was not dirty, Ning Meng Yao took them and left without saying anything.

Ning Meng Yao like this made the attitude of the people to the pair of mother and daughter became worse.

“Madam Luo, it’s not that I am saying you, but your house’s Yang Xiu Er is at the age of discussing marriage, right? Are you not afraid of not being able to find an in-law like this?”

“With this kind of personality, who would dare to want? Afraid that marrying her back would make the house chaotic.”

“That’s right.”

“Yang Xiu Er, do you think that behaving like this can make you get Yao Yao’s attention? How foolish,” Yang Le Le smiled in irony. This person was too shameless, actually doing such a thing, truly making a fool of herself.

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