Chapter 437: Surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple [1]

On the year 87** of the Blue Waves Continent, It was the third last day of the fifth month. The snow and ice covering the lands had almost melted completely. The allied forces of both the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire launched a fierce attack on Yatesianna, restarting the great war against the Proud Moon Empire.

Thanks to the Violent Dragon Legion’s blockade, messengers from the Nalan Empire were unable to enter the region. Every single messenger the Nalan Empire sent was killed without exception. Since the two legions of the Nalan Empire didn’t retreat as per his expectations, the supreme commander, General Jina, felt ill at ease. Initially, he expected that the Nalan Empire’s troops would retreat, making the defense of the Yatesianna defense line much easier. However, according to the reports on the intensity of the attacks, General Jina knew that the fall of the Yatesianna defense line was imminent. When the time comes, and the Yatesianna defense line was captured, he would become a sinner of the Proud Moon Empire.

Thus, during the war, General Jina had to continuously spread the news of Emperor Nalan Wuji’s death. He had to publicize the news about how Emperor Nalan Wuji died due to the backlash of dark power and he was punished by the Light God. He also started to spread the news about how the common people in the Nalan Empire were suffering as the bandits and robbers ran wild. The reason for all of these was that the two princes were fighting for the throne. The moment the news reached the Nalan Empire’s troops, chaos ensued. Fortunately, Long Yi had already prepared for this. Carrying out anti-rumor propaganda, along with the lack of communication from the Nalan Empire, the chaos in the two legions was quelled.


In the northern border of the Proud Moon Empire, a man and a woman walked on a small grassy path. One of them was walking in front of the other. The man was very handsome. He had tied his dark green hair up neatly, however, his face was ice cold as though it was a block of ice. Moreover, with his entire body emitting an ice-cold aura, his face seemed to have four words written on it: Do not approach me.

The woman in the front was wearing a priest robe with golden edges and a white hood covered her head. She was leisurely walking in front.

Rustle, a red patterned poisonous snake came out from a thick clump of grass. The moment it appeared, cold qi flashed. The poisonous snake was diced into many pieces and every single piece was frozen solid.

Si Bi turned around and Li Qing who was walking behind her stopped. He was five steps away from her. He behaved like this since the time he was nine years old. He was always standing behind her, maintaining a distance of five steps.

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“Li Qing, there is a brook in front. Let’s take a rest there before continuing with our journey.” Si Bi said softly as she appeared to be somewhat helpless. After he returned alive from the Heavenly Prison, he succeeded the position of the patriarch. He was the new patriarch of the Moxi Clan. The moment he ascended to that position, he made an announcement. He announced that the rule of monogamy was to be abolished. However, that was only to those who were willing to accept such a rule. This attracted the strong opposition from the previous patriarch and several grand elders. However, Li Qing stubbornly persisted. He refused to change his decision no matter what. First, he spent great effort to persuade his father, i.e. the previous patriarch. Shortly afterward, he persuaded others by sweet talking.

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Eventually, he was able to abolish the law which was written a few thousand years ago.

Si Bi was extremely touched by his actions. She knew that he was doing all this so that she would be able to be together with Long Yi. She truly appreciated it. Although she should be addressing Li Qing as patriarch, he had used the rights of the patriarch to order her. She was to address him using his name. The thing that made her feel extremely awkward was that he addressed her as Madam. Only after a lengthy discussion, they agreed to call each other by name.

Li Qing nodded his head and agreed. Setting up a bonfire beside the brook, he killed two fire rabbits. He skinned and washed them, before placing them above the fire.

Si Bi removed the hood and supporting her face with her hands, she blankly watched the bonfire as it crackled and cooked the fire rabbit meat. Within the flickering flame, she was vaguely able to make out Long Yi’s face. His signature cheeky smile was on his face and Si Bi stared into the flames. She recalled the first time she met Long Yi. At the moment, she felt as though an extremely long time had passed since she met Long Yi. However, it also felt as though only a day had passed since she met Long Yi. She recalled the time in the past, he was also roasting a fire rabbit. He also had the appearance of a rogue. Not to mention the fact that at that time, he deceived her by saying that his fiancée was called Si Bi. He was truly too hateful.

As she thought about the past, a beautiful and sweet smile appeared on her face.

As for Li Qing, seeing that silly smile on Si Bi’s face, he felt pain as if his heart was being pricked with needles. He knew that this woman before him who he loved dearly was smiling for another man. He also knew that he would be unable to surpass that man in his lifetime.

Content, I should be content. Li Qing’s hand which was holding onto a branch trembled. At least, she would cry for him. Although he was only her friend, he was already satisfied. The most difficult aspect for a person was to recognize his position, but he knew his place. He knew that his position was to stand behind Si Bi and Long Yi. He knew that his job was to stay in their shadow and guard them. This was Heaven’s gift for him as he was able to guard his beloved.

The aroma of rabbit meat lingered in the air and the color of the meat began to change. It became a deep yellow color and Li Qing knew that it was ready to eat. Li Qing took one and handed over another to Si Bi. They started nibbling on their respective roasted rabbit meat.

At that time, there was a sudden burst of strong magic fluctuation in the sky and a meteor shower covered the heavens. Even though there was quite some distance between them and the magic fluctuation, fireballs, along with scorching heat wave shot directly at Si Bi and Li Qing.

Ice Sword flashed and the fireballs were sliced open. Even though there was no danger at the moment, Li Qing’s handsome cold face sunk.

A series of magical beast’s roars filled the air. It was accompanied by the shouts of some girls coming from the distance. Shortly afterward, the mountain shook and pieces of earth flew everywhere, covering the sky. Si Bi waved her hand, casting a barrier as huge pieces of the earth slammed on her milky white barrier.

A B-ranked magical beast, the Fire Lion, was fleeing towards them while roaring in the midst of the rainstorm full of stones. However, it was lucky enough to not get crushed by those stones and was hastily fleeing towards Li Qing and Si Bi.

The eyes of Li Qing glimmered with an ominous light. Unsheathing his Ice Sword, he sent out cold qi which instantly pierced through the throat of the Fire Lion. Blood mist sprayed everywhere and the Fire Lion fell heavily to the ground and stopped moving.

All of a sudden, three graceful figures flew over and they slowly descended in front of Li Qing and Si Bi. Unexpectedly, they were beauties and they were wearing magic robes. Among them, two were wearing fire magic robes, and the last one was wearing a light priest robe. They looked at the Fire Lion which was dead on the floor and then began to size up Li Qing and Si Bi.

“I’m sorry, we were the ones who caused the Fire Lion to run towards you. Sorry for startling you.” The girl wearing the light priest robe took a step forward and apologized in her soft voice.

“It’s fine, are you also a priest of the Light Church?” Si Bi instantly had a good impression of the girl who wore the light priest robe.

“Yes, is big sister also from the Light Church? However I look at it, with big sister’s dressing style, you look like Saintess Si Bi. However, you are definitely not Saintess Si Bi.” The girl smiled and said.

Si Bi smiled and asked, “How do you know I am not?”

“Is that even a question? Everyone knows that there is a very large blood-colored birthmark on the right face of Saintess Si Bi. It’s very obvious and looks extremely frightening.” Another girl wearing fire magic robe with fiery red hair indiscreetly said.

Si Bi touched her current smooth-as-silk face and smiled without speaking. She carefully looked at the three girls. They seemed to be younger than her and they were all very beautiful. Since they could all fly, they should have reached the Master Magician Realm. Even though Si Bi couldn’t determine the identity of the other two girls, she could roughly guess the identity of the girl possessing fiery red hair. That was because her fiery red hair was too conspicuous. She should be the granddaughter of the Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi, genius Lin Na.

“Let’s get acquainted. I am priest Ximen Wuhen.” Ximen Wuhen smiled and introduced herself.

“I am Long Ling’er.” Long Ling’er slightly nodded her head.

“I am Lin Na.” Lin Na said with a smile.

The complexion of Si Bi and Li Qing simultaneously changed and looked at these three girls in surprise. Long Ling’er was the fire and earth dual genius dual magician whose name had long resounded throughout the continent. However, what made the name known to everyone was the ** incident five years ago. More importantly, the male lead of that incident was precisely Ximen Yu, i.e. Long Yi. And Ximen Wuhen was naturally the younger sister of Long Yi.

Seeing the expression of these two people, the beautiful face of Lin Na sank. She subconsciously thought that they were making a mental connection with that incident and she instantly snapped, “Ling’er, Wuhen, let’s leave, humph.”

Long Ling’er pursed her lips. Although that incident was already a matter of the past. Now she had already fallen in love with Long Yi. However, in her heart, there was a thorn sticking out. She definitely couldn’t let go of the entire matter and she cared about how other people viewed her.

“Wait a minute, don’t leave.” Si Bi called out.

With a cold snort, Lin Na pulled Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er. She wanted to fly away.

At that moment, Li Qing suddenly appeared in front of the three women. He knew that among these three women, one was Long Yi’s woman and the other was the younger sister of Long Yi. As such, his tone was gentle, but it was still ice cold. “Madam, Young Miss, please don’t leave.”

The three women were dumbfounded. What? Madam? What? Young Miss? Is there a problem with the brain of this icicle man?

“Hey, who are you calling madam?” Lin Na suddenly shouted in fury. This Miss has yet to marry.

“Not you.” Li Qing coldly said. However, his eyes were staring straight at Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen.

Si Bi rushed over and she could already guess what had annoyed them. She instantly apologized, “I am sorry, don’t misunderstand. I was just surprised that I could meet people important to Long Yi here.”

Hearing how Si Bi was calling Long Yi and not Ximen Yu, Ximen Wuhen was sure that she was an acquaintance of her second brother.

“I am Si Bi and he is the friend of Long Yi, Li Qing.” Si Bi said with a slightly red face. She had never expected to meet Long Yi’s younger sister and one of his woman in this place. Long Ling’er could also be considered her little sister.

Si Bi! The three women were surprised. Lin Na was shocked because of her name. As for Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, they knew that Si Bi and Long Yi had already married. As it turned out, she was the member of their own household.

“What happened was, when I went to the Lightning God Forbidden Area together with Long Yi, the birthmark on my face disappeared on its own. I don’t know how it disappeared.” Si Bi knew what they were thinking. As such, she gave a quick explanation on what happened. After clarifying her identity, a white light flashed in her hand. The Light Magic Staff which symbolized her identity appeared in her hands.

Long Ling’er was startled for a while before stepping forward. In a shy voice, she said, “Little sister Long Ling’er greets big sister.”

[1] a dispute between friends who fail to recognize each other.

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