Chapter 47 – The End Of Survival Training

“So you’re saying that Luon killed the Clamaris, and you stood there watching?” questioned Captain Waver.

“Yes, I wasn’t able to subdue that easily yet the boy took care of it without breaking a sweat,” said Helen.

At this moment Helen was kneeling in front of Captain Waver who laid back on a chair while questioning Helen. Hearing the mystical events that had happened Captain Waver was surprised to hear about Luon’s combat abilities from Helen. He had heard about something similar to this before, classified under regulations was information about synchronization rates after fusing memories together.

Most, if not everyone who experienced simulations had a balanced synchronization rate, with all the simulations shared together they create a new personality. However, for a select few individuals who experienced a simulation longer than others, their personalities tend to relate towards what they were in the longer simulation.

Of course the older they were, the more experienced they were, but most of these people who experienced an exceptionally long simulation tend to be serial murderers, criminals, and other types of evil existences. People who had long simulations and commit many acts of evil were disposed of immediately, this was one of the dark sides of the system.

Captain Waver frowned as he started recall this information since Luon was out and about, then his personality should be okay. However, what confused him was that there was apparently another side of Luon. Two personalities? Captain Waver couldn’t fathom why it was like that, he wasn’t able to check Luon’s simulation history, so he decided just to keep everything under the table.

Captain Waver got up, and he said to Helen, “Alright, although you weren’t that helpful against the Clamaris, I’ll let you off the hook since you helped save everyone. When Luon wakes up tell him that you killed the Clamaris, everything you’ve seen until now never happened.”

Helen sat up and looked at Captain Waver eyes while confused by his remark. She slowly nodded with a moderate amount of understanding. Seeing her conform to his order Captain Waver began to leave the room.

Before he left Captain Waver stopped at the door and said, “One more thing, as punishment for not perfectly handling the situation. For the rest of the trip don’t talk to me unless its an emergency. Also, tonight’s dinner is canceled.”

Captain Waver dashed out of the room before she could even respond and after a few seconds, a scream echoed into the halls scaring everyone in the surrounding area.

When Luon woke up, he found Gizmo playing games on a chair nearby. Confused that the only thing he could vaguely recall from the battle was when Gizmo, Tyron, and Bendan left. Luon asked Gizmo what had happened and how long he was out for and it appeared that several days had passed.

When he began to ask about the battle Helen came in to brief him about what happened. He was out cold because of mana exhaustion, and she said she took care of the Clamaris. After retelling the story, she quickly left the room. Luon who was stuck in the medical bay for several days to recuperate was visited by his friends, Shizuka, Arisa, and Belle, and a couple of their female subordinates who came to give their thanks.

As he was bound to his bed, Luon had heard some good news about the conclusion of the survival training. He was happy to find out was that he was actually ranked first in the assessment with over 7536 points which were exchanged into 75 360 Galaxia coins. The explosions he had used killed many Inzektors allowing him to claim the first spot. With a medal signifying his importance Luon his time spent recuperating was filled with joy.

Mana exhaustion could only be cured with time, and after several days passed Luon was finally discharged from the medical bay. When he started to return to his room after walking for a while, he met a familiar figure, Zythos.

From what Arisa had told him Zythos was currently undergoing investigation as he was monitored by an officer from a different Battalion.

Zythos stood in front of Luon causing him to frown as he said, “Lucky Bastard.”

“Troublesome dog,” Luon retorted as he quickly evaluated the officer behind Zythos. Seeing his indifferent expression, Luon silently categorize him as one of Zythos’ lackeys or just an uncaring man. Zythos’ connections inside the government system run extremely deep, Luon couldn’t think of how much influence they have in the shadows, so he wasn’t surprised if his speculation was actually correct.

Still staring at Luon while ignorant of his thoughts Zythos smirked and said, “I wonder if you had a great time during this expedition, I heard you were chased by the Clamaris, isn’t that right?”

Luon felt that Zythos was trying to probe him for something and quickly came to the conclusion that he was wondering about the state of the other starlight twin moonflower. Since the deed had already been done Luon daringly said to Zythos, “It was quite an exciting adventure, from killing Inzektors to searching for food, camping, and cooking. Speaking of food, during the expedition we found a couple of rare herbs once in a while. They just magically appear out of nowhere just like a random treasure chest found in dungeons.”

Zythos frowned, his expression turned serious as he demanded, “Alright quit the tomfoolery you know why I’m here, give me the other half of the flower, and I won’t get myself involved in your matters anymore.”

“Aren’t you afraid that you would be found guilty with the crimes you’ve done so far? That chest could be the physical evidence to prove your hand in this matter,” Luon pointed out.

Zythos gave Luon a meaningful look as he said, “Try me, go ahead and submit it as evidence. If I didn’t have a backup plan I wouldn’t daringly do so, also quit trying to record the conversation, I have an ocular signal noise jammer which excludes my voice and visuals on your recording. It would look like your talking to yourself.”

Luon frowned and turned his recording software on his BMPU off and looked at Zythos who had his hand reaching out towards Luon like as if he had owed him money.

Luon looked at him like an idiot and said, “I don’t have it.”

Zythos appeared dumbfounded and said, “Huh? What do you mean you don’t have it. You were hinting the whole time, and you say your hands are clean? Quit it, just hand me the flower, and we will both no longer get involved with each other.”

Luon thought about how to respond without triggering too much of Zythos’ anger. After thinking for a bit, he said to Zythos, “Arisa has it, the scent must have rubbed off on me which was why the Clamaris chased me.”

Push the blame on another person plan! Arisa’s position made it difficult for him to retrieve it, and Luon wasn’t lying so a lie detector wouldn’t be able to detect it. It was a play on words that would mislead Zythos. If Luon told him that he ate it, his anger would escalate causing more problems in the future.

Zythos frowned, there was no way for him to get it back from Arisa. He looked at the officer who in turn shook his head. Zythos sighed as he said to Luon before he left, “Is that so? Sorry for troubling you then.”

As Zythos was walking away, Luon asked him, “Why did you attack us? Couldn’t you use that brain of yours for the greater good against Inzektors? Do you not have any pride after I shamed you in class?”

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Zythos stopped walking, and with his back towards Luon, he turned his head to the side and said with a voice void of life, “You don’t understand anything.”

And with those words, he left Luon in the empty hallway.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, and after the expedition, Luon’s regular life continued as usual from classes to crafting, everything was great. A few days after Luon had return Zekar walked into the workshop where Luon was working in and said, “I think it’s time for you to take the next engineering exam.”

Luon who had just finished his daily crafting tasks turned and faced Zekar and asked, “What’s with the sudden change of heart? I thought you wanted me to do it a month from now.”

“That’s right. I did want you to do it a month from now. However, I changed my mind,” said Zekar. Zekar began to talk about a conversation he had with Dio about how Shizuka had just gotten her Engineering License Lv2, the competitive Zekar was spurred by the arrogantly gloating expression Dio had made when he talked about his daughter. Only after explaining the reason why Luon was going to do the examinations early did Luon agree.

Luon himself found Shizuka to be an excellent rival, and the fact she had advanced a level ahead made Luon feel like he should do the same. He was a little surprised to find out that Zekar and Dio had actually known each other, Zekar never talked about himself before, so Luon started to ask about his identity. Seeing how Luon was curious him, Zekar answered a few of his questions before mystifying the rest by saying, “Who knows?” or “What do you think?”

After his queries were leading to nowhere did Luon stop asking. Zekar after making sure Luon wasn’t going to ask any more questions then asked, “So? How far are you on the assignments I have assigned you? Are you prepared for the examination?”

Luon nodded and said, “I have already started with the level 3 materials, give me one night to review the level two materials, and I would be ready once my application has been accepted, it might take a few days until my exams start.”

“No need to wait, I’ll have an appointment done for tomorrow so do your best to cover the material tonight,” Zekar said as he left the room with that remark.

‘Looks like tonight is an all-night cram session, thanks to the Vortex Container I can study for days!’ thought Luon as he started to clean up the workshop before incubating into the nightlife of an extremely studious student.

“Trash! Even though they said you’re the strongest of the bunch you’re still just a greenhorn brat!” said the furious man.

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“I’m sorry, father! I’m sorry for failing you,” cried the child.

“Shut up! Don’t call me that you scum, if it weren’t for you being the strongest in the bunch, I would’ve disposed of you already!” said the man as he began to abuse the child physically.

“Director Daimon, I think it’s almost time for our next scheduled appointment. There’s no more extra time to beat younger master, Zythos,” said a man who appeared to be the secretary.

The child who cried was Zythos without the domineering presence he had before he bawled in pain given by his father, Daimon Werebringer.

“Don’t call him young master Zythos! He’s only a darn number! Call him useless trash number 32, out of 100 children how is it that this brat, who has ruined all of our plans because he’s so arrogantly stupid, be the best of the bunch!” yelled Daimon.

‘It’s because the genes mostly came from you,’ the secretary had thought. The secretary coughed and said, “We tried our best to engineer the best child we could, and we did so. This, failure of ours, is the result of improper personality training from the accelerated simulation process which we will remedy during the next time we repeat the experiment.”

“Good, start the test a couple years from now. Next time I want the perfect heir to the Mythos Clan, not some trash like him. Now let’s go clean up the mess he made,” said Daimon.

He turned towards Zythos as he looked down upon him and said, “As for you… try your best to attend school, if the results aren’t as good as I want it to be. Look forward to being disposed of. If only you had gotten rid of the Nightwalker family child or the Norvera Corporation heir, I would have been happy. However, you failed like the trash you are. And the garbage bin is where trash like you goes.”

Daimon left with the secretary in tow, leaving the whimpering Zythos the room alone.

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