Chapter 141: Wave After Wave

When Zhang Feng saw Cheng Yu acting like that, he recalled the scene of Cheng Yu showcasing his terrifying abilities. Inevitably, his heart shuddered.

“What are you all doing?! Charge?!” Hong Bing was angered when he saw Zhang Feng hesitating again.

“Young Master Bing, this person is very strong. If he is not willing to follow us, we also will not be able to force him to.”

“Don’t you people have guns?! You are policemen! Could it be that you don’t dare to arrest a criminal? If he doesn’t want to follow you, just shoot him twice for defying your orders,” Hong Bing was not concerned about anything as he just wished to be able to teach Cheng Yu a lesson.

“Gun…” When Hong Bing mentioned his pistol, Zhang Feng was even more afraid to take it out from his pocket. Currently, Cheng Yu did not jeopardize anyone’s life or safety. If Zhang Feng were to take it out in front of everyone, it was not favorable for him.

What was more important was that the other party was able to catch bullets! How could Cheng Yu possibly be afraid of guns?! Furthermore, his current pistol was a newly issued one. If it were to be pinched into a lump of waste again, he was afraid that he would be fired.

“Since you don’t have the ability to bring me away, then don’t come and bother me,” When Cheng Yu saw them cowering, he did not wish to continue being held up with them. He had wanted to accompany Lin Yuhan to buy some new clothes and did not wish to spoil his mood.

“Bang!” A gunshot boomed. Everyone was intimidated. Those who were more timid had already fallen into a panic as they shrieked. Everyone did not expect Hong Bing to be so frantic to the point that he would really fire a shot.

Moreover, Zhang Feng was also stunned. The shot fired was from his gun! No matter what happened, it would still be his fault. Zhang Feng only felt that his forehead had started burning and his back had broken out in cold sweat.

Everyone thought that Cheng Yu would be shot and collapse onto the ground. But what was more astonishing was that the bullet was actually suspended around 10 cm away from Cheng Yu’s back.

This time, not only the audience, but everyone present at the scene was stunned. Even though Zhang Feng had experienced yesterday, when he witness such a miraculous thing again, he could not help trembling.

“Devil… Devil… He is a devil…” Zhang Feng subconsciously started to talk crazy. He started to regret opposing Cheng Yu. He had truly been frightened by Cheng Yu this time.

“Impossible… impossible… This is impossible…” Hong Bing held onto the gun and could not believe what he had just seen. How could such a thing happen in this world?!

Cheng Yu turned around and stretched out his fingers to catch the falling bullet. He looked at Hong Bing and the others, ”I said before, do not provoke me. My fury is not something you people will be able to bear.”

Cheng Yu flinged the bullet. “Swish!” The bullet went back into the muzzle of the pistol. “Bam!” The pistol exploded.

“AAHHHH!!!!!” Hong Bing screamed. When the pistol exploded, his hand was also injured by the explosion.

Cheng Yu did not continue to pay any attention to them as this was a small lesson he had intended to give them. Cheng Yu was not a philanthropist, but he was also not fond of killing. He would not just kill someone randomly. Only if there was no other alternative, would Cheng Yu slaughter someone.

Of course, this only applied to the Secular World. He did not mind killing cultivators who irritated him, just like how he had killed Sect Master Xuanyang and his elders.

Looking at Cheng Yu leaving, the scene was left with a group of audience who had been watching the show, the policemen who were looking at each other in dismay, Hong Bing who was miserably shrieking and the young lady who was with Hong Bing.

“Make a call for me! I want to find someone. I must definitely let that kid face a dilemma of life or death!” Even though one of his arms was already dislocated and the other one was in extreme pain, Hong Bing did not wish to leave the scene. He wanted revenge!

The young lady immediately took out her phone. Under Hong Bing directions, she dialed a number.

“Big brother, I got beaten up by a person. Quickly bring someone over to save me. I am at the Century Plaza,” When the call got through, Hong Bing wept into the receiver.


“Cheng Yu, how about we just head back. I am somewhat feeling a little uneasy about this,” When Lin Yuhan saw how cool-headed Cheng Yu was while bringing her around, she couldn’t help suggesting.

“Don’t worry. Don’t forget that what kind of person I am. They are just ordinary people in the Secular World. They can’t possible hurt me,” Cheng Yu spoke domineeringly. It was not that Cheng Yu was arrogant and conceited or egotistical and ignorant, but he did possess the qualifications to support his speech.

When Lin Yuhan saw how confident Cheng Yu was, she was stunned. The man that was right in front of her eyes seemed as if he was standing at the summit of the world as he overlooked the world. It was as if he was the savior of the world. This kind of feeling caused Lin Yuhan to be infatuated.

She let go of all the worries in her heart as she held onto Cheng Yu’s hand while strolling around happily. Even though she did not voice it out, Cheng Yu still observed her subtle movement very attentively. Cheng Yu was able to tell what she liked and what she didn’t.

Cheng Yu did not say anything as he bought everything. This kind of unconstrained, considerate and gentle manner let Lin Yuhan felt extremely blessed. It also caused the service personnel attending to them to be extremely envious. This was the true Prince Charming. The Tip-top “Mr. Perfect.”

Both of them strolled around the whole plaza once and had long tossed the unhappy incident to the back of their minds. However, it was evident that someone else did not think of it this way.

“Big brother. It’s him! That’s the kid who injured me. You must definitely take revenge for me,” Just as Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan had their hands filled with bags and were walking out of the plaza, Hong Bing brought a group of people to surround them.

At this moment, Hong Bing’s dislocated arm had already been bandaged up and the other hand was wrapped in bandage as well.

“What?! Found another savior? If you are going to provoke me continuously, I am afraid that once I can no longer tolerate it, you will no longer have the chance to speak anymore,” Cheng Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at Hong Bing when he saw a group of people had encircled him.

When Hong Bing looked into Cheng Yu’s glare, he was unexpectedly somewhat afraid. After all, the incident that just happened was a little too outrageous. But he knew that all this was tricks performed by this man. Hong Bing truly wished to see how powerful Cheng Yu was.

“Kid. Sure enough, you are very arrogant. Since you had beaten my brother up, how do you think we should settle it?” When Hong Jun saw Hong Bing had started to cower, he knew that he could not stand still and watch idly. It seemed like this kid had caused his little brother to be intimidated.

“How do you wish to settle it?”

“You crippled both my brother’s hands. I want you to cripple both of your hands as well as one of your legs. It can be considered an apology towards my little brother. Do you have any objection?” In any case, Hong Jun was a company commander in one of the military sub-districts. He had seen all kinds of ferocious men. Naturally, he did not take Cheng Yu seriously.

“Nope. However, what I was trying to say is that if I were to cripple both your hands and legs, I am not sure if you have any objections?” Cheng Yu was very calm and it seemed as if he was talking something insignificant.

“Kid, don’t be too arrogant. Our company commander is already giving you a lot of face when he’s being so polite to you,” A young man beside Hong Jun went forward a step as he said ferociously.

“Bam!” Cheng Yu moved as he sent a kick to that young man, causing him to fly out as he hit onto the nicely stacked goods outside of the plaza.

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When everyone saw Cheng Yu reappearing, he had already returned to his original spot. Cheng Yu had used this move several times and was truly well-versed in it.

“Not bad,” Hong Jun narrowed his eyes and stated. Even though he was also not able to see Cheng Yu’s moves clearly, he was still able to tell that Cheng Yu was very powerful.

Judging from Hong Jun’s strength, he was also able to perform the same kick as Cheng Yu, but it would not be as fast as Cheng Yu. Therefore, Hong Jun felt that even though Cheng Yu was very strong, he was not strong to the point of causing him to be afraid of Cheng Yu.

“Less nonsense! If you want to have a chat, you can go over to the bathing and recreation center. Not only would they chat with you, they would even sleep with you. If you want to fight, make it fast. I don’t have time to play with you guys.”

“Sure. Then let me come and test to see how powerful you are!” Hong Jun moved forward two steps as he stared at Cheng Yu.

“It is better if all of you come at me together. Just relying on your lousy martial arts, there would not even be a need for me to make a move. The earlier we finish the fight, the better. All of you will also be able to find a hospital to reserve a bed before the sky starts to turn dark,” Cheng Yu passed the bags to Lin Yuhan and asked her to withdraw several steps.

“Hmph! Don’t be so arrogant yet. Yunhai is not a place for you to act so atrociously. I truly wish to see how powerful are you to be so conceited!” Hong Jun said coldly as he leaned sideways and kicked.

Hong Jun did possess some real skills. Regardless of whether it was his fist or leg, the strength he placed in the actions were all very precise. But currently he was facing Cheng Yu. Even though Hong Jun was very strong, that was also in context of an ordinary person.

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This was just child’s play to Cheng Yu. Regardless of how strong the martial arts Hong Jun displayed, Cheng Yu was still able to block the attacks easily. This had also caused Hong Jun to be more and more apprehensive. Every time he mustered his full force to strike the other party, but it was as if he had struck cotton. No matter how hard he struck, he couldn’t feel it connecting.

“I said before, your lousy martial arts won’t force me to make a move. I still think it’s better if all of you were to come at me together.”

Even though he did not wish to acknowledge it, Hong Jun still knew that he was not Cheng Yu’s match. He no longer cared about anything else, ”Everyone! Attack!”

A dozen soldiers fighting a single person. This kind of scene was very rare. As far as the audience was concerned, when they saw the scene, they were extremely excited.

As early as when Hong Bing had made a call to look for a savior, they knew that this incident would not end so easily. So, all of them waited nearby for a good show to happen. After they witnessed Cheng Yu’s miraculous performance, all of them thought very highly of Cheng Yu and also wished to witness more of those miraculous move of his.

Thus, everyone was looking forward to the arrival of Hong Bing’s savior and for Cheng Yu to leave the plaza as soon as possible. When they saw both sides had bumped into each other again, they naturally would not wish to miss such a good show as they quickly found the best seats and prepared to watch the live stunts that could only be done through computer effects!

Even though the fight did not use any special effects, it was more brilliant than the fights that were shown on TV that was filled with special effects.

A dozen soldiers beating a man. Furthermore, the dozen of them were not a match for the man. This kind of scene caused the onlookers to feel extremely excited. Many of them had long prepared their phones or cameras in order to record the whole fight.

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