Chapter 140: You Again?

After Cheng Yu got down from his car, he did not even bother to glimpse at the man as he held onto Lin Yuhan’s hand and walked away.

It was not that Cheng Yu was weak or afraid of this kind of person. Cheng Yu would just ignore this kind of person who was unbearably arrogant as this was the best counterattack towards them.

Hong Bing felt that being born in a high ranking military family was the most miserable thing in his whole life, yet also the most fortunate thing. Even though his grandfather and father were very strict with him, his grandmother and mother would pamper him. In addition, he had a big brother who treated him very well. Therefore, ever since he was young, he had relied on his family’s power to act arrogantly.

When he was in school, all the kids would be afraid or hate him. No one would dare to provoke him at all. After he had grown up, naturally he would continue to rely on his family’s power to ravage numerous girls. In his heart, no matter how respectful and polite others were to him, no one would dare to defy him.

However, now there was actually who dared to ignore him, wasn’t this the biggest insult to him?

“Stay right there!” Hong Bing turned around and grabbed onto Cheng Yu’s shoulder as he wished to pull him back.

As he was from a military family, Hong Bing had been trained in all kinds of martial arts since he was young. Even though he was a hedonistic son of a rich family, he still possessed a set of martial arts that could be used to protect himself.

In Hong Bing’s mind, he felt that this pull should have been able to pull Cheng Yu down to the floor. He was still very confident about his own ability.

However, this time, he had guessed wrongly. He was facing Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu held onto Hong Bing’s arm and gave it a twist. “Kacha!” Hong Bing shrieked as his arm immediately dislocated.

“You…you will die! You actually dare to hurt me?! You are definitely pay for today!” Hong Bing held onto his dislocated arm while he broke out into cold sweat. His expression showed his pain and ferociousness as he angrily yelled.

“Young Master Bing…Young Master Bing…what happened?!” At this moment, a few men who were wearing security guard uniforms ran over. When they saw it was Hong Bing, they quickly went up to ask.

Hong Bing was this generation’s young overlord. A lot of people had experienced suffering while facing him. The security guards here would naturally know of him and would not dare to provoke him. In contrast, they wished to fawn over him to win his favor.

“Help me to teach him a lesson! I want you to break his hand!” When Hong Bing saw his saviors, he became even more arrogant.

“Young Master Bing… this…” Even though Hong Bing was very influential, the security guards were not his subordinates and were not under his control.

If they were to really do what Hong Bing had asked and disable the other party’s hand, this responsibility was not something the security guards would be able to bear.

“I will take responsibility for it. All of you just have to focus on beating him up! If you were to really beat him up into a wreck, I will reward every one of you $10,000 each!” Hong Bing said loudly when he saw their hesitation.

With Hong Bing’s guarantee, they immediately become enthusiastic. As a security guard, they would often get scolded by these wealthy or powerful people. Even though they felt injustice, they did not dare to voice it out.

Now that there was a punching bag in front of them, not only could they vent their anger, but they would still be rewarded $10,000. This amount was at least three months of their salary! What’s more, they would even be able to please this young overlord Hong Bing! This kind of good opportunity, no one wished to miss it. The security guards took out their batons as they walked towards Cheng Yu.

“Kid! Blame it on you not able to recognize Mt. Tai. You can offend anyone, but you chose to offend Young Master Bing. You brought it upon yourself. Don’t blame us brothers for being too ruthless,” The leading security guard said arrogantly.

Usually, it would be others who would be arrogant in front of him. Now that he could also act arrogantly in front of someone else, he immediately felt extremely refreshed. He held onto his baton and swung at Cheng Yu’s head.

However, before the baton had even managed to land on Cheng Yu’s head, the security guard felt that his body had turned as light as a feather. In the next moment, he felt his back was in pain and he was stuck on something.

When the security guard turned around, he realized that he was stuck on a car’s windshield and his legs were stuck near his chest.

This parking lot was outside of the shopping mall. When Cheng Yu had dislocated Hong Bing’s hand, a lot of people had already notice the commotion going on. Now that Cheng Yu had started fighting with the security guards, more people started to surround the place.

At first, everyone thought that Cheng Yu was going to suffer when they saw the security guard swing his baton down. Cheng Yu would definitely bleed from his head and a lot of those kindhearted bystanders had already taken out their phones and were prepared to call an ambulance.

However, just as everyone was praying for Cheng Yu, the matter did not go the way they had expected it to. When they saw the aftermath of Cheng Yu making a move, everyone was startled. They did not expect Cheng Yu to actually be so strong. Just a kick and he had sent the security guard flying through a car windshield.

Hong Bing was somewhat surprised by Cheng Yu’s strength, but when he saw the car the security guard was stuck on was his favorite car, his complexion turned ugly and he became extremely angry. He shouted, ”Get him! I want all of you to beat him up ruthlessly! Now, everyone will receive a reward of $20,000!”

Originally, when the security guards saw Cheng Yu’s move, they were startled and were hesitating if they should continue to act. However, when they heard that Hong Bing had increased their reward, they harden their hearts. They no longer cared about the subtle stuff since Hong Bing was willing to pay them so well, it was worth for them to risk it.

Besides, they had several people on their side. Even though Cheng Yu was quite powerful, two fists were still unable to compete against four fists. Hence, the security guards signaled each other as they charged forward.

Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan behind him. Although Cheng Yu was very confident, he was afraid that because of his actions, he would accidentally injured her.

Looking at those people charging at him, Cheng Yu was not too ruthless to them. After all, they were just some ordinary humans and were even used by Hong Bing. Even though they were greedy, Cheng Yu did not blame it on them as it was the human nature.

Previously, Cheng Yu wished to use to the aftermath of the security guard who charged up first as a deterrent and wished to frightened them a little. However, under the profitable rewards from Hong Bing, these people had lost all of their sanity.

But this did not mean that Cheng Yu had also lost all of his reasoning. Therefore, Cheng Yu only knocked them down on the floor and did not severely injure them.

When they saw how easily Cheng Yu had managed to subdued all of the security guards, a lot of bystanders took out their phones and recorded Cheng Yu’s elegant movements.

“Move aside! Move aside! Don’t crowd around! All of you, move aside!” At this moment, a few policemen brushed the watchers aside as they walked onto the scene.

“It’s you!” The leader of the police officers was the small captain Cheng Yu had met yesterday night at Moxie KTV, Zhang Feng. Just now, when he had received a call saying that there were people fighting at the nearby shopping mall, Zhang Feng immediately led a group of people from the local police station over.

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With regards to Cheng Yu, Zhang Feng was afraid and also hated him. Yesterday night, his gun had been turned into scrap by Cheng Yu causing him to be scolded by the head of the station badly, and he even needed to write a report on that. Furthermore, he was warned that if he were to cause any more trouble, there was no need for him to continue working as his small captain.

Zhang Feng had spent quite a large sum of money in order to attain his current small captain position. If he were to lose it so unfairly, wouldn’t it be a little too miserable? Therefore, when he heard the police call, he immediately led a group of people out.

However, he had witnessed Cheng Yu’s abilities before, causing Zhang Feng to be extremely awkward right now. Wasn’t he just finding trouble for himself?! If Zhang Feng had known the troublemaker was Cheng Yu, he would have just let the other small captain to handle the issue. And now, Zhang Feng was stuck in a difficult situation.

Cheng Yu was also somewhat surprised. He did not expect that after he had taught Zhang Feng a lesson, he would bump into him today as well. It was inevitable to meet enemies on a narrow road. However, Cheng Yu did not pay much attention to it as Zhang Feng was only a small captain.

“Captain Zhang, you have come at a right time. Help me arrest him and bring him to your police station,” Originally, when Hong Bing saw all the security guard had been knocked down by Cheng Yu, he had no idea what to do. He never expected Zhang Feng would pop out here as well. Just like Hong Bing, after Zhang Feng saw Hong Bing, his eyes flashed. The Hong family was an influential family and Zhang Feng’s police station was under their jurisdiction.

Even though Hong Bing needed Zhang Feng’s help and Zhang Feng also needed Hong Bing as his backer, with such a strong backer, it immediately gave Zhang Feng his confidence back.

“Kid. Yesterday I let you off. Today, you went and caused trouble once again and even provoked someone who is not ordinary. You are really unlucky and deserve it! Follow me to the police station. Today, I will definitely teach you a lesson. There are certain people that you can’t afford to offend!” With his confidence back, Zhang Feng spoke extremely arrogantly and had already forgotten that yesterday night, it was Cheng Yu who let him off and not the other way round.

“Haha! You are quite arrogant huh? Are you that sure that he would be able to protect you when the time comes?” When Cheng Yu saw how arrogant Zhang Feng was, he mocked.

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When Zhang Feng saw how unperturbed Cheng Yu was and he did not even seem afraid of them, Zhang Feng felt somewhat uneasy. Could it be that Cheng Yu possessed a very influential background?

“Captain Zhang, don’t listen to his nonsense. In the whole of Yunhai, there is no one who dares to oppose me. You just need to focus on arresting him!” When Hong Bing saw Zhang Feng hesitating, he quickly tried to disperse Zhang Feng’s hesitation and bring back his confidence.

Right! What is Hong Bing’s identity?! His family had someone who was the Army Chief of Staff. Other than the Commanding officer and the Political Commissar, there was no one more powerful than them. And no matter how much they see the person in front of them, Cheng Yu did not look like someone who was from that kind of family. Otherwise, Hong Bing would definitely be able to recognize him.
Zhang Feng was no longer afraid as he spoke, ”Let’s go. Follow me to the police station.”

When Cheng Yu saw the dispersed people had crowded around once again and there were even more than before, Cheng Yu was at a loss of what to do. Why were there so many people finding trouble with him nowadays?!

Cheng Yu turned back and looked at Lin Yuhan. When he saw how anxious and worried Lin Yuhan was, Cheng Yu recalled a phrase, “femme fatale.” Wherever the pretty ladies go, they would be the cause of calamity.

However, Cheng Yu did not blame it on her. It was supposed to be a man’s responsibility to protect the woman they love. This was a kind of obligation, a kind of responsibility for a man. Besides, to have such a pretty girlfriend, it could already be counted as a blessing and others would definitely be envious of him having such a pretty girlfriend.

After much difficulty Cheng Yu managed to bring Lin Yuhan out to shop for some clothes. Unexpectedly, it was disrupted by someone, causing Cheng Yu’s mood to turn very sour. He no longer displayed his lukewarm smile, but instead, his gloomy face.

Very seldom would Cheng Yu’s mood turn bad. At least in front of the women he love, they had only seen Cheng Yu’s amiable self. Of course, they had also seen a lot of his indecent smiles.

“What if I were to say no?”

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