Chapter 142: Miraculous Person

Even though these people were not the strongest fighters in the military sub-districts, they were still one of the finest under Hong Jun’s command.

With so many of them beating up an ordinary person, the soldiers really could not harden their hearts to put their attention to it as to them this was humiliating.

“AAAHHHH!” Loud growls were echoing around. Half of them started to put all of their strength into their attacks as they kept on trying to attack Cheng Yu’s lower half. The other half of them focused on attacking his upper body.

Cheng Yu did not exert all his strength in this fight. He did not even use any of his strength as a cultivator and was still easily able to subdue all of them. In front of such overwhelming strength, the soldiers were all not sure of what to do. Even if they had more people or had put in all of their effort, they would still not be a match for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu knew that it was time for him to stop fooling around. He grabbed one of the soldier’s hands and twisted it. One sweep and all the other soldiers were knocked down onto the ground.

“Pah! Pah! Pah!” Everyone present who was watching the show could not help starting to applaud.

“This person is too strong! He can still win even having to fight so many of them!”

“Too handsome! His movements were all so natural and unforced. This was simply too elegant!”

“All these people were even soldiers. So many of them and they couldn’t win over him. They have really thrown away all the Huaxia soldiers’ face…”

Hearing all kinds of discussion around him, Hong Jun’s complexion turned even more ugly as he looked at Cheng Yu with an expression filled with hatred.

“I said before, with your lousy martial arts, there is no need for me to make a move,” Feeling that it was about time, Cheng Yu did not continue to play with them as he took the bags from Lin Yuhan and left.

However, Hong Jun did not wish to let them off. Every one of them crawled back up and surrounded Cheng Yu again, ”Wish to go? Not that easy!”

Hong Jun’s family was illustrious, especially after he had entered into the military, he became even more arrogant. When he was young, he had already attained a position as a company commander. Even though his background was one of the factors that allowed him to get to that position, but his ability was also acknowledged by everyone.

In every company, Hong Jun was a well-known figure. Furthermore, he was the runner-up in the martial arts competition in the military sub-district. Even though he was not the best, he was still very strong.

Now, he brought his men to take revenge for his little brother. But while they were trying to use a group to subdue a person, they got beaten up very badly and were seen by so many people. Hong Jun felt that he had become a clown. How could he possibly tolerate such a joke! Even if the other party was very powerful, he did not wish to give up so easily.

“As a human being, you must know when to stop. Just because I did not injure any of you severely, it does not mean that I am afraid of you, but because there was no need to. If you continue pestering me and do not understand what is good for you, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Cheng Yu’s tone was somewhat cold as he was feeling somewhat frustrated already.

When they felt the chilliness emitting out of Cheng Yu’s body, Hong Jun and the others couldn’t help taking several steps back. But he did not wish to admit he was terrified, ”You also don’t think that just because you have some strength, you can be so incomparably arrogant?” After that, Hong Jun took out his Military Officer ID, ”I will now use my identity as a Military commander to denounce you of disrupting society and order, gravely threatening the society’s safety and also hurting military personnel. I am going to arrest you.”

When everyone present heard the shameless words from Hong Jun, one after another, they voiced out their displeasure. Some of them even shouted as they scolded.

“Too shameless! It was obvious that he could not win over others that’s why he used his identity to push the other party down…”

“That’s right! Too shameless! The Huaxia soldiers’ face has been thrown away by him…”

“You guys are not fit to be soldiers…”

“You guys are just bending the law for your own profit. We are going to report you…”

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When Hong Jun heard the scolding from the masses, he and the other soldiers complexion’s turned very ugly. However, he had no choice but to handle it this way. Hong Jun knew that he was not a match for Cheng Yu, but if he were to bring him to the barracks, that would not be the case anymore.

“What if I do not follow you?” Cheng Yu said gloomily.

“You can resist, but we will then have the right to open fire,” Hong Jun spoke nothing else as he took out a pistol and pointed it at Cheng Yu. When the soldiers heard Hong Jun’s words, they also took out their guns as they aimed at Cheng Yu. Even though they were not his match in a fight, they still had guns. They didn’t believe that they would not be able to subdue him with this.

When the masses saw this scene, one after another, they retreated. They were afraid that the bullets would hit them. However, in their hearts, there was some sort of expectation. Previously when Hong Bing had shot at Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu managed to miraculously stopped the bullet. They were looking forward to witnessing such a miraculous scene again. All of them felt that Cheng Yu was a miraculous person. Whenever they saw him, they would be able to witness a miracle.

“Since it’s like that, you guys can choose to open fire and give it a test,” Chilliness. The kind that would give people goosebumps.

At this moment, it was Hong Jun’s side that was at a loss of what to do. If they were to really open fire and with so many people present, he was afraid that he would not be able to shoulder the aftermath responsibility.

“Since you guys don’t dare to open fire, GET LOST!” Cheng Yu no longer bothered about them as he held Lin Yuhan’s icy hands and walked towards the exit.

Facing so many guns, Lin Yuhan had already been frightened to the point of her face turning white. But when she felt Cheng Yu holding her hands and giving her psychological encouragement, she felt a lot better.

Looking at Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan leaving, Hong Jun was truly not willing to concede. Today, he had already thrown away a lot of his face and now that even when he had pointed the gun at the other party, he still continued to act so arrogantly. Wasn’t this giving Hong Jun a tight slap?!

“BANG!” Hong Jun could no longer endure it as he opened fire. He felt that this shot was forced. None of them had expected that Hong Jun would really open fire. Even the soldiers who were pointing their guns at Cheng Yu were shocked. This was not a joke. No matter what the reason was, to simply fire a shot like that would definitely be punished.

“Blocked… it has really been blocked!!!!! A miracle had happened once again…” In the stillness, an excited voice sounded from the masses.

As expected, the bullet was stopped 10 cm away from Cheng Yu’s back. Even though he had already saw it once, Hong Bing was still shocked by it. He finally realized that he had provoked someone powerful today.

Hong Jun and his men were stupefied as well. It was their first time witnessing something like that. It was simply too outrageous!

All the masses surrounding them started to cheer. In their eyes, Cheng Yu was like the representative of the justice. For him to have blocked the bullet, it was an affirmation of justice and a display of justice triumphing over the wicked.

“Do you know how your brother got hurt? Since you are brothers, then you should share the pain together. I will let you experience what he experienced!” Cheng Yu turned around and held the bullet. After that, he flicked it towards Hong Jun.

“BOOM!” Hong Jun’s gun also exploded. Hong Jun shrieked miserably as he threw the gun away. Cheng Yu no longer paid attention to them as he brought Lin Yuhan and left Century Plaza.

Since the protagonist had already left, the audience also started to disperse. But their faces were all filled with excitement as this was the best homemade film they had ever watched in their life.

“AAHHH!” Hong Jun held onto his bleeding right hand as he bellowed in rage. ”I WILL DEFINITELY LET YOU PAY SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS!!!” His tone was filled with endless fury.


“Cheng Yu, they are from the military and one of them was even the company commander. Would we bring a lot of trouble by doing this?” Inside the car, Lin Yuhan spoke of her worries.

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“Don’t worry. No matter who he was, to have provoked me, it would be the most miserable matter for them. You can be at ease about this,” Cheng Yu did not care if they were from the military or not. Even if they were from the military, they were also the scums of the military.

In his opinion, a majority of the country’s military personnel were made up of nice people. Otherwise, how were they willing to defend their country?

“Ah! I forget to buy a present for Auntie!” Suddenly, Lin Yuhan shouted as she said nervously.

Aish! It’s definitely hard to understand what a woman is thinking. A few moments ago, Lin Yuhan was still worried about the incident, yet now, she was thinking of Cheng Yu’s mom.

“Er…I’m the only one staying in the house we are going to,” Cheng Yu said.

The reconstruction of Cheng Yu’s villa had been managed by Qin Canghai. The reconstruction was very fast as within a few days, it had already been completed. But Cheng Yu did not have the time to make a trip to have a look. Instead, Qin Canghai gave him a call to tell him about it.

“You are living there alone?” When Lin Yuhan heard that Cheng Yu was living there alone, she sighed in relief. Immediately after, she tensed up. Then wouldn’t it mean that there would only be them there tonight?! What if…but in Lin Yuhan’s heart, even though she worried, she was still somewhat looking forward to it.

“You…didn’t I tell you before? Before you achieve Foundation Establishment Realm, I will not make a move on you,” When Cheng Yu saw how Lin Yuhan was hesitating, he spoke ill-manneredly. Cheng Yu drove very fast. Not long later, they reached the entrance of Cheng Yu’s villa. When Lin Yuhan entered, she was stunned by its interior. She had never once thought of being able to enter such a luxurious house before. This was simply too beautiful.

“This…is this really your house? Did your family buy it for you?”

“You are still looking down on me. Do I look like I don’t have the money to buy such a beautiful house myself?” Looking at the cute and surprised reaction from Lin Yuhan, Cheng Yu felt very happy.

“Was this really bought using your own money? It must have costed a lot. You have so much money?” Even though she knew that Cheng Yu was very capable and was also selling the beauty pills, Lin Yuhan still did not expect him to be this rich.

Suddenly, Lin Yuhan felt somewhat disappointed in her heart. She felt that Cheng Yu was really too good for her. Even so much so that he seemed a little too perfect. She felt that she did not fit him. Because in her opinion, other than being a little more pretty than other girls, there was nothing she could offer Cheng Yu. Even her studies, the only thing she was proud of, was overtaken by Cheng Yu.

“What are you thinking about? If you really like it, you can just treat this as your home. You can even ask your mom to move here,” When Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan was a little sad, even though he did not know what she was thinking of, Cheng Yu still knew that it was definitely something very unhappy.

“Don’t want to. I don’t have any relations with you. How could I possibly move here? Let alone my mom,” Even though Lin Yuhan knew that it was impossible, she still felt very happy when she heard how sincere Cheng Yu was.

“What’s wrong with that? In my heart, I long considered you as my wife and your mom has also become my mother-in-law. There’s nothing wrong in me asking you guys to move here, right?”

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