Chapter 459: Humiliating the spirit of the Light Bishop

“Daughter, my daughter……” A young woman loudly wailed. She wanted to rush over, but her husband pulled her back with a firm grip. When everyone was shocked at the sudden appearance of the shadow, the shadow’s claw was already at the little girl’s neck. The slightest bit of carelessness would cause the death of the little girl.

“Scram! If you don’t leave, I’ll kill her.” The shadow lowered his voice and his hand tightened his grip on the little girl’s neck.  In an instant, the little girl’s face lost all color and she found it hard to breathe. No matter how she struggled, it was impossible for her to break free of the shadow’s claw.

“Release her. Otherwise, you’ll die without an intact corpse.” Dongfang Kexin’s expression didn’t change at all. She pointed her magic staff towards the shadow and mighty light magic power surged in the atmosphere.

Long Yi knitted his brows and looked at Mu Hanyan. They could see the surprise in the other party’s eyes. If Dongfang Kexin pressed hard like that, she would ruin the life of that little girl. Her indifference surprised him. According to what Long Yi knew, although this cousin of his had a strong possessive desire towards him, she was very kind-hearted. How was it possible that she would ignore the life of a little girl just to kill someone from the Dark Church?

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“Sc… scram!” The shadow started to panic and a faint dark aura enveloped the little girl. His hand subconsciously tightened and pressed harder on the little girl’s neck. If this were to continue, the little girl would be dead without a doubt.

Even though the little girl was in the shadow’s hands, Dongfang Kexin seemed to have lost her patience. She waved the magic staff in her hand and the entire beach lit up. It was so bright that it seemed like daytime on the beach. Several milky white lights shot towards the shadow from different directions.

“Foul woman, I will make you pay the price!” Seeing as Dongfang Kexin didn’t intend to let him off, that shadow involuntarily shouted. His black robe expanded and covered the little girl as well as his entire body.

Long Yi’s expression changed. He saw that the white light shot by Dongfang Kexin had pierced through the black robe. However, the shadow and the little girl seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Dongfang Kexin was startled and she felt a chill coming from the bottom of her heart. A thick death aura covered the sky and clattering sounds could be heard in the surroundings.

“Run! Everyone get away quickly, it’s a necromancer.” Everyone who was standing around the area started to shout. They cried out in fear as they turned around and ran towards the city.

Skeletons and zombies crawled out from under the sand as they rushed towards Dongfang Kexin.

With a cold snort, Dongfang Kexin casted the Holy Light Illumination Magic. This soft light magic power rotated from the tip of her magic staff and lit up the surroundings. Those skeletons and zombies instantly changed into white specks of light and disappeared.

Not far away, the shadow was staring at Dongfang Kexin. Even though he had escaped just now, he didn’t manage to run far. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to flee from this woman. Sooner or later, he would be captured. The shadow looked at the little girl who was now unconscious due to fear. She was lying in his arms as he tightened his withered hand. However, hesitation flashed in his eyes and he sighed softly. Eventually, he loosened his hand and released the girl’s neck. He gently placed the little girl on the ground and stared at her with a complicated gaze.

When he finally looked up again at Dongfang Kexin who was in the distance, an angry expression appeared on his face. He was hell-bent on resisting. Even if he couldn’t run away, he would definitely make Dongfang Kexin pay a heavy price for trying to capture him.

In seconds, Dongfang Kexin eliminated the skeletons and zombies around her. Moreover, she released a few Violent Light Magic towards the shadow. Since she was underestimating the enemy, she didn’t notice that a crack had formed in the ground behind her. A golden light flew out from that crack and directly hit Dongfang Kexin’s back.

Boom, Dongfang Kexin staggered a few steps forward. A yellow earth barrier which was triggered on touch blocked that attack for her. As for that shadow, he was sent flying as he vomited mouthfuls of blood. The few Violent Light Magic wasn’t weak at all.

“Golden Skeleton……” Long Yi softly exclaimed in surprise. Never in his wildest imagination would he have thought that there were still necromancers capable of summoning this kind of BOSS level undead creatures.

Dongfang Kexin turned around and her expression was ice-cold. She could still feel the gloomy and cold aura the golden skeleton emitted. She felt as if the huge axe which was held by the golden skeleton was still on her back and the fine hair on her body was standing erect. If it was not for that barrier which activated upon touch, she might have suffered a big loss today.

Of course, the golden skeleton wouldn’t give Dongfang Kexin time to think. The huge golden axe brought along a gloomy death aura as it slashed towards Dongfang Kexin as fast as lightning. As the BOSS level creature from the Undead World, one could well imagine the attack power and speed of this Golden Skeleton.

“Oh mighty Light God, please bestow light divine power to your loyal believer and bind all evil. Holy Bind!” Dongfang Kexin didn’t dodge. Instead, she quickly chanted an incantation as the axe was stopped by a powerful earth barrier.

A violent light suddenly burst out from the tip of her magic staff as it transformed into a fine and continuous glittering and translucent thin string. It spun around the golden skeleton and bound it in place. Even though this golden skeleton desperately struggled, it was unable to free itself.

The moment she casted the magic spell, Dongfang Kexin’s face became slightly pale. She could restrain this golden skeleton for a certain period of time. However, she needed to use all of her energy if she wanted to completely destroy it. She knew that she had another option. If she were to kill the master of the golden skeleton, everything would be settled once and for all.

The shadow struggled to stand up and let out a strange laugh. It was a laugh which contained his grief and loneliness. Why? Why was the world dominated by the Light Church? Why were necromancers hated by everyone? Why was undead magic classified as an evil magic? The only difference between undead magic and other magic was the cultivation method. There was no other difference! If undead magic was used for evil, it would be considered evil. However, if someone used undead magic for good, it should be considered good… Right? However, no matter how good the reasoning was, the Light Church had suppressed all necromancers. For hundreds and thousands of years, necromancers could only hide in the dark due to the suppression from the Light Church. The necromancers had to endure the solitary life.

The shadow continued to laugh wildly. He laughed at the ignorance of the common people and laughed at the cruelty of this world. He had always kept the last wish of his master in his mind. Even on his master’s deathbed, he had hoped that undead magic would become a branch of magic on the Blue Waves Continent.

Currently, a few figures flew towards the beach from the direction of the Light Church. They had probably appeared due to the fluctuation of dead qi coming from this place.

Dongfang Kexin raised her magic staff and began to condense light magic power.

Mu Hanyan gritted her pearly white teeth and coldly snorted. She wanted to rush over but Long Yi stopped her.

“I want to save him!” Mu Hanyan glared angrily at Long Yi.

“I’ll do it. It’ll be less troublesome.” Long Yi lightly said. From the moment the necromancer released the little girl, Long Yi had already decided to save him. He was already forced into a corner but he didn’t kill the little girl. From the way Long Yi saw it, this necromancer was thousands of times purer than many people in the Light Church.

Swish, a strong light beam flew towards the necromancer who was laughing wildly. The moment the light beam touched him, the necromancer would be completely eliminated from this world.

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Just as the light beam was about to touch the necromancer, a black mist flashed. The light beam was completely swallowed by the black mist. A tall shadow began to take shape from the black mist. That pitch-black profound bone armor, that death scythe which glimmered with bloody light coupled with the dense death qi made Dongfang Kexin who was not far away retreat a few steps. Her expression changed in an instant.

A red light flashed and the blood scythe in Long Two’s hands slashed at the golden skeleton. As if Long Two wanted to split open the sky, the string which bound the golden skeleton was instantly cut open.

Kacha kacha, the golden skeleton, evil zombie, and pitch black specter were the three BOSSES of the Undead World. Every single one of them fell to their knees in front of Long Two.

The moment Long Two appeared, the crazy laughter from the necromancer ceased. He was surprised that such a super creature existed… However, his surprise was replaced with indescribable fanaticism.

“Why are you still here? Quickly take your skeleton and leave!” All of a sudden, a voice boomed in the necromancer’s ear.

This necromancer woke up with a start. He immediately kept the golden skeleton as he turned his head to look towards Long Two. The moment Long Two appeared, the surrounding of 100 meters became deathly still. When everyone was shocked at Long Two’s appearance, the necromancer changed into a wisp of a phantom and he disappeared into the boundless night.

The moment the necromancer left, Dongfang Kexin was about to chase after him. However, the moment she tightened her muscles to chase him, she felt a cold qi assault her. The blood in her body seemed to have frozen over and she became unable to move a muscle.

Several white lights flashed in the sky and the troops of the Light Church instantly arrived on the beach. Both heavyweights from the Light Church appeared. Holy Priest Karen and the bishop from the Blue Moon City Light Church appeared. They surrounded Long Two and everyone had a solemn expression on her face.

“Saintess Kexin, what happened?” Karen asked with a solemn look.

Dongfang Kexin explained the matter which happened just a moment ago. When her eyes landed on Long Two, a hint of confusion flashed through her eyes. Wasn’t this skeleton the one which appeared in the Lightning Shrine? However, she was unable to confirm her guesses as other than the blood-red scythe, the current Long Two looked completely different.

“Let’s use the Divine Light Spell to seal this evil creature. If left alone, there would be incalculable consequences.” Holy Priest Karen lowered her voice.

“Overestimating your abilities.” When they were about to cast their Divine Light Spell, Long Two’s mechanical voice spoke out. A strong sense of disdain was in his empty eye sockets as he looked at the three of them.

“The skeleton knows how to talk? Does it have intelligence? Can it be that the King of the Undead World actually appeared?” The Light Church’s bishop fell into a panic. An undead creature with intelligence only existed in the legend as the ruler of the Undead World.

Holy Priest Karen’s expression changed the moment Long Two opened its mouth. She commanded the experts from the Light Church to begin chanting the Divine Light Spell. A milky white halo was emitted from the magic staff of everyone from the Light Church. The halos quickly covered Long Two who was standing in the middle of all of them.

However, how strong was Long Two? How could Long Two be sealed by these random people from the Light Church? Long Yi knew that it was not difficult to break the encirclement of the troops from the Light Church with Long Two’s current strength and he quickly used his thoughts to control Long Two.

The moment Long Two received Long Yi’s instructions, its body bulged. Dense black mist appeared and suppressed the halos. With a single slash of his Death Scythe, Long Two cut apart all of the halos and a blood light appeared in the air.

Several priests were shaken by the slash. They quickly sped up their chanting as they tried to resist Long Two’s attack.

The bottomless pit which was Long Two’s eyes glimmered with red light. The six overgrown bones from his back glowed with faint purple light and they stood erect. Long Two appeared as though he was a hedgehog with the six bones pointing outwards. Dark light shot out from the bones with heaven collapsing might.

Snap, the halos exploded and the priests staggered a few steps backward.

Long Two left behind an illusionary afterimage and the Death Scythe made an arc. The bishop from the Blue Moon City Light Church felt something cold on his neck and sweat appeared on his forehead. However, Long Two had already disappeared into the night.

When he looked down, the bishop saw that his white beard was floating towards the ground. Everyone looked at each other with blank dismay… An undead creature was humiliating a human priest, this……

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