Chapter 458: Issuing an assassination mission with a huge bounty

Arnold wanted to take Long Yi to the room he used on the fourth floor. However, Long Yi pointed to the other area in the bar which was separated by the magic glass. He said, “Let’s go there and take a look inside.”

Arnold naturally didn’t dare to object. He humbly led Long Yi into the bounty hunter area in the bar.

The area for bounty hunters in the bar wasn’t large. However, the decoration in the area was much superior compared to outside. Moreover, there was a round stage in the middle. Musicians and dancers were performing on the stage and the guests were adding music as they pleased. The style of the music was different each time. Sometimes, the music was wild and boorish. At other times, the music was quiet and beautiful. Although it was messy, there was a special flavor to it.

Beside the bar counter, there was a huge mission board. On one side, latest missions were written and on the other side, the current progress of some exceedingly difficult missions was stated. Everything was clear with a single glance.

Long Yi secretly nodded his head. This was really good… The idea for the bar area was not just for relaxation. They actually combined enjoyment and the missions into a single place. It was a really clever idea.

Sitting down in the corner, the two of them ordered two cups of Warrior’s glory.

“Arnold, what happened to Alpha?” Long Yi sipped on a cup of wine as he sized up the surrounding area.

“Replying to Young Master, Alpha is managing the guild in the Violent Dragon Empire. As the Bounty Hunter Guild in the Violent Dragon Empire already matured, it was time for us to expand. After discussing with Alpha, we decided to expand here into Blue Moon City.” Arnold answered.

“Very good.” Long Yi nodded his head as he praised them. After thinking for a little, he continued, “Arnold, do you know the reason behind setting up the guild?”

“Young Master wants to recruit the strongest adventurer on the Blue Waves Continent. You want to make use of them in the future.” Arnold answered respectfully.

Although the Bounty Hunter Guild was managed by himself and Alpha, the idea behind the Bounty Hunter Guild was Long Yi’s. Not the mention the fact that without Long Yi’s abundant financial assistance and the protection of the Ximen Clan, it would be impossible for the Bounty Hunter Guild to develop into its current state. It would have been destroyed by the Mercenary Guild before they were able to develop.

“Correct. Now, the time is about right. Go and issue some new missions. I want the heads of the higher level personnel in the Proud Moon Empire. Offer a huge bounty. Let me emphasize again, huge bounty! Do you understand?” Long Yi’s pupils glimmered and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

Arnold was startled as he had no idea what was going on, “Young Master, this……”

What sort of person was Long Yi? He was naturally able to see through Arnold’s misgivings. He added with a smile, “No need to worry. If we were in the previous Proud Moon Empire, I wouldn’t dare to openly issue such assassination missions. However, the current Proud Moon Empire is just a stray cur. I’m pretty sure that there are many people would love to beat a dog who has fallen into the water. Now, go.”

Arnold agreed and left the bar. He thought of something in his heart. It seemed as though knew what was in Long Yi’s mind. He knew that Long Yi was certain to capture the entire Proud Moon Empire.

The moment Arnold issued the missions, a huge wave broke out in the bar. Voices could be heard everywhere, discussing the new missions.

“My God, 10,000 Amethyst Coins to purchase the city lord’s head. Any city lord in the Proud Moon Empire’s first and second class cities. 100,000 Amethyst Coins to purchase the head of the royal court’s high-ranking officials. 1,000,000 Amethyst Coins to purchase the head of Proud Moon Empire’s princes. 5,000,000 Amethyst Coins to purchase the head of the Proud Moon Empire’s emperor.” Someone read out the new bounty missions that were issued with a loud voice. The huge bounty was truly attractive. The lowest reward of 10,000 Amethyst Coins was more than sufficient for a household to live a prosperous life.

The announcement instantly attracted everyone’s attention in the bounty hunter area. Several peak hunters with the amethyst hunter badge on their chest stood up. That highest bounty of 5,000,000 Amethyst Coins was truly too alluring. If they were able to obtain this bounty, they would have wealth enough to rival an entire nation. The national treasury of many principalities had only 100,000 or so Amethyst Coins.

After issuing the missions, Arnold returned to his seat in front of Long Yi, “Young Master, it will take a few days for all of our Bounty Hunter Guild and bars to post this mission. I believe that this mission would immediately spread throughout the entire continent.”

“Very good. Arnold, add another condition after a while. Allow everyone to take up the mission, even if they are not from the Bounty Hunter Guild. However, their rewards will be reduced to one-fifth.” Long Yi smiled and said. He believed that the allied army from the two empires would breach through the Yatesianna defense line very soon with the help of the Kobold Clan. At that time, the mission issued by the Bounty Hunter Guild would cause the entire Proud Moon Empire to fall into chaos. Who would be willing to keep those official positions? Those people who feared for the lives would definitely give up their high positions in order not to be targeted by the bounty hunters. Wouldn’t it be easy to annihilate Proud Moon Empire when the time comes?

“Yes, Young Master.” Arnold acknowledged Long Yi’s request.

“Well, there is another thing. Set up a branch of the Bounty Hunter Guild in all the cities in the Nalan Empire. Once that is completed, form a huge information network. After that, I want you to immediately form an intelligence organization to collect and sort out the collected information. Don’t worry about the rest, I’ll send someone to help you out.” Long Yi said. His goal was to combine the Bounty Hunter Guild and the Skynet Intelligence Organization.

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After giving Arnold his instructions, Long Yi left the Bounty Hunter Guild by himself. Now, the sky was already dull. Without the blazing sun shining down on them, Blue Moon City was much cooler than it was in the day.

At this moment, Blue Moon City had already reverted back to its usual bustling and lively days. The matter of the two princes vying for the throne had already passed. The army had already left for the other cities in order to suppress the rebellion. Good news came wave after wave which caused the people to relax. Even some old diehards who were firm in their decision to not support Nalan Ruyue’s ascension to the throne began to change.

When he looked at everything which happened, Long Yi was getting complacent. The situation had already started to clear up. As long as the Proud Moon Empire laid down their arms to surrender, Long Yi would not annihilate them. As for the Nalan Empire, it was already in his hands. In the Violent Dragon Empire, his Ximen Clan and the Imperial Long Clan were fighting against each other. The winner was not yet decided. However, people who were sharp could see that the Ximen Clan had a very big advantage over the Long Clan.

“Yu, wait for me.” A lovely voice came from behind Long Yi. A fragrant wind blew past his face and Mu Hanyan appeared beside Long Yi.

Turning his head, Long Yi smiled at Mu Hanyan. He wasn’t surprised at all. He wrinkled his nose and asked, “Weren’t you drinking wine? Where did you get the time to go and bathe?”

Mu Hanyan’s expression didn’t change at all. From what he said, she knew that Long Yi had long discovered her existence in the bar. With a giggle, she replied him, “Isn’t that Bounty Hunter Bar yours? Don’t you know that there is an outdoor bathing area on the third floor? The water there is ice-cold! It was so comfortable…”

“Outdoor bathing area? Do men and women share the place?” The eyes of Long Yi shone and he asked with a cheeky smile.

“Scram! Your mind is always filled with dirty thoughts. You must be thinking about whether you should go and take a peep or not.” Mu Hanyan coquettishly rolled her eyes.

“Am I that kind of person? I’ll only go if a beauty like you takes a bath in the outdoor bathing area.” Long Yi said with a smile.

The corners of Mu Hanyan’s mouth rose upwards. She was obviously very happy with Long Yi’s reply.

As they walked around the city, they chatted with each other. Just like this, the two of them subconsciously arrived at the seashore. The waves were raging and battering against the shore.

“Proprietress, why on earth are you leading me to this place again? Do you want to do it like the other day?” Long Yi said with a cheeky grin as he stared at the boulder…

Mu Hanyan’s face turned slightly red but she was not willing to be outdone by this cheeky fellow. She snapped, “Come, bring it on!”

Long Yi looked all around. At the moment, it was still too early. There were couples and groups of threes enjoying the cool breeze on the beach. This was not the time to be fooling around anyway… As such, Long Yi reluctantly extended his devil’s claws towards Mu Hanyan’s buttocks. He pinched them hard.

Mu Hanyan sighed with relief and she extended her orchid-shaped fingers to pinch Long Yi’s waist. This invincible pinching skill was a woman’s innate skill. Mu Hanyan was no exception.

As they talked and laughed, the arrived at a relatively remote area on the beach. The two of them eventually lied down on the sand and Mu Hanyan used Long Yi’s arm as a pillow.

“I think that Light Pope Charles would arrive tomorrow.” Mu Hanyan suddenly said.

“Mmm, I know.” Long Yi answered as he stared into the star filled sky.

“Actually, I feel that Charles’ intentions for coming to Blue Moon City isn’t all good. It’s probably not just for Nalan Ruyue’s coronation. He might have some plans to deal with you, which might bring you harm… However, these are just my thoughts. I have no evidence to back it up.” Mu Hanyan was deep in her thoughts and she reminded Long Yi.

Sticking up his leg into the air, Long Yi thought about it as well. He had naturally thought of everything Mu Hanyan said. Charles was coming to Blue Moon City for the sake of solving the mystery of the light spirit tablet. In order to obtain the power of the light spirit tablet, he would definitely not touch Long Yi. However, the only person he wouldn’t harm was Long Yi. Other people related to Long Yi was all fair game, for example, Nalan Ruyue. All of this was already in Long Yi’s expectations.

“You are right… Charles, that God fanatic definitely have something up his sleeves. I have to think of some countermeasures.” Long Yi muttered.

All of a sudden, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan seemed to have sensed someone. They turned around and looked towards the right side of the sky.

“Dark aura and light aura, they are moving towards us. The dark aura is leading the way, and the light aura is behind it. However, the light aura is much stronger than the dark aura.” Mu Hanyan said.

“You are right, it is a lot stronger…” Long Yi strangely looked at Mu Hanyan.

“You seemed to have forgotten about my Bai Yu. It has much better senses than me.” Mu Hanyan broke into a smile and replied Long Yi.

When the two of them were discussing about who had better senses, the light and dark aura had already drawn close. In a matter of seconds, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan could see the source of the two auras.

A white light flashed and a vague groaning sound resounded. In the sky, the person wearing a black robe rolled about and fell, slamming into the beach. Everyone was startled and started screaming.

A red shadow flashed and a person wearing a red priest robe descended from the sky. Her hood had already been blown away in the battle, revealing a young and beautiful face. With her long hair fluttering in the wind, she appeared just like a fairy.

“Kexin……” Long Yi frowned.

When Long Yi was looking at Kexin, the shadow who wore a black robe turned into a dark mist. It started to run away. By the time anyone was able to react, the figure’s withered claw held a girl who was close to its landing spot. Moreover, that figure’s withered claw had already held a little girl not far away.

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