Chapter 45 – Evolution

“Kwaa-” an eerie sound came from a Ravager who noticed Luon’s ambush. It tried to signal its allies about the ambush, but it was cut off along with its head. Luon’s sword swiftly beheaded the Ravager, however, in response the others had noticed their presences almost immediately.

When Luon was dealing with the first Ravager, Bendan, Gizmo, and Tyron weren’t sitting by idly. They had also eliminated a Ravager by themselves with the help of Shizuka’s NG-Arms and the fact they were taken by surprise.

Fortunately for Luon most of the other Ravagers under the Clamaris wing was assaulting Arisa’s line of defense. Within that instant, only twelve were left. The Clamaris was indifferent to seeing her children’s deaths, to her they were merely soldiers and food. No matter what their lives would be offered to the great cause, to beings more powerful than themselves. The weak clung to the strong that’s was what all it was.

As the Clamaris amusingly watches over the battle, Luon began to engage with six Ravagers. They instinctively knew that he was the strongest in the group. Bendan, Tyron, and Gizmo were still under level 50 and with their NG-Arms equipped they were able to reach the same level as the Ravagers. Luon, however, was already over level 50 when the event started and after absorbing a portion of the starlight twin moonflower, he had grown even stronger than before.

It was a messy brawl within the encirclement of the Ravagers Luon dodge their attacks within a hair’s breadth. If their attacks were properly coordinated this action would not have been possible, however, each Ravager thoughtlessly swung their arms hoping to impale Luon.

Taking advantage of their mistakes, Luon closed in on the gaps and slowly began to eliminate the Ravagers one by one. Luon swiftly appeared merely centimeters away from a Ravager and stabbed it with his blade. The attack impeded its movements for a moment, and then Luon pulled out his sword before swiftly escaping. At the spot, he was just at another Ravager charged in and impaled the already weakened Ravager.

After the first one fell the others had followed suit, Luon felt that it was harder to face two Ravagers rather than a swarm of them, by the time he had eliminated the group. However, this move didn’t come without a cost, his energy reserved plummeted, and he only had a few minutes more of operation time.

When Luon checked on how his friends were doing they each had eliminated a Ravager and were fighting their final bouts with the remaining three. Bendan was first to finish off his opponents as he began to aid Gizmo and Tyron with their opponents.

At this moment Luon no longer paid attention to them. Instead, he stared at the Clamaris in front of him. It was as if it was bored and watching their battle entertained the Clamaris, it merely stood there waiting for them to be done clearing the Ravagers. Luon face distorted at the sight, the Clamaris observation clearly displays its intelligence, using her children as sacrifices it grasped the attack pattern Luon’s group had used while exhausting their battle power.

Although there was still Ravagers still alive and the Clamaris intended to wait a bit more, it then noticed something. The Clamaris felt something from Luon, it was a familiar feeling to her, and suddenly her mood instantly changed. Luon felt the changes as well in fact his heart began rapidly, he felt a resonating effect between him and the Clamaris. Luon then thought ‘The starlight twin moonflower!’

Luon recognized that the other half of the flower was eaten by the Clamaris. Before Luon was allowed to ponder any further, the Clamaris used an Echo Screech at Luon who in return used wind magic to fend off the sound waves. Seeing her attack fail the Clamaris charged at Luon who in response engage into close quarter combat with the Clamaris. The Clamaris was level 79 while Luon with his NG-Arms equipped and after eating the flower was at 73. There was quite the disparity between the two, but it was mainly in physical strength. With his refined techniques, he was able to draw a stalemate between the two. However, the situation slowly became more complicated.

If Luon lasts long enough then his friends could come and help him attack the Clamaris, the downside was the energy consumption of his NG-Arms. Once it was out of energy even if they grouped together, there was no way to beat the Clamaris. After doing a quick calculation, Luon decided to unequip his NG-Arms as he released it and stored it in his storage. To unequip and equip the NG-Arms this action took only a second as it magically disappeared. This single second, although short, was long when compared to their rapid actions. Utilizing Luon’s downtime the Clamaris was able to land a blow against Luon.

Luon’s body flew several meters away from the attack. Fortunately for him, he used his transforming belt to equip his armor to mitigate a part of the attack. However, cracks began to appear, and Luon thought that at most he could handle two more attacks similar to the one he just took.

The Clamaris once again charged in front of Luon and the two began another bout, although Luon was much slower than before he barely managed to last a few minutes more. Luon tried to make some space between them, but it charged at him once again, however, this time during its rush a bullet exploded against the side of the Clamaris knocking it aside.

Gizmo, Tyron, and Bendan began to engage with the Clamaris, and Luon equipped his NG-Arms before engaging once again. Soon enough with their combined efforts they pressured and managed to injure the Clamaris. The Clamaris began to glow crimson and quickly recognizing its actions Luon yelled, “Retreat!”

They backed away from the Clamaris as it began to dash away from the group, at the same time numerous spikes shot out of its exoskeleton. Luon had recognized that it was going to use the Ravage Charge skill but didn’t expect that it would run away from the group. Luon had experienced this move before when he studied the simulated version of the Clamaris, it was an attack which short spikes from its body as it ran towards its foes. However, the reality of things was different from the simulation, instead of charging at them, it ran away. Luon was confused and asked himself, ‘Why did it run away?’

His question was quickly answered as the Clamaris began to screech once more, only it wasn’t the attack Echo Screech. Instead, Luon felt like it was screeching in joy and pleasure. At this moment the Clamaris began to evolve the pressure from fighting Luon, and the others stimulated the effects of the starlight twin moonflower causing the Clamaris to hit level 80!

Luon and the others dismayed, unlike them who had to rely on NG-Arms the Clamaris was naturally beyond their levels. The evolution process was quick, the skin became more robust, and it’s size nearly increased by half. The aura the Clamaris emitted grew even deadlier. Satisfied by its changes the Clamaris turned and faced the group as if thanking them for their pathetic efforts.

It happened in an instant, a black figure nearly vanished from one spot and appeared right beside Bendan. With a single swing, it sent Bendan flying several meters away until he arrived beside Luon.

“Bendan!” Luon yelled in response as he quickly checks his injuries. After its evolution, the Clamaris’s attack was almost beyond Luon’s level of perception.

Fortunately, the attack didn’t kill him as he was still breathing. However, Bendan was completely knocked unconscious, and he was bleeding.

After quickly giving Bendan a potion to maintain his vitality he turned to face the Clamaris. The battle wasn’t over yet, and he needed to get Bendan away from the battle to do proper first aid treatment. However, the Clamaris wasn’t going to let him go easily.

The Clamaris once again vanished and appeared in front of Luon. It was even faster than when it attacked Bendan. Luon had underestimated its speed as its leg rapidly approaches Luon with the intention of ending his life. He was helpless against the attack as he instinctively closed his eyes in fear.

“Hmm, looks like you’ve managed to survive long enough. Back down now, from here on out it’s my fight,” said a voice.

Luon who had felt death rapidly approach him a few seconds ago heard a voice and as a few more seconds pass he found himself still alive. He opened his eyes when Helen arrived to help them out. Immediately he lifted Bendan up and backed out with Tyron and Gizmo.

Seeing her students distancing themselves away enough for her to be satisfied she turned to face the evolved Clamaris and said, “I didn’t expect that a domesticated Inzektor of this size would appear within our watch. Don’t worry I’ll personally help exterminate your kind from this planet after this.”

The Clamaris who couldn’t completely understand what she said felt angry at the way Helen posed herself. The Clamaris intimidatingly roared before one again assaulting her.

Helen who experienced a point-blank Echo Screech appeared indifferent as she drew her sword to parry against the Clamaris’s attack.

Beneath the power of the two behemoths, Luon and the others felt the waves of pressure caused by their collision overwhelm him despite their distance.

‘Is this what it’s like for two level 80s to fight? The difference between 70 to 80 is like gazing upwards at a mountain without seeing the peak,’ thought Luon as he struggled to stand.

There was no need for talk between these two monsters, even if they do talk they weren’t able to understand each other’s language. However, they were still able to communicate through combat.

Helen and the Clamaris traded numerous of blows, they rapidly disappeared from the battlefield before Luon’s eyes as he barely manages to perceive them. At this moment Gizmo had finished giving Bendan the first aid treatment he needed. Originally Luon was going to do so, but Gizmo turned him down as Luon was the only one who could possibly stop the Clamaris from attacking them.

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Luon who was barely able to keep up with their actions told Gizmo without turning away from the battle, “Let’s get out of here. If we stay any longer, it would be harder for Teacher Helen to help us.”

Gizmo nodded, and the group began to retreat. The Clamaris who was in the middle of combat noticed this and attacked Luon who barely managed to block a single attack. Luon yelled at Gizmo to continue retreating as he started dodging the Clamaris.

As Gizmo and the group ran away, the Clamaris didn’t pay any attention towards them. Instead, it was focused on Luon. Unlike the weak beings that ran away, Luon who ate the other half of the flower mustn’t escape, or so it thought. If the Clamaris consumed Luon’s flesh, it would be able to grow once more and deal with Helen.

Luon didn’t know its intentions and desperately fought with Helen to stay alive. Although it was a two versus one Luon was nearly out of energy. In fact, his presence their distracted Helen more than it helped her.

It was at this moment Luon’s NG-Arms ran out of energy, and the Clamaris once again knocked Luon several meters away. His armor was utterly shattered, and blood oozed out from his body.

Clinging to his life he desperately stared at the Clamaris as his mind thought about how to survive in this situation. The Clamaris threw off Helen and dashed towards Luon making a joyful screeching sound.

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To Luon it was the frightening sound of impending death. The Clamaris was right before his eyes and it swung down on him.

And it was at this moment Luon was enveloped in darkness.

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