Chapter 158: The ‘why not knock out both of parties’ theory.

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The night of the same day. I took a bath and went back to my room.

“Ah, I’m tired.”

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I jumped on my bed as if I ran out of energy. Without minding my hair that was still wet, I buried my face in the pillow and took a deep breath. I only came to get used to my daily school life after summer recently.

My bed feels the best…

As I kept relishing the joy of lying in my bed and healing my exhaustion, my phone suddenly started ringing.

Who could be calling at this time of the night…?

I checked my phone and realized that it was Lina. I answered the call and moved the phone near my ear with my face still buried in the pillow.

“It’s me, Lina. Do you have time now?”

The first thing she asked for if I’ve some of my time to spare. She got used to talking on phone. I still remember when she used to fluster the moment I answered her calls. She is growing stronger. As I had those carefree thoughts in my mind while listening to her voice, I asked for what she wanted.

“What is it?”
“Nothing really. I just want to ask you… What are you hiding?”

I unintentionally closed my mouth because of the countless clues I had from hearing her questions. Maybe she is talking about the skill holders. Noticing that my answer was late, Lina mutter ‘as I thought.’ to herself.

“You’re hiding something related to the question you asked me yesterday about skills on Earth, aren’t you? The man we encountered today is related to that as well, right?”

She already found out everything. Well, it’s not like I was hiding it from her anyway. As I realized that she saw through everything, all I could do was make an awkward laugh.

“Hahaha… I’m impressed that you found out.”
“Anyone can guess that much.”

Lina spoke in an indifferent voice. She didn’t sound mad at me.

“Don’t hide too many things from us. Saya was worried that you may get involved in trouble again.”

She then informed me of the conversation she had with Saya after I left them earlier. I was surprised to hear that Saya was worried about me and I felt really sorry for not telling them.

“It’s not like I’m hiding it purposely from you… And besides, I think I can manage everything on my own this time, so I thought there wasn’t any need to tell you.”
“Even if that were the case for you, Saya is just an ordinary person. You’re used to what you’re doing, but Saya is not. She feels down and worried about you every time something you consider to be not worth the mention happens.”

Well, she is right.

It’s about Saya. it wouldn’t be strange if she were to act that way. The feeling of guilt increased in me after I listened to Lina’s lecture. She is the type of person who is always worried about the others even if when she gets kidnapped by Gods or Heroes. Perhaps I was too optimistic.

“Yeah, you’re right.”
“Don’t make us worry about you too much.”

Understanding that I was reflecting on my acts, I tried to close the topic.

“But still, I didn’t think you’d lecture me this much on phone. Couldn’t you just send me a mail instead?”
“I know that you will just ignore the mail.”

She knows me very well…

I honestly agreed with her on that part.

“Anyway, that’s all that I wanted to say. I’m hanging the call now.”
“Yeah, later.”

Lina hung up the call. I kept gazing at the phone for a short while smiling all by myself. She did really grow up to call me and talk about Saya. The angel who once served only her God is now serving and helping her friend.

That is a good progress.

As much as I felt glad for Lina who was gradually changing for the best, I also worried about Saya. I need to talk to her later about what happened. I’m not intending to take too long in resolving the current problem, but I need to talk to her just in case.


Right when I made that decision, this time I heard Meru’s voice calling me.

“What is it?”
“I investigated the two people you told me about and found out something, Desu!!”

She moved her hand as if she were sweeping sweat from her forehead.

Oh, already done.

“What did you learn?”

When I asked her, she told me to wait for a second and took out a bundle of papers out of nowhere then started turning them up.

“Uum, first, about the Shibata Man and Yanagi Keisuke. Those two were formerly working in a secret Organisation managed by a major company.”
“The Organisation…”

Such a disturbing word came out right there…

I unintentionally frowned and asked Meru back.

“In their childhood, Shibata Man saw his parents getting murdered in front of him while Yanagi Keisuke ran in a car accident with his parents and survived. They were declared to be dead when they were taken to the hospital while Shibata and Keisuke got imprisoned inside the Organisation, Desu.”

A murder case and a car accident, huh…

Those were most likely the triggers that woke them up to their abilities. Both of them got used by the intuition and imprisoned from going outside. I revealed a perplexed expression after listening to Meru’s report and felt somewhat impressed by Meru who was able to get all those information.

“I’m impressed that you found out that much.”
“I didn’t find anything at first, Desu. Therefore I went directly to steal the documents from the Organisation. Their security was plainly solid, but it was a piece of cake, Desu!”

Meru smiled like a child who was feeling proud after coming back from a trip. I wonder where she learns these expressions. I laughed bitterly from watching her revealing that pure and innocent smile. The security of the Organisation was most likely the strongest in the world, but it ended up being ‘plainly solid’ for Meru, the airhead AI who reigns over the Internet. I even feel like she is stronger than me in this world brimming with technology.

I need to be careful to never lose her. The moment I reminded myself, I noticed that she was making a meek face.

“Also, it looks like the Organisation was conducting experiments on humans… Desu.”

This topic is getting more and more disturbing.

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“They inject them with chemicals to learn more about their abilities and attempt to push them over their limits by making them straddle in the line of life and death. All of their experiments are inhumane, Desu.”

Superpowers are an irregularity in this world dominated by science. Those two ended up as sacrifices for it.

What a cruel thing to do.

Meru who finished her report bowed down in respect. I was too optimistic when I thought that everything will end once I deal with those two.

“Do you know how is the Organisation doing after they escaped?”

I’m expecting that the Organisation got utterly destroyed by them. Meru asked me to wait again for some reason before she answered.

“The Organisation itself is still working fine. All its members are safe and sane.”
“Safe? They’re not hurt in anyway?”

Then how did Shibata and Keisuke escape?

The moment I wondered about that, Meru continued her answer.

“I peeked through the cameras inside the Organisation and saw its members doing their job and observing an empty room as if nothing had happened, Desu.”

I immediately got what Meru meant by ‘empty room.’

“So they hypnotized the members to keep their disappearance as a secret.”
“Most likely, that is the case.”

If they carelessly destroyed it, they will attract the attention of their surroundings. Even if they have abnormal abilities, they can’t bear being chased forever. Therefore, they escaped without killing anyone and thus, without getting exposed. This plan was probably done by Yanagi. If Shibata was alone, he would have slaughtered them all.

“Um, master.”

As I thought about a few things in the report, Meru addressed me while seeming to be hesitating to say something.

“Could it perhaps be that those two are… aiming to kill the President of the Organisation, Desu?”
“The President…”
“The document of the Organisation mentioned that the President visited the place quite often. They might be holding a deep grudge against him.”

That’s very much possible…

Yanagi told me that he will be doing something big. It would make sense if he were implying his revenge on the President who made them go through those inhumane experiments.

“Well, I mean… the President deserves anything that may happen to him…”

He did many things that should make him abhorred by them. I’m not the type of good person who could stop them with the reason of revenge being is wrong or that one shouldn’t kill people no matter what. If they were going to do something, then they will just have to do it somewhere far enough from me so I won’t get involved.

But, on the other hand, I would be breaking my promise with the old man if I don’t stop them. I became quiet and contemplated what to do next, before I heard Meru’s cheerful voice asking for permission to make a suggestion.

“Master! I have an idea, Desu!!”
“Why not knock out both of the parties, Desu?”

Her suggestion was a little unbalanced with her cute appearance. I know that she’s not saying anything wrong, but… Is my daughter Meru this type of girl?

I had a perplexed feeling for a while after I saw her proposing such a violent plan with a genuine smile.

“Well, yeah. I will eventually end up doing that anyway…”

I need to do something about them anyway and this time I just need to beat out the two parties. Although that would be pretty troublesome.

“Do your best, Master!”
“I will do what I can.”


Phone call.

Before Lina called Yato.

“Uum, first I click this button, then I click on his profile… Good. Now, I can call him by clicking here, probably… that’s what the guide says…”

Lina wasn’t making any progress actually.

(ED: Poor Lina.)

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