Chapter 460: Becoming an Uncle Master

As they sat on the steep cliff, they heard the continuous crashing of sea waves. Long Yi and Mu Hanyan looked down at the surface of the sea which was illuminated by the silvery starlight.

Currently, Long Yi was amazed in his heart. He had used his thoughts to instruct Long Two to break out of the encirclement. Technically, the only thing Long Yi did was to tell Long Two to return and not cause any harm. However, Long Two actually sliced off the light bishop’s beard. Could it be that Long Two had also learned how to poke fun at others from him?

“What kind of monster is that thing of yours?” Mu Hanyan finally lost it and started to question Long Yi.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and replied with a smile, “I have no idea as well. He might be a monster for all I know.”

“I feel as though he is the same as you… He possesses the same arrogance as you, not to mention the fact that both of you behave the same way…” Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes. When she recalled Long Two’s words, ‘overestimating your capabilities’, she was laughing in her heart. Even though Long Two said it in his mechanical voice, she still found it funny. She found it so funny that she overlooked the fact that Long Two was an undead creature with consciousness.

When Mu Hanyan was laughing at the side, Long Yi was deep in his thoughts. He didn’t want Dongfang Kexin to become cold blooded… She was acting like she didn’t care about anything with all of her feelings sealed up right now. What exactly does that hypocrite, Charles, want to do with her?

Although Dongfang Kexin’s strong possessive desire towards him gave him a headache, when all was said and done, she was his cousin. She was the beloved granddaughter of his grandfather (mother’s father) Dongfang Qiming. Long Yi didn’t want her to be reduced to a pawn in Charles’ hands.

When Long Yi was lost in his thoughts, Mu Hanyan turned to Long Yi and reminded him, “Your treasured monster is coming. He brought along that necromancer.”

“Your big white bird has really good sensory abilities.” Long Yi said with a smile.

The moment he finished his sentence, a shadow flashed before his eyes. Long Two held his terrifying Death Scythe as he stood in front of Long Yi and Mu Hanyan. After a few moments, the necromancer’s figure appeared on the cliff. When he saw that there were two people in front of Long Two, he hesitated. He had thought that he was saved by Long Two, this undead creature with consciousness. However, out of his expectations, there seemed to be other people who were involved in his rescue. The necromancer had considered Long Two to be the ruler of the undead world, but now, it seemed like the skeleton was just a magic servant which belonged to the man before him.

“Little Two, since the guest you brought over it a little shy, you should bring him over to us.” Long Yi faintly smiled and prompted Long Two.

“Okay, big brother.” Long Two responded and turned to face the necromancer.

The second Long Two turned around to face him, the necromancer placed a sincere and fearful expression on his face. He hastily rushed over and started bowing to Long Yi, “Necromancer Dry Bones thank you for the kindness of saving my life.”

“Dry Bones? Heh heh, don’t mention it. We are all from the same family. Also, you have a kind heart. Even under so much pressure, you didn’t kill the little girl. You saved yourself, don’t have to thank me.” Long Yi smiled and explained. This necromancer’s name really suited his profession.

“My master once said that there was no such thing as righteousness or evilness when cultivating. The only thing which decided whether or not one was righteous or evil was their heart.” Dry Bones’ tone was filled with sadness when he mentioned his master.

Long Yi was startled. This was something he had seen in Bite Xiuge’s Undead Magic Notes. Long Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Who is your master?”

Dry Bones shook his head and replied, “I was adopted by my master since childhood. However, he never revealed his name to me. He said that he was afraid of losing the face of his ancestor. The only thing he told me was that my ancestor was the Undead Master Archmage, Bite Xiuge, who had shaken the world several hundred years ago.”

Sure enough, he was the successor of Bite.Xiuge. If he thought about it, wouldn’t he be fellow disciples with this Dry Bones? After all, his undead magic also originated from the Undead Magic Collection and notes which belonged to Bite.Xiuge. Long Two was also Bite Xiuge’s creation…

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“Do you have any evidence that you are the successor of Bite.Xiugue?” Long Yi narrowed his eyes and dense dark qi spilled out from his body, pressuring Dry Bones.

Mu Hanyan’s eyes shone with a profound light as she stared at Long Yi. Her deep and serene beautiful pupils flickered twice… No one knew what this woman was thinking.

When he felt the pressure coming from Long Yi’s body, Dry Bones’ body trembled. Soon after that, his eyes flashed with a hint of madness. It was stronger than the time when he had seen Long Two. Could it be that the wish of his master could be realized through this youth?

“There was only one thing ancestor passed down…” Dry Bones slowly opened his left palm. On the center of his left palm, there was a blood red skull mark. An indistinct red light was undulating gently on his palm. It was exactly the same as the blood red skull mark on Long Yi’s hand…

Long Yi opened his left palm as well and exposed the blood skull on his hand. The moment the two blood red skull marks appeared, they twitched simultaneously. The red light became even more dazzling.

“Ah… You are……” Dry Bones exclaimed. He didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing, as he had never heard of his master accepting another disciple. Also, his master had only passed down a single blood red skull mark. There was only supposed to be one. However, if that was the case, how could he explain the blood red skull mark on Long Yi’s hand?

“I can be counted as the disciple of Bite.Xiuge since I learned undead magic from his Undead Magic Notes directly.” Long Yi sighed and explained.

“Dry Bones pays respect to Uncle Master.” Dry Bones immediately knelt down in front of Long Yi and he was choking with sobs as his shoulders trembled violently. It was unknown whether that was because of excitement or something else.

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Long Yi was startled… Uncle Master? In accordance with the seniority in a clan or sect, he could indeed be regarded as one. However, Long Yi was not used to someone calling him that. Not to mention the fact that the person calling him ‘Uncle Master’ was much, much older than him.

Long Yi used his hands to help Dry Bones up from the ground and said, “You must have endured a lot of bitterness throughout your life…”

Who would have thought that the moment these words came out of Long Yi’s mouth, Dry Bones would fall to his knees again. He hugged Long Yi’s thighs as he wailed loudly. Long Yi and Mu Hanyan who had been standing beside Long Yi from the beginning were both at a loss as they stared at each other in blank dismay. It truly was the first time they had seen an old man wailing while hugging a thigh of a youngster.

Dry Bones cried as he narrated his life for the past few years. After hearing him, Long Yi was surprised. This ‘old man’ which was hugging his thighs was actually less than 20 years old?

19 years ago, Dry Bones was abandoned in a mountain valley. His master, who happened to be passing the mountain valley at that time, adopted him. His master adopted him to cultivate a successor which would inherit everything in the future. His master was a neither too big nor too small of a chieftain in the Dark Church. As such, he followed his master since his childhood and he grew up in the Dark Church. Even in the Dark Church, necromancers were treated differently. They were treated as though they were taboo existences. No one was willing to speak or play with him since he was young. Luckily for him, he had his master who cared a lot about him.

However, there were times where storms appeared in a clear sky. The lifespan of a necromancer wasn’t long at all. It was very rare for a necromancer to live past 100 years old. When Dry Bones’ master reached the age of 101, he changed into a pile of ashes. The only things he passed down were the blood red skull mark and notes of several undead magic spells.

In the Dark Church, Dry Bones suffered enough from being ignored. As such, he left the Dark Church and started to wander around the Blue Waves Continent. Even though he ‘wandered’ around the continent, his life consisted more of hiding from everyone. He felt lonely and confused. If not for the dying wish of his master which gave him constant support, Dry Bones was afraid that he might have succumbed to all the misery in his life.

That was the reason he lost control of himself after learning that Long Yi was his Uncle Master. With the concern Long Yi showed him, he completely lost it.

After Dry Bones had vented enough, a large section of Long Yi’s thigh was already wet. Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

Long Yi pulled Dry Bones to his feet and he could see that Dry Bones’ mask was already soaked. In any case, since he knew that Dry Bones was younger than him, Long Yi felt much better, psychologically. He reached out and removed the mask on Dry Bones’ face. To his surprise, Long Yi discovered that his face was completely different from his withered hands. His face had fine definitions and looked decent. Seeing that Long Yi, his Uncle Master, was staring at him, Dry Bones became shy. He completely destroyed Long Yi’s impression of him.

“Were your voice and hands always like this?” Long Yi asked with surprise in his voice.

“When my cultivation was at the Intermediate Necromancer stage, they were not like this. However, when I reached the Advance Necromancer realm, my hands and voice changed.” Dry Bones explained.

Long Yi was somewhat surprised as this didn’t make any sense. Why wasn’t he affected by this? Feng Ling also didn’t have such issues.

“Dry Bones, let me see the undead magic manual that you have. Also, let me see the notes your master left you.” Long Yi frowned and said.

“Yes, Uncle Master.” Dry Bones had no hesitation. He took out several manuals and notes from his space ring and gave them to Long Yi.

Flipping the pages quickly, Long Yi found out that there was no difference between his own notes and Dry Bones. However, that was only up until the intermediate undead magic stage. From advance undead magic onwards, there were inconsistencies in some places. This was the result of incomplete inheritances.

“Is there any problem, Uncle Master?” Dry Bones couldn’t help but ask nervously when he saw that Long Yi was shaking his head with a frown.

“Big problem, your cultivation manuals are incomplete. They might be the reason behind your transformations.” Long Yi said.

“Then… Then can it be restored?” Dry Bones asked with some hope in his eyes. Although he cultivated undead magic, who would want to become ugly?

Long Yi took out the undead magic collection and notes Bite Xiuge left and handed them over the Dry Bones. He slowly said, “These are the correct undead magic manuals. Your ancestor’s personal notes are here as well. Take them and look over the wrong places. Start cultivating again and perhaps, you can return to normal.” Long Yi said.

“This… You are giving me ancestor’s notes?? Thank you, Uncle Master!” Dry Bones’ entire body trembled in excitement. These things left behind by the ancestor were worshipped by his master. His ancestor was the legendary person who confronted three Master Archmages and two Swords God. He was also the necromancer who summoned the Dark Demonic Dragon to wipe out his enemies’ troops. He was a God in the eyes of Dry Bones.

Long Yi saw the talent Dry Bones had in undead magic. He had already reached the Necromancer Mage realm before 20. The things Long Yi learnt about dark magic was miscellaneous anyway. Not to mention the fact that Long Yi didn’t have any particular interest in undead magic. Perhaps, Bite Xiuge’s undead magic could be carried forward in Dry Bones’ hands.

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