Chapter 551 –Scorching To An Astonishing Degree

When Huan Qing Yan was roughly thrown onto the bed, she felt a slight pain on the back of her head; while she supported her body and tried to shakily sit up, her eyes looked intoxicated as she complained, Young Master, your throw has hurt me…”

With her body positioned arms beneath her, the inner clothes loosen by Ji Mo Ya slipped off, half revealing a pair of proud and voluptuous, soft and enticing, peaks. Ji Mo Ya took a deep breath in at that sight, his intoxication burnt off.

However, he took an unhurried step forward and removed Huan Qing Yans inner clothes; thus leaving her in only her underwear which revealed her beautiful and perfect body

Ji Mo Yas gaze was on fire as he savored the sight in front of him, he took a seat beside her as his hand moved forward to roam her entire body. Wherever his fingertips went, electrical hot current would follow, and that caused Huan Qing Yans body to feel mushy and hot, and she restlessly twisted about.

Un, Young Master Ya, no…”

Her voice was as gentle as a drop of water.

Her face was like a blossoming flower, while her entire body seemed like a matured flower that was waiting to be harvested.

With her clothes were removed, the cold air on her skin allowed Huan Qing Yan to recover a little from the tipsiness.

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She knew what was about to come, her mind and heart was filled with shyness, this would be her first time, in both her previous life and current one; and she was slightly scared.

She heard that a womans first time could be very painful, so instinctively she was somewhat apprehension about it. However, when Ji Mo Yas large hand roamed and rubbed, her body completely betrayed her and started to match his movements.

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She loves this man, and was willing to be his, to join their bodies.

She did not hold back and was willing to give her everything to him.

Ji Mo Yas hand reached her inner thighs and Huan Qing Yan stiffened; for a moment her smooth thighs uncontrollably clasped around his hand and prevented him from roaming and touching her body

Ji Mo Ya released a deep chuckle, Little one, why? Do you want my hand to enter?

Such roguish words only caused Huan Qing Yan more embarrassment, but her body scorched in an astonishing manner. A warmth started accumulating at her lower body while she quickly opened her thighs and released his hand.

However, his hand did not move away, it instead headed upwards and lightly caressed the area.

Little one, we havent even started and its already wet, arent you hasty…” he whispered into her ears his roguish words.

Huan Qing Yans mind has already exploded, combusted by his words and actions of his hand, the strange warmth continued to flow as it reacted to him, What nonsense are you nnhh…”

The ladys reaction caused beads of sweat to form on Ji Mo Yas forehead, which then dripped down onto Huan Qing Yans underwear which also started to loosen. Ji Mo Ya had considered that since it was Huan Qing Yans first time, he wanted to slowly guide her and get her ready before going in for the kill; however, with the current scene in front of him, he started losing self-control.

As one hand continued those motions, his other hand was taking off his clothes.

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