Chapter 552 – His Blood!

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Little One, are you ready? the voice was slightly hoarse.

How was Huan Qing Yan to answer such a shameless question? Her body was already as soft as clay, she placed her small hands on his toned arms and meekly said “… get off you!

Ji Mo Ya released a chuckle that was filled with joy and peak passion.

The next moment, Huan Qing Yan felt her thighs being push apart, but before she could start struggling, the domineering Ji Mo Ya had already entered her; at the same time, she felt a tearing pain spreading through her entire body!

With the pain, she became even more alerted, her amorous feelings and intoxication completely disappeared, and only the pain that came from her lower body remained

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Her eyes started to mist.

Wu wu wu, its painful, I dont want it, get it out Young Master Ya…”

Her previous words mostly joking, laced with the intention of going with the situation; but this time, she really did not want it, her hands that were hugging Ji Mo Yas neck had shifted, half trying to push him away, half hitting him.


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Huan Qing Yan was crying as though her entire body were splitting apart; she no longer wish to continue as she whimpered, Young Master Ya, you did not do as promise, wuu, I am dying, I dont want anymore, wuu, you baddie…”

She no longer wanted to comply.

He grabbed her hands which were hitting him and held them over her head securely, restricting her movement, and despite her pleas as she resisted he started to slowly move his body again after some difficulty.

After moving for a while, he reached a peak of indescribable sensation from pleasure, only then did he noticed that the person under him had been crying to the point of gasping for air. Looking at her pitiful state, his heart immediately turns soft again.

He gritted his teeth, bit a small hole on his palm and placed his palm into her mouth.

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