Chapter 553 – Dual Cultivation?

It was unknown how long has passed when Huan Qing Yan noticed that her lower body was slowly not as painful anymore. As Ji Mo Ya moved this body, a strange yet comfortable sensation started to spread out and made her feel much better than before, causing her to release soft uncontrollable moans while she drank Ji Mo Yas blood.

This stimulated Ji Mo Ya to work even harder

This bloody and action-packed battle went on without an indication of the end in sight.


Dorna visited Ji Mo Yas magic cabin several times, and each time waited outside.

Yet no one came out to meet him each time he visited.

During each visit, his gnome guards would loudly announce his arrival, yet there was no reaction from within.

A spell formation had been put in place, and except for indicating the presence of visitors, the people inside would not be affected no matter how rowdy they become.

Dornas eyelids kept twitching, and at the same time, he felt as though he could hear the faint crying voice of the foolish girl. He was worried that she had received some hidden injuries that were not detected during the fight with Nan Gong Clan.

Therefore, he made a visit every two hours to look.

Prince Dorna, dont you have important matters to do? What is your intention, visiting more than five times in a day? Mo Si complained after not being able to endure it any longer.

It was mostly due to his Parrot Spirit Treasure acting up again.

It has been so long since Huan Qing Yan has come out, could she be hurt somewhere? Or maybe there is a problem about her soul again? Dorna said worriedly.

Mo Si coughed, Rest assured, our young master might be cultivating with Lady Huan, I estimate that they will be out in two or three days. If you have any matters, I suggest coming after two days.

Cultivating together? Dual cultivation?

Dornas face blushed when the thought crossed his mind; fortunately, the change was hard to notice due to the characteristics of a gnome.

With an embarrassed tone he said, Please send a gnome to notify me when Young Master Ya and Foolish Girl comes out, the gnomes wish to give them a proper thanks of gratitude.

Mo Si nodded, Sure, no problem.

After Dorna left, Mo Sis calm and sarcastic expression disappeared, and in his heart, he was anxious, Oh my dear Young Master! You are taking too long to quench the drought! Please come out quickly or we will not be able to attend the Holy Courts event in time, the patriarch has already ordered us to participate!

On the other hand, naughty thoughts surfaced as well, How intense is the battle? The Young Master had even forgotten to activate the spell formation, it was still thanks to his quick wits that made him immediately activate the formation when he heard those embarrassing noises coming from inside.

At the same time, he also felt deeply moved knowing that his Young Master had finally obtained what he wished for; the two of them went through many trials before finally being together. Mo Si felt happy for his young master, Ji Mo Ya; it had not been easy to finally seal the deal with the woman his Young Master loves.

That little fat chick ah no, the young mistress, hopefully from now on, she would treat the young master better.

Since that Wife Pampering Demon behavior of his young master would not be changing anytime soon, any future problems would put his young master in disadvantage. Mo Si really hoped that they would be together without anymore problems from now on, may the Sage King give his blessings.


When Huan Qing Yan woke up, she did not know how long had passed since.

She only felt her weakened body, especially her lower region that was still in pain. When she had the time, she will make sure to prepare some pain reducing medicinal food, *cough*, well, that was not really the most important.

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The most important point was that she was in her birthday suit and laid sideways with Ji Mo Yas arm as a pillow; they had fallen asleep facing each other.

Ji Mo Ya still had his eyes closed, his long eyelashes were thick and beautiful, with snow white healthy skin that would not lose to a woman, and that exquisite and sculpture-like facial features. Everything looked so perfect, causing her to only fall for him the more she looked.

His sleeping pose was also gentle and graceful, emitting a natural nobility, this was exceptionally different from his domineering and wild actions that she remembered a few hours ago; as though it had been a completely different person.

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