Chapter 548 – Sweet And Mellow

That can never happen, so he thought of that solution and applied it.

Huan Qing Yan presented the wine bottle as one would present a treasure, “I was learning how to brew wine within the dimension and did not take note of the outside situation. This wine took me several days and I have yet to taste it, let’s try it together…”

“A few days? Just 3 hours had passed outside, but several days had passed inside?” Ji Mo Ya was surprised.

“That’s right, every hour passed outside was roughly equivalent to a day inside the dimension. But it seems like the multiplication has increased, maybe it was due to the dimension ranking up…”

“That… is something I truly did not notice, it is truly a good item! Lass, are you sure this dimension bowl was given to you by Huan Bei Ming?”

Not only could it rank up, it also possessed a time dilation function; this type of rare treasure was literally not heard of within Spirit Treasure Continent.

Even Ji Mo Ya was slightly tempted; had the treasure not belonged to Huan Qing Yan, he was not confident he could stop himself from obtaining it for his own use.

“Yes it was, however, Mama clarified later on that this ancient bowl was not the actual one that was passed down as the Huan Clan’s heirloom, it was given by Huan Qing Yan’s birth parents instead.”

Ji Mo Ya smiled, “Silly girl, this sort of heaven defying treasure will only react to those that are worthy, since she had been unable to open the dimension like you were able to, it shows that the treasure was rightfully meant to be yours, there’s no need to be burdened about owning it.”

This lass was still a bit too kind and needed to be properly advised.

Huan Qing Yan quickly toss those unhappy matters to the back of her mind and replied sweetly, “Here, try my freshly brewed wine…”

Ji Mo Ya released her and went to the well-furnished kitchen of the wooden cabin and retrieved two winecups.

He placed the winecups on the table.

As Huan Qing Yan opened the wine bottle, a refreshing grainy fragrance entered their noses and energized their minds. As the gentle fragrance permeated the surrounding air, the fragrance like multiple mini hooks hooking and pulling out a person’s thirst for alcohol.

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes flashed for a moment, just from the fragrance he knew that the wine was not anything ordinary.

“Spirit wine?”

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Huan Qing Yan held onto her sleeves as she poured the wine into two winecups, “Yup! Spirit Grain Wine! Due to the lack of ingredients, the only wine I am able to brew currently is this wine. The dimension’s recent rank up unlocked the Brewing Room, this is my first batch, have a taste~”

Ji Mo Ya took up the cup and looked at the liquid which resembles bejeweled nectar, and placed it under his nose to smell it; he felt his spirits relaxing.

With that, his interest increased and he took a sip; his body trembled slightly but still no words were spoken, and his face devoid of any emotion as his entire state emitted a strange calm.

At that point, Huan Qing Yan did not know what just happened.

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She started to worry that the wine might have tasted awful, so she took the other winecup and sipped…

When the wine entered her mouth a wave of refreshing energy slided down her throat, spread to her entire body, and eventually her stomach. She felt as though every cell within her body roared with excitement before the second wave rushed at her cells again.

It was warm, sweet and mellow, fragrant and heavy.

The wine tasted was exceptionally good.

“It’s actually pretty good, why did you display that kind of expression?”

Huan Qing Yan grumbled.

On the other end, Ji Mo Ya was serving himself a second cup, usually the noble young master waited and Huan Qing Yan served; but in that very instance, he took action for himself.

“Yan Lass, is the first spirit wine you have brewed?”

The spirit energy within the small cup was worth at least two hundred spirit energy points, and most importantly, it tasted good. Of the many wines that he had drank throughout his journeys, only a few rare ones were able to match the taste of Huan Qing Yan’s wine.

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