Chapter 547 – I So Want To Eat Meat!

With the backyard done, next was the front yard.

The front yard was where livestock such as spirit geese, spirit chickens, spirit ducks, spirit goats, spirit cows, spirit pigs, spirit rabbits etc. were kept. The livestock grown into a large horde that filled up the entire area, even the doorsteps.

Each of them was healthy, large, lively, and filled with fat and spirit energy.

Causing Huan Qing Yan to nearly salivate immediately!

It had been a long time since she last cooked and since then her days were spent on eating pastries and spirit fruits that Ji Mo Ya had prepared.

She wanted to eat meat so much!

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After this, she must make some delicious stuff to reward herself and Ji Mo Ya; oh, and Bally as well.

With the front yard checked and tidied up, Huan Qing Yan went into the house.

The house had also undergone some change, it became larger and slightly more luxurious than before. The simple wooden home of the past had now turned into a simplistic palace-like building made of wood. In the past, she would be able to see the entire house upon entering from the front door, but now, what appeared before her was a large hall with additional locked rooms surrounding the hall, and she had no idea what was behind those locked doors.

However, these doors all have names hanging on them, one would be able to understand the room’s purpose from the names; for example, the newly unlocked Brewing Room.

Huan Qing Yan smiled when she saw the unlocked door, and wandered what could be found inside. And what for?

When she entered, she noticed that the interior was splitted into various sections. The largest section was titled Wine Brewery; it contained various wine brewing recipes with detailed descriptions of the ingredients required and the special effects of that wine.

The simplest amongst the recipes was a spirit wine called Spirit Grain Wine, as Huan Qing Yan happened to harvest a large batch of spirit grains recently, she decided to test the recipe and make some Spirit Grain Wine.

Being an Intermediate Spirit Chef, Huan Qing Yan can already make some difficult spirit dishes. With the current equipment, environment and detailed recipe provided in the section, brewing the wine was not a very difficult task; all it required was patience and an attention to details.

She followed the instructions in the recipe and finally managed to brew the wine after several days within the dimension.

The crystal-clear amber liquid flowed out as it was poured into a wine jar.

The action of pouring it had waves of fragrance released, which filled the entire room.

The fragrance was gentle and held a hint of refreshing scent of grains; a whiff was enough to make one have the urge to taste the drink, there were also microscopic bubbles being released that formed into beautiful white clouds and they did not seem to be dissipating. Although Huan Qing Yan did not know much about wine, she knew that it was a good wine.

Every hour outside was equivalent to a day within the dimension, by the time Huan Qing Yan was finished with brewing, several hours had passed outside the dimension.

As it was Huan Qing Yan’s first time in making wine, so she was exceptionally focused and did not keep track of time. Only after the brewing was completed did she take a quick glance outside…

That was when she saw Ji Mo Ya pacing to and fro, it seemed like he has been waiting for a long time.

In his hand was her ancient looking little bowl, as he used his fingers to lightly rub against the bowl, his lips had a faint curl. His starry eyes possessed some sort of casual, carefree yet noble feel.

Even though he was waiting, the form of a Man God was always present!

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Huan Qing Yan stopped her initial plan top taste the wine, and instead, took a wine bottle to store some, and quickly left the dimension; the Man God must not wait any longer.

With a blur of her eyes, she exited the dimension and was perfectly caught by Ji Mo Ya’s arms.

Her face turned red and she quickly jumped off in embarrassment, “Young Master Ya *cough* you finished with your stuff?”

“Why took you so long?” Ji Mo Ya spoke in his charming deep voice, slightly unhappy as he quickly caught her within his embrace again.

With this dimension of hers, if Huan Qing Yan were to enter it as she pleases and leaving him outside to wait dryly, would he not be able to deal with her in any way?

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