Chapter 546 – Dimension Upgrade

It had always been based on his own preference.

It was the first time that he would be forced to attend an event,  and that was something which would make one ponder deeply.

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“The event that the Holy Court will be organizing is about the bestowing of the Saintess title; Bai Li Zi Xi is said to have achieved a breakthrough to become a Mystic Spirit Master, in addition, she also managed to learn an extremely powerful technique from her recent contact with the sage from above.“

When the name Bai Li Zi Xi was mentioned, a faint frown could be seen, vaguely, on Ji Mo Ya’s brows.

“She learnt quite a number of skills as a God Chosen so far; learning one today and another one from another school tomorrow. What did she learn this time? A skill from the Butterfly Sage?”

Mo Si revealed a surprised expression, “Young Master, how did you know?”

Ji Mo Ya did not answer, but had a sneering gaze instead.

“Indeed, it is the Boosting Dance of the Butterfly Sage which can enhance a person’s abilities greatly within a short period of time. To prepare for the great war between humans and demons in the future was why the Holy Court decided bestowed her the title of Saintess this time… The patriarch has ordered that you must attend this event; there is still a month to the event date, if we make haste, we should be able to reach on time.”

Ji Mo Ya’s lips curled slightly as he said meaningfully, “The Saintess? Good, send a reply to the patriarch, I will definitely be attending.”

He had a very clear idea of the patriarch’s intention; Bai Li Zi Xi was currently the top wife candidate selected by his clan for him as she was the master of the Luan*. Getting him to attend the event was to express the stance of the Ji Mo Clan in this matter!
(Cuppa: In Chinese folklore, the mythical beasts: dragon and phoenix is established as a pair. That is why the emperors of ancient china would wear robes with embroidered with dragons while the empresses would wear ones with phoenixes. As the Luan is a type of lesser phoenix, with no phoenix spirit treasures in existence, Bai Li Zi Xi in turn becomes the best match to be the Partner Cultivator to practice dual cultivation with JMY.)

Indeed, his stance regarding this matter should be shown as well.


Huan Qing Yan was focused on harvesting the food ingredients within the dimension.

This time, there was no need for her to harvest it physically because the dimension has upgraded.

As a Rank 4 Dimension now, she could automatically perform a harvest with a will of her mind, and  even separated and categorized the harvest into as many different piles as she liked.

Due to that, she managed to harvest all ordinary spirit food ingredients within an extremely short span of time.

The harvest were neatly piled in different groups and subgroups of vegetables, fruits, grains etc.

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She then replanted the fields, a much simpler process with the upgraded dimension.

After setting aside the ingredients meant for the gnomes, she transferred the remaining ingredients into the Storage Room; the Storage Room was nearly filled to the brim after everything was transferred.

Next, she went to harvest the rare spirit plants.

To increase the rank of the dimension further, she would have to rely heavily on those rare spirit plants.

Even if the ordinary spirit plants are to be replanted several dozen times, the dimension’s rank would no longer increase.

Within the dimension, some current rare spirit plants had been planted: Ink Jade Lingzhi, Flower of Scavenging, Ocean Life Flower, Immortal Scarlet Root, Divine Ichthyosaur Scale…

A portion of the Ink Jade Lingzhis have matured, the hundred plus pieces that Bai Cheng Feng gave her were basically all planted. Now half of those have matured, after they were harvested and counted, she found that they numbered several hundred pieces now…

The ingredient was good stuff, it could be used to make the medicinal food that Ji Mo Ya’s dragon spirit treasure likes. Therefore, she kept half of the harvest inside the storage and replanted the remaining half.

Several flower buds were growing around the Flower of Scavenging.

For this spirit plant, Huan Qing Yan decided to leave it alone as she was unable to find any special use for it yet, simply eating as it without additional preparations did not seem worth it. She would wait till she could find a suitable recipe to prepare it to enhance and multiply the spirit energy it provides!

The Ocean Life Flower also have several little branches growing out of it, it looked like a coral in the first place, and seemed to share similar growing traits; as long as a piece remained, it would continue to grow and multiply with ease. When she has a need for it, she could just break a piece off the main plant without worrying about its growth being affected.

The Immortal Scarlet Root is a vine-like spirit plant that grows in water and was planted inside the stream, from the main plant, one could see several smaller and fine vines growing out from it. This was something the leaf spirit treasure had selected; she have has no idea how to prepare it and what food it could be made into…

The Divine Ichthyosaur Scale resembles a seashell and was exceptionally hard as well, the plant has grown larger while the scale-like patterns on it had also grown more pronounced, looking more like growth rings.

Huan Qing Yan had yet to find any use for these ingredients, so she decided to ignore them and to let them continue growth while only harvesting the Ink Jade Lingzhis.


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